PrismRhythm – Gin’s Route

It’s time for the first official blog post with actual content, in my eyes at least! As the title of implies, I have just finished Mizune Gin’s route in PrismRhythm. I have to say, it was a mostly enjoyable experience, aside from the common route which I’ll elaborate in a bit. Mind you, major spoilers, and the OP, coming up!

The basic premises of the story that a boy, the protagonist, heard his grandpa talking about seeing fairies, and after seeing the main heroine perform a beautiful dance, decided to enroll into a prestigious school just to see the fairy there. Then the story consists of his daily school life, him helping the heroines’ dance training, and of course his raburabu time with the heroine of his choosing.

While the setting is somewhat colorful, with a giant tree in the middle of the city and 7 islands surrounding it, I feel that it does not add much to the story. It may as well be set in an ordinary dancing school and things would not be much different. That said, inside the fairly standard story are plenty of raburabu times which I enjoy thoroughly. Also there were minimal sad moments. It’s a feel-good story after all.

Now about that common route, which consists of roughly 5 segments in which the protagonist interacts mainly with a particular heroines. They talk to each other, do events together, and more of the heroine’s personality and back story is revealed in the process. Sadly, all of this is delivered in a painfully slow pace during which I almost feel asleep several times. In Gin’s case….oh wait I don’t remember any of it, nor any other part of the common route. It’s just that uninspiring. However, there are some choices in it, but I’m not sure whether they have any effect at all. In fact, I think only 2 out of the 10 choices have any effect, other than miniscule dialog changes.

On the other hand, as previously mentioned, I love the heroine specific routes, Gin’s route so far at least. Gin start out stalking you conspicuously, all the while thinking she is the best stalker there is and shocked when she is found out. Then you take her out to the dining hall and discovers, despite being a loli,  she is a huge eater after she eats an enormous plate of pasta. Just when all is going well, her family is moving to another island. But of course that wouldn’t happen, thanks to the power of love. You persuade her to stay, then it’s all raburabu here on out.

Yes, there isn’t much of a story to speak of. The H scenes are dragged on for a bit too long, though it has sufficient lead in at least for the first scene. The art isn’t magnificent. The voice actor isn’t the best; Gin’s CV annoyed me the most. The music isn’t anything notable, though the OP is quite catchy.

BUT most importantly, I enjoyed every part of it, after the common route that is. I love the part where they go to their secret spot, the flower pad in the forest shown in the picture below, to picnic. The lying down under the sun and the rolling around in the flowers are simply adorable. My heart feels warmer inside every time you give Gin a gentle pat on the head, as well the giyuuuu~~~~ hugs. I feel like I’m almost getting a diabetes from all this sugary goodness. Did I mention the pouts are almost too cute for me to handle? This is moe overkill at its finest. Amaenbo Dane~~~

Next up is Tokitou Kasumi, the protagonist’s blood related older cousin and Gin’s non blood related onee-sama. A shame she isn’t an imouto, but I guess I already got my share of imouto-chara with Gin.Can’t wait to see where the blood-related aspect will go.

All hail happy endings!

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