Noble Works PictoPost

I’ve decided to try something different this time around, PictoPost™! That is, make an entire post with pictures, lots of pictures, with only few words via captions and mouse-over text to document my thoughts on a game. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps only a couple of sentences in this case, but the idea is the same. Some spoilers will follow, not that there is much to spoil to begin with. By the way, sorry if you don’t know Japanese that well, because it’s all going to be Japanese.

What I thought after playing through Akari's route

Since the plot consists of this

Perhaps maybe I expected this

And they did this instead

What my face looked like, though I'm obviously not a loli.

But I thought it's going to be alright

Since there is a heroine who speaks like this, sometimes

Whose family does things like this

With thoughts like this

None of the above happened of course

Even this might be interesting

I'm treated to this instead

And that lead to this

I never would of thought of that

At least someone is having fun

But all is not lost

Because there is this, too bad it's not a full route

This is what kept me going

Through all of this, for 2 more routes that I'll be doing

Whew, that was the most pictures I’ve posted in a single post. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated; I am but a fledgling Blogger. Noble works review will be done later this week, hopefully.

About Aedes

Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

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