Tasogare no Sinsemilla First Impression

This is going to be a short post as I’ve just finished the prologue so there isn’t much material to write about. But before I get started, please, can someone teach the eroge companies some English grammar so they don’t use sentences like this as the tagline just below their title – It is the one that the person must not touch that it is beyond this; the meaning of this sentence is beyond me.

First thing I noticed is that, being the typical me, there are not only 1, but 2 imoutos. We have Sakuya the level-headed true imouto, and Syouko the shy niece who calls him oniichan. I’m content as we got both side of the imouto spectrum covered. I also noticed immediately that this isn’t a game with the typical high school setting. Out of all the characters, only 2 are high school-ers and 1 of them is a sub-character.

Secondly, I feel there is more story in the prologue alone than in the entire game of the previous moe-ges I’ve played. That may be an overstatement, but I said it to emphasize since I haven’t played an eroge with a good plot in a while. We get a nice tension buildup of an evil lurking in the darkness. First they smell rotten odor all around, a dog gets slaughtered, then the protagonist finally meets the monster for a confrontation. We even get a short scene from the monster’s perspective as it devours the dog; I have no idea what it was talking about during that scene however. The only negative aspect so far is that I can’t say the action scenes are that good, but they get the point across of two entities fighting each other. Also, the dialogue has less comedy in it, but not to the point where it becomes dull reading them.

I like the characters and the seiyuu line-up. Don’t know much yet about the true imouto Sakuya yet since she is introduced near the end of the prologue, but I like her already when her hobby appears to be texting her oniichan. Then there is the shy and perfectly loli Syouko voiced by Natsuno Koori; I started liking her from the moment she called the protagonist oniichan. There are also two mikos, this game seems to like things in pairs. I like the reason they became mikos – jobs were hard to find and the local jinja just happened to be hiring. Additionally, there is the mysterious Ginko who appears to be a hobo, a pretty one at that, living in the mountains and says weird phrases no one understands. Finally, there is a tsundere who stands out only because she is voiced by ringorin Aoba Ringo.

The music I like as well. It has that epic traditional Japanese feeling to it that I’ve heard in Kitto sumiwataru asairo yori mo. The OP is one of the better ones I’ve heard, not often do you get a non J-Pop sounding song for an OP. Sadly not all the tracks are of the same quality, but they are all at the very least above average.

As you can see above, the game has an elaborate flowchart system where you can jump to any scene you have previously played. It also has short summaries and pictures of what happened at each scene. The chart branches off any time you make a choice. The  scenes that aren’t connected are scenes told from another person/thing’s perspective. Since this is just the prologue with only a single choice to be made it doesn’t look too fancy yet. But I am expecting it to be a lot more complicated once I get onto the main game.

That sums up my experiences with Tasogare no Sinsemilla, for the prologue. So far, I’m impressed. My only wish now is for the story to not get too dark and depressing. The world is already too full of those; I need something to keep my happy, not sad.

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