Oppai Imbalance

A while ago I heard some mostly good things about Clochette with their charming character interactions, along with over-sized breasts. Thus, I recently began playing Amamiso to see if there is any truth to that statement. So far I’ve finished two routes, Miyu’s and Serika’s, and I have to say both of those statements are correct. First of all, just look at those breasts! It must be difficult carrying those around all day.

Whether this is a mountain of treasure remains subjective.

All of the heroines have a special charm to them; I haven’t thought this hard about which route to begin playing first for some time now. Theres the oneesan-esque imouto Miyu who takes care of the house while also happening to be an idol singer, the easy-going goddess Kanna who acts every bit like a human but can get serious when the need arises, the genki baka kouhai Serika who is obsessed with Kanna and loves tennis, the level-headed Chisa whose family runs an inn, and the benevolent on the outside but devious on the inside miko Mikage who has yet another goddess residing in her body.  But in the end, the imouto Miyu wins as I simply cannot stop myself from going after the first imouto I see in any game.

That aside, their interactions kept me entertained most of the time. Seeing them carry on their everyday lives is a joy on its own. There is rarely a dull moment when they aren’t cracking some jokes or acting downright stupid in a comical way. Kanna and her behavior is what drives this forward, her acting like a little kid moments are delightful. The rich variety in the sprite’s facial expressions are great as well.

However, I have some annoyances regarding this game in the two routes I have played at least. It seems as though they are trying to cram some sort of supernatural elements into the story where none is needed. I understand there will be plenty of that in the goddess’ routes, but it feels forced in Miyu and Serika’s routes. It would be much better, in my opinion, if the supernatural elements are left out of these routes completely.

Regarding the routes, Miyu’s feels rather normal despite the supernatural part not making a lot of sense to me. Also, she is the ecchi-est imouto I’ve ever seen besides Sakura from Sukima Zakura to Uso no Machi. Even getting her picture taken heats her up in the ecchi way. Moreover, thats the most self-serviced ecchi I’ve seen an imouto done to herself.

No, this is not what you think it is.

Serika’s route surprised me; I did not know she had hidden yandere tendencies. On the other hand, all the pats on the head and the hugs feels so sweet! I like her aggressiveness when they are all raburabu together as well; she cares about no one but him. But other than that her route is too much about tennis which I don’t particularity care about, and the whole conflict feels forced. Tennis matches should not involve supernatural beings.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish the other routes.

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