Tasogare no Sinsemilla Second Impression

I’m facing a dilemma. I won’t be done with Tasogare no Sinsemilla for at least another week, so I can’t write a review until then. But I’ve promised myself to blog at least once a week. And the last post I’ve written is Tasogare no Sinsemilla’s first impression. So naturally, the next post to follow is the second impression, in lack of a better term or a more creative title. If I’m spoiling too much, or too little, please let me know.

So far, I’ve finished Sakuya’s, Misato’s, and Sachiko’s routes. Out of all of them, only Misato’s route disappointed me, and I wasn’t expecting much from a sub-route to begin with. Sakuya’s route is an excellent route fitting for an excellent imouto, and Sachiko’s route is surprising good, being a sub-route, since it contributes to the overall story unlike Misato’s which felt more like an extension to Shoko’s route that I haven’t played yet.

Sakuya’s route is the first one I’ve finished. It made my day when I learned that I didn’t have to go through all the other routes to get to this DELISHUZ bishoujo, as m3rryweather would call it. But during that same day, I realized that her route is incomplete when a “Continue in Episode Sinsemilla” screen appeared at the end of her route after the credits. That made me a sad panda again as I know I have to get everything else done to get to that. But it was engrossing while it lasted.

Her character is one of the more unique imoutos I’ve came across. Always level-headed and logical, she gets everything done nicely. But at the same time. she is also jealous when her oniichan gets too close to other woman, which results in the “black mode” seen in the picture above. She also has an unusually close relationship with her oniichan, trading H jokes back and forth which makes other people a bit uncomfortable with their distance, which is all good since that is my ideal brother-sister relationship. What makes it even better is that they don’t know it themselves that they interact more like couples than siblings, not only in her route but in other routes as well. She also has a tendency to take words literally with hilariously embarrassing results, and she says all of that seriously with a perfectly straight face. Not to mention her character looks gorgeous too.

Her story is an intriguing one with plenty of supernatural elements, some of which I don’t understand. Her name and her unnaturally close resemblance to her mother are some of the cliffhangers I hope that will get addressed in the true ending. Their one-sided relationship with Ginko is another point. The only gripe I have with this route is that the supernatural monster theme seems to fade away as the route goes on and is taken over by the stereotypical incest theme. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see more of her in the true ending, however far off in the future that may be.

Misato’s route was the one I completed next. Perhaps because of its short length as a sub-route, I felt nothing significant happened in this route regarding Misato. The events that did happen are more related to Shoko than Misato which made me wonder whose route am I on at times. I was also disappointed by the fact that her job as a teacher did not come into play at all in the route, instead, she is treated as merely a osananajimi. Even though he is not a student himself, I would love to see his interactions with her students. Sadly, that did not happen anywhere in the route. Her character is nothing special either.

No eroge is complete without lolis and tsunderes, and Sachiko fills both of those quotas for this particular eroge. Sachiko, the other sub-heroine, felt out-of-place like the product of the game designer’s need to stick a tsundere into every eroge at first but turned out to be a much more enjoyable experience in her route (take that as you may), compared to Misato. In her route, they gradually get closer and closer as she helps him regain lost memory of his mother through finding his own time capsule which ultimately had a letter addressed to him from his mother. They also solved each other’s family problems – Kousuke’s guilt of letting his mother sacrifice herself for him and his imouto and Sachiko’s insecurity about her family being split in two as her parents live in the cities away from her.

Much is learned about Kousuke’s mother, who also had the name Sakuya. Playful and energetic, she moved his time capsule he buried himself and hid it under a tree with flowers with the meaning ” I love you as you are sad” or something along those lines as I suck at translating; the original 悲しんでいるあなたを愛する conveys the message much more accurately. It was heartwarming to see Kosuke finally forgiving himself for what his mother had done. The letter left to him was pretty touching as well. Despite being a sub-route, I like this route as it gives insight to the character of Kousuke’s mother and the character development is tolerable given such a short length.

The above flowchart shows my progress in the game so far. I’ve reached 3 endings which are colored yellow, a bad ending colored green, and an ending where nothing happens colored in light blue. The red scenes denote the H scenes as one might expect. I love this system since it practically eliminates any need to save at any point of the game when all I need to do is jump to that scene directly from the flowchart.

With my progress at 38%, I won’t be able to write up a review any time soon. Considering that, I’ll most likely do another post once I finished a couple more routes sometime next week. By the way, I’ll be calling that the third impression unless someone else comes up with a better title for it; I’m all for consistency, and laziness on my part.

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11 thoughts on “Tasogare no Sinsemilla Second Impression

  1. “The Revenge of the SInsemilla”? “Sinsemilla and the Holy Grail”?
    I agree the sub routes are somewhat lacking in substance, but I also enjoyed Sachiko’s much more than I thought I would.
    You don’t *need* to play everything to unlock Sinsemilla, but it’s probably better to leave it to the end.
    And Shouko is pure love (not related, but bears mentioning).

  2. Nice titles. I like the references that are completely not eroge related.
    The only sub route left for me is Akane’s – I wonder how it will turn out.
    I think I only need to play the main routes to unlock the final episode, but since I’ve only 1 sub route left I might as well play that too.
    And what do you mean by pure love? I don’t play dark games in general so almost everything feels like pure love to me. Shouko’s also happens to be the one I’m on right now, so I’m expecting a gracious amount of loli goodness.

    • I unlocked Sinsemilla halfway through Shouko’s (yes, halfway, not after finishing it), though I had already finished Ginko’s. I don’t know exactly what are the requirements.
      I just mean that Shouko was my favorite heroine (though Sakuya comes pretty close). She’s just so moe.

      • Interesting… But I am still going to finish every other route for the sake of reviewing it.
        And I know It’s impossible not to like a loli who calls you oniichan.

    • Shouko does NOT have a large bust. 😛

      Oh feal87, I don’t know how you come up with the time to do all the blogging, anime watching, and game playing. Just doing 1 of the three takes up most of my time.

      • Sakuya yes though, she’s so cute. *_*

        Oh, add work at the top of that, 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday. 😀
        Agreed that the time is short (6 hours a day is the best I can muster in a week day), but if you manage your time properly you can do all three of them! (obviously I complete an erogè every 1/2 weeks at my slow, slow pace…:P)

        • Sakuya yes definitely. She is the cutest character in the whole game, though I wouldn’t mind if her busts are downsized a little…

          I complete an eroge every 1/2 weeks as well. But I don’t watch anime and don’t blog anywhere near your amount. 😛

      • How on Earth do you finish an eroge in 1/2 a week? Do you like go full overdrive? Then again unlike you I can’t read so lately if I managed to run a route, I’d run just one preferred one unless its one of the stronger story based games which require completion of all the routes to unlock the final chapter.

      • By every 1/2 weeks I meant every one to two weeks, sorry for the misunderstanding. I try to complete every route, except for the heroines I find too bland or uninteresting. But for eroge with a true ending, I will make myself complete all the routes to get to it.

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