Blog Update no Sinsemilla

The title doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and the picture even less so, but I hope they gets the message across as I’m trying to do multiple things at once. The blog’s sidebar and static pages have been updated, I haven’t been able to devour Tasogare no Sinsemilla at any reasonable pace, and I’m declaring Takanashi Yaya to be the official mascot of this blog, visible in the eroge page. Micchi can have his Sana, I’ll have Yaya please.

As you can see right from the home page, I’ve made several modifications to the content of the sidebar to the right of the home page. I’ve removed the more or less useless calender and replaced it with the, in my mind at least, much more informative What I’m Doing section. Below that, I’ve added my To-Do List complete with pretty banners of games and charas that I’m planning to play soon; needless to say, right now the list is filled with all manners of imoutos. I call it a to-do list, not only in a vain attempt to be different, but also because it’s a composite of a backlog and anticipated titles; some of the games are released while others are still on the horizon.

In addition to the redesigned sidebar, all the static pages like the about page of the blog are updated as well. No major changes: revised several paragraphs, added some links here and there, decorated anime and eroge pages with pictures of my favorite anime and character, and expanded the names of a few eroges from their contraction in the list.

I have also updated my blogroll to include a more extensive listing of blogs related to visual novels. Granted that some of the blogs cover as much anime as visual novels, nevertheless I feel they are all valuable contributors to the visual novel community. I always welcome link exchanges. If your link is already in my blogroll, I would love that my link be put into yours as well. Otherwise, let me know and we can exchange our links!

On the other hand, the miserable bloke Aedes is still crawling through Tasogare No Sinsemilla slowly; I’ve yet to see the intro movie. Haven’t been playing this as much as I would like due to my recent workload. Nevertheless, a post dedicated to it will be up later this week, if work doesn’t strangle me first.


About Aedes

Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

6 thoughts on “Blog Update no Sinsemilla

  1. Having recently finished Tasogare no Sinsemilla, I must agree that it takes a while to go through. The percentage starts to rise faster after the prologue, though.

      • Well, I don’t know how fast you read, but it would probably be difficult to finish in less than a couple weeks. It’s true however that my Japanese reading speed is still abyssal.

      • My Japanese reading speed definitely isn’t up to par either, though I read faster than I should be due to my unfortunate tendency to skim the text looking for kanjis since I’m Chinese. I will most likely need to spend at least a couple of weeks on this as well, since this seems to have much more intricate plot and system than the standard moe-ge.

  2. Mmm, I like your blog format. The sidebar is nice and orderly. The length is about where I like it as well.

    Although if I had to say, there are two things that bother me about that sidebar. One is it feels like there ought to be some more visual divisions in it. Right now there’s only white space dividing the different sections. Maybe some simple lines or minimal graphics would help there.

    The other is the Recent Posts section is entirely redundant if you have the sidebar set to display only on your main pages. Even if it showed up in other places as well, it’d still be fairly pointless since if you keep folding your posts properly it wouldn’t be that hard to navigate between posts.

    Reading your blog makes me feel kind of embarrassed about my own completion rate though. In a good year I’ll finish two eroge (By which I mean to say I view all the routes I want to, not 100% CGs or anything like that). But Koikishi looks like it might change that trend this year. Yuu is indeed a godsend. How else could she be so perfect? Hopefully that’ll give you some encouragement to keep going to get to her!

    This comment is tagged with: Nope.

    • Thanks very much for the feedback, and your comment is noted.
      I’ll start working on the divisions right away, and I’ll see what I can do with the Recent Posts section. I’ll probably leave it there for the time being until I can think of a good way to improve it.
      Regarding the completion rate, you probably lead a much more productive lifestyle than I do. I merely have too much free time and spend the majority of it on eroges. I don’t know how perfect Yuu is, but the simple fact that she is an imouto makes her perfect in my book. I hope she isn’t saddened when I say that I plan to spend some quality time with her after I finish Tasogare no Sinsemilla and Hina.

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