Amatsu Misora ni! Review

I really want to call this post impression instead. This way, this piece will truly be my opinion entirely and I don’t have to worry about being objective, because I merely want to share my thoughts on games instead of judging them. But for the sake of being consistent, this shall stay as a review in its name, but impression at its heart.

Company: Clochette
Game Site: あまつみそらに!
Release Date: May 28, 2010
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Amatsu Misora ni! is the third eroge coming from developer Clochette (Kamipani!, Suzunone Seven!). The game’s protagonist Takahisa lives on a small island together with a goddess named Kanna. He also has a younger sister, Miyu, an aspiring idol; Chisa, his childhood friend; and Serika, Miyu’s close friend who is in the tennis club. Serika wants to be like Kanna, so she is sometimes jealous of Takahisa since he lives with her. And to complete this harem, a miko (shrine maiden) named Mikage also comes to the island one day. (based on ErogeShop synopsis)

Opening Theme

OP by Sakakihabara Yui. Nothing stands out much.


Takahisa is a pretty uninteresting protagonist. He has no goals in his life except living on the island forever, behaves like an old man, and suffers from the usual nice guy protagonist syndrome. Only thing that stands out a bit is his complete inability to use anything electronic, but that only makes him even more of a hetare. The common route consists of their every day lives with absolutely nothing happening. However, it is nevertheless fairly entertaining as the various character’s antics kept me smiling all the way through. Note that I wasn’t expecting much of a plot to begin with, with the heroine’s breasts being this over-sized. Yep, I’m prejudiced against large breasts.

The heroine specific routes have him helping the heroine achieving her dream, whatever that may be. Nothing too dramatic is involved, except maybe in Chisa’s route. They are all mainly comedic with bits of drama, and ecchi, thrown in.

Kanna’s route mainly deals with her duty as a goddess, something she has neglected to do. She wishes nothing more than living as a human. Not much to say here, we see Takahisa finally convincing her to be a proper goddess, although one that commutes to “work” from home. I’m disappointed by this route since she looks like she is the main heroine; her story doesn’t have enough substance fit for a true heroine. I would like to see her be a little bit more goddess-like and use some powers outside of combat, but maybe thats asking for too much since she wishes to be human.

Miyu’s route, sadly, is the most uneventful one. The story seems to be about juggling her career and lust for her oniichan. No one seems to mind the fact they’re blood-related siblings, it is barely mentioned at all. Even when the newspaper reports her going out with Takahisa, she merely waves it off with a nonchalant statement of “He’s only my brother” and the public isn’t suspicious at all. Moreover, the “secret” with her blood makes no sense at all and doesn’t contribute to the story. She gets a brownie point for singing her own ED though. She is also pretty ecchi.

Next comes Serika the genki baka kouhai. The first part is almost exclusively about her love of tennis. It’s one tennis practice after another, something I don’t like since I’m not into sport themed stories. Her conflict seems the most forced. She is somehow inhibited by a monster who makes you extremely nervous on the tennis court, and also make you become a borderline yandere who wishes Takahisa to see no one but her. The story feels too dramatic without proper significance.

Chisa’s route is the route I consider the most well done one. Takahisa first helps her break out her self-isolating shell then supports her as she faces her trauma of losing her little sister. Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but I feel this is the most touching story that I can relate to the most. It was heartwarming to see her finally forgiving herself for what she had done, in spite of how predictable the plot is.

Do not be fooled by how majestic the miko Mikage looks; her route is the most ecchi one. It seems to feature ecchi scenes in rapid succession, or was I skipping too much text? Other than that, she also purifies monsters (tentacles!?) by absorbing them into herself, but that is all done by the goddess residing within her. At least the story in this one makes sense. She is a miko that is trying very hard to worship a goddess that wouldn’t let herself be worshiped while persuading her to do her duties. I like the goddess in her as well.

My route rankings:
Chisa, Kanna, Mikage, Miyu, Serika.


The only thing of note is the absence of SDCGs. I would also like to mention that there is slightly more HCGs than event ones. I would rather like more event CGs as this many HCGS are extraneous and the event CG are lacking in quantity. Otherwise, the graphic is adequately appealing, besides the exaggerated breasts which are Clochette’s trademark.


Not much to say about the standard system.Straight forward title screen with a continue button for quick loading. Easy choices, plenty of save slots, and the backlog are all there. Things to note are a sprite viewer with a number of options. But other than that, the system is nothing special. (Copy and paste from PrismRhythm) 🙂


Standard selection of music. Decent OP and 2 EDs, one for Miyu and one for everyone else. Nothing to see here, moving on~


A fantasy slice-of-life story with whimsical character interactions but not much of a story, I would recommend this game for people interested in big breasts or people interested in one or more of the characters. I’m somewhat disappointed by this title. One that is average at best.

Story: 6/10
Character: 8/10
Graphics: 6/10
Music: 6/10

Overall: 70/100 (not a total)

Next up on my list is Noble Works by YuzuSoft, which I picked up looking at Getchu’s 2010 eroge rankings. I’ve already played Tenshin Ranman by the same company which I mostly enjoyed. I hope this one won’t let me down.

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Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

6 thoughts on “Amatsu Misora ni! Review

  1. I’ve been meaning to play this game for a while but i’ve not gotten around to it yet. The characters are really cute (although those are some large oppai), although it’s a shame that the story is a let down, although this seems to be the case with a lot of chara-ge.
    Anyways, very nice review and i can’t wait to read your thoughts on Noble Works ^^

    • Indeed it is a shame that the story isn’t as good as it could be as it has some potentials with the goddess theme. But as you said, the characters are cute if you don’t mind, or like, the large oppai. This game is decent enough for a chara-ge in my opinion, it you aren’t expecting a substantial story.
      Half way done with Noble Work’s common route, and I’m enjoying it so far. I’ll get on posting something as soon as I finish a route, or perhaps right after the common route that had so much praise.

  2. Nice review! Read this one when it came out, it was pretty decent but, to me, it was lacking. Kamipani was better, IMO. Really average all over, Chisa’s route is the one I enjoyed the most and my favorite plus, she was my favorite heroine from the game.

    • You seem to read my mind. Yeah, the game is a bit lacking and Chisa’s route was my favorite as well. Although for me, favorite heroine is a tie between Miyu and Chisa.

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