September 2011 Eroge Impressions

Another first for this blog, the first monthly impression this time, with information taken from Micchi and Zen’s gracious blog, since I lack the patience and knowledge necessary to parse through the Japanese sites looking for relevant news. All the basic information and the story synopsis are already covered there, thanks to them, so I’ll go straight to my impressions hence the title.

Reading through this month’s releases, I seem to find an over abundance of moe-ge on display. But since that is the main genre of the games I play, I don’t mind it. Besides, I’ll never have the time to play through all of them without putting a serious strain on my ctrl key so I won’t have to suffer through their near complete lack of a coherent plot or the gratuitous H scenes. In those sea of mediocrity, however, are a few games to note, for various reasons, and I shall list them below.

Mirai Nostalgia

The premise seems somehow interesting, but I’m really not sure how that’ll play out. I’m merely mentioning this because of some raving about it on the IRC channel, so I’ll probably try it out too. Also, I haven’t played any other game by Purple Software so I’ll finally get a chance to experience the minefield (?) And did I mention there is a rare yandere that I’m definitely conquering?

Sucre ~sweet and charming time for you~

Finally a game that has a setting other than a school. Romantic, heartwarming, mature story delivered by nicely drawn characters, what more can I ask for? It’ll be a nice breath of fresh air for me as I have been playing too much moe-ge set in a school with a thin plot lately. There also seems to be generally positive views towards this game by fellow players, so thats always a plus.

SuGirly Wish

There is only one reason for me to pick up this game, Hina! An imouto that wishes to marry her oniichan? I need no further convincing. And yes, I did overlook everything else, but at least the art looks decent.

your diary

To be honest, I wasn’t very interested in this particular game until I see that it is made by CUBE, the same company which brought us the wonderful Natsu no Ame. I enjoyed Natsu no Ame throughly, so I hope CUBE wouldn’t let me down. And I love goddess bringing happiness, especially cute ones.

Koikishi Purely☆Kiss

I usually am not into weapon wielding women. In fact I’ve only played one game with it, Koisora. But since the fighting aspect of Koisora isn’t too prominent, so I forgive it. This time however, I’m making an exception, two exceptions rather as I generally don’t play games with a medieval setting. As to what caused this exception, you guessed it, it’s the perfect imouto Yuu! Never mind the reason the protagonist is somehow the only guy in a knight training school. All you ever need is an amaenbo imouto.

Naturally I most likely won’t have the time to finish all of those any time soon, but these are my picks for this month anyway. I probably should get back to Amamiso by Clochette now, so I can finally write something up for it.

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