koisora after Happiness and extra Hearts

Yes, the H’s are capitalized for a reason. There are so many H scenes squeezed in such short routes! I was expecting at least some story in it… I suppose the protagonist is too busy assembling his harem to participate in a story.

The common route is divided into 8 chapters with an emphasis on the newly promoted heroines Aiko, Kiyomi, Michiko, and Yuuki. There are a couple of chapters about the new student council, 1 about the miko, 1 about a test, 1 about the DIY club, and 3 about the school festival. Two things in the common route bothered me. I would much rather see the drama, like emo kids,  leave out of it since I had enough of that in the original Koisora. And the common route is so dang long! Why don’t they learn from the mistake they made in the original excessively long common route. They just had to repeat their mistake. 😦

The routes are very short compared to the common route, with 3 chapters each compared to 8. That wouldn’t be so bad, if the routes aren’t filled with H scenes one after the other. If you skip all of the them, there is barely anything left for you to read. There are 5 of them in the short span of 3 chapters. I can’t help but feel that the routes are crafted purely for the ecchi with some drama tacked onto it.

The prevalence of the H scenes are especially apparent in Aiko’s and Mikoto’s routes. After the confession scene in Aiko’s route, it is practically non-stop H scenes. Aiko gets a little bit scary near the end if you ask me. But she is still an adorable kouhai/imouto two in one. I LOL-ed at the Aiko ending – the power of friendship and love combined!

The same goes for Mikoto’s route, outside of the the more dramatic portion. The conflict was solved so easily it was ridiculous, and they still didn’t solve the main problem left from Koisora. As the result, all the drama feels really stupid. Again, they should leave that out and let the couple ichaicha a lot more. And no, I don’t mean the ecchi kind.

As bad and uselessly drama laden as Sera’s route is, I still love her character! I applaud her for being able to restrict herself to only 3 H scenes as opposed to 5.

Despite the overabundance of ecchi, I’m finding it nice to revisit the characters from Koisora. And of course, to see more of Sera.

There seems to be a graduation ending that is unlocked after you complete all the routes, so I”ll be skimming through the H scenes until I get to that.

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8 thoughts on “koisora after Happiness and extra Hearts

  1. Hmmm it wasn’t that there was too much common route in koisora. The problem was they changed the mood midway. first lot was happy fun flirt time and then suddenly, it goes emo and you have to grind through a very very bad story. I want more of koisora BeFore the mood change.

    • For some reason I remember the length of the common route more than the abrupt mood change. Perhaps it was because the story was so bad that grinding through it felt like an eternity. The first part was definitely good however.

  2. Forgot to mention that there is barely any non-H CGs, but there are numerous SDCGs.

    Also, they can’t spell “picture”. And so we get a “pictuer gallery”.

  3. So fast! I’m still trying to get through the school festival haha. Did you have to finish one of the new heroines before going into the afterstory of the original heroines? :O

    Hmm, I’m actually one who enjoyed the daily life situation portrayed in Koisora in the original so it didn’t bother me as much though I do see how it may end up feeling long with all the chapters, preview, recalling at the beginning. I think it has to do with how Koisora has a dialogue-driven system than a more narrative style with the traditional VNs. Alot more has to be communicated between characters, even the drama.

    Despite all the flaws with the more “serious” parts, I still find myself much more interested in Koisora than the average chara-ge because of them :\. Must be the character love!

    …Only 3 H scenes with Sera? xD

    • Currently 5 routes down, and 4 more to go!
      Yes, you’ll have to finish one of the new heroines to go into the afterstories of the original heroines.

      I enjoyed the daily lives in Koisora, so that part didn’t bother me. It’s the ridiculous save the school drama that bothered me in the original. I think the common route only felt long when compared to how short the routes are.

      I agree. Character Love > any sort of plot.

      Yes, only 3 H scenes with Sera. Mikoto and Wanko also have 3 H scenes, the rest have either 5 or 6.

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