SuGirly Wish and the Holy Grail

Title courtesy of Mazyrian. For all intents and purposes of this post, Hina is my Holy Grail. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to post this sooner, but things don’t always go as planned right? I’ve recently finished Hina’s route in SuGirly Wish, and I got exactly what I was expecting – lots of amaenbo imouto goodness coated in thick, pink layers of sugar mostly without the distraction commonly called story or plot.

The protagonist, who has been called onii-chan so many times I lost track of his name, lives in the dormitory of a prestigious school, where ordinary things happen, suddenly has a fancy for one of the girls, they get into a relationship, becomes all raburabu, the end.

Oh, almost forgot, there is a theme about wishes that can be granted after going through certain rituals, hence the title. One example is that a couple who throws coins into a fountain and pray can be together forever. Every heroine also supposedly has a personal wish to be granted in their respective routes.

Hina’s wish is obvious from the start – to capture her onii-chan’s heart and ultimately marry him. Coincidentally, that happens to be the synopsis of the route in a single sentence. Hina tries every way possible to get her onii-chan, who eventually overcomes the sibling barrier and falls into her grasp. I’m pleasantly surprised they didn’t put a onani scene in it, which seems to have become a staple in imouto routes.

Hina is absolutely adorable. She has a built-in onii-chan radar that detects the proximity of her onii-chan and beeps when he is near. She doesn’t hesitate to latch onto her onii-chan every chance she gets and pouts like a sad puppy when pulled away, It was delightful to watch her putting Anna’s hilariously perverted plan into action in order to win her oniii-chan; which includes but is not limited to dressing up in sukumizu for no apparent reason. She is also not afraid to show her affection in public and cheerfully shares the experiences of her intimate moments with her onii-chan to her friends. In short, she is one imouto not to be missed and is without a doubt the best heroine of the game.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for her route. The conflict is dragged on for around 5 chapters with little advancement. Then all of a sudden in the next chapter, the protagonist gets a lead from his best friend and realizes things can’t go on like this any more and swiftly resolves the conflict. But I did like the part where they make the wishes to stay by each other forever; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. An attempt at creating a more serious undertone is felt when the other classmates look at this sibling couple with disturbed looks. I’m not sure that fits in such an overall sugary atmosphere. I won’t complain too much though. You don’t play this kind of games looking for a solid story. 🙂

The seiyuus are the other aspect I don’t like about this game. The one for Hina is too high pitched for my taste, but I suppose it fits her character. But the one for Anna drives me nuts every time I hear her speak. Her voice is so whispery my ears are straining trying to hear, and it doesn’t help that she speaks in such a bizarre accent that I would have trouble understanding it even if I could hear it. The one for Megumi tries too hard to sound soft spoken and ends up sounding lethargic. I don’t like any of the male voices either, they sound half-assed and unprofessional and the one for protagonist’s best friend is the worst. Thankfully, the seiyuus for Akane and Kurumi are fine.

Don’t have much to say about the music except they’re all standard eroge fare. Seems like this game lacks an ending song for the credits, but makes up for it by having an insert song play during the very last scene right before the credits. The graphics are decent with lively bright colors and no apparent flaw.

All in all, this game does what moe-ge do best; it delivers hours of sugar laden romance for anyone looking for them. If you’re looking for story, sorry, but this game has none of it. But are you honestly expecting a story from games like this?

On the other hand, it’s Koisora’s FD launch day! That means I’m dropping everything I’m doing right now and focusing my attention on getting my hands on that sweet piece of software. Sorry Hina, but I’ll see you after I’m done with this! Sera and Mikoto, I’ll see you girls again at long last!




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10 thoughts on “SuGirly Wish and the Holy Grail

  1. The concept of each girl having their own wish is interesting, kinda makes me a bit more motivated to finish each route. Though I’m quite interested in Hina, this game takes the typical route of incest in social environments. VERY TYPICAL, though you can’t blame them i guess. I have yet to actually hear any of the voice actors for this game, but I’m glad to hear that Akane’s voice actor is good, she’s the heroine I’m looking forward to the most.

    Koisora’s FD is the game of the month this time around. Funny note about that, I only just found out today that the Miko I keep seeing for Koisora’s FD is Michiko. I was thinking that i Must have missed out some other new character somewhere.

    • The wishes are the only elements moving this game forward plot wise, other than that it’s all character interactions. Yea, I wish they can come up with something new for incest routes.

      Thats exactly what I thought when I saw the miko for the first time. Get some contacts Michiko so you can stay that way!

      • Haha I thought it was Kayoko’s imouto at first. Sadly she isn’t, but Michiko being a Miko is too bad as a development. Lots of opportunities for romance to develop there

  2. Is it just me or is there a trend of “fun character” but “terrible route”? For imoutos specifically I find that situation not all that uncommon, particularly non-primary/non-main/non-lead ones (then again I’m not using a proper sample size). It might be due to the main point being the incest limitation, blood related or not.

    On another Sugirly Wish note, I felt the banners and whatever promotions were like, 100% comprised of Hina. You might as well call it Hina Wish.

    • It’s not just you. I’ve also noticed the trend. Seems like there is a negative correlation between the appeal of the character and the quality of the route. The theme in imouto routes are usually pigeon-holed into the incestuous relationship, so it’s unusual to see innovation in imoutos routes and thats also probably the reason imoutos routes tend to disappoint non-siscons. Perhaps because of the trend, I’ve been surprised by “fun routes” with “terrible characters”. But my expectations weren’t high to begin with, so that may not be entirely accurate.

      I have no problem about calling Sugirly Wish Hina Wish instead. Hina is the sole reason I even picked up this game in the first place.

      • Hina’s the sole reason anyone picked up this game. I’d be surprised if it weren’t. XD

        Come to think of it, if the imouto route isn’t from an incest standpoint, then I don’t know what it would be comprised of. If it doesn’t use that, then there’s no point in making that character the imouto, lol.

        Oh well, in terms of common route at least they’re still functionally correct. They also seem to have reasonable consistency.

    • It can use that incest theme, but put some spin on it like a trouble they have to overcome together instead of making the route purely about their incestuous relationship.

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