Revenge of the Bishojos

Again, title courtesy of Mazyrian. The bishojos from Koisora are here once again to dye the sky with the color of love! I won’t bother writing an official review for a fan disk, because frankly speaking, there isn’t much to write about. I’m also assuming previous knowledge of the story where applicable, since this is a fan disk after all.

This is the fandisk to Studio Ryokucha’s 2010 title Koiiro Sora Moyou, with after stories for each of the 5 heroines, as well as new stories for the 4 subheroines (Yuuki, Aiko, Kiyomi and Machiko). The story picks up after the Kaminajima Crusaders defeated the bad guys and prevented the closure of Kamina Gakuen. Returning to peaceful (?) days, Seigo helps the new student council out with the culture festival preparations. Of course, there’s also now more time for sweet love.
[Shamelessly taken from Micchi’s blog as usual]

Opening Theme


The common route continues from where we left off at the end of the original common route in Koisora. They’ve defeated the bad guys, saved the school, and left the student council a total mess with that hentai glasses in charge. They went through some trouble and the hentai president resigns and turns over the leadership to the previous president Shizuna, since we can’t have a hentai for a president can we? Next comes the fall festival where they meet the mysterious miko who turns out to be Michiko. Then after some chapters where nothing happens, we come to the culture festival which is the climax of the common route, after which the game is split into 4 routes for the new heroines.

Unfortunately, the routes are pathetically short, again. They spend 1 chapter to become lovers, then the 2 chapters afterwards are dedicated to H scenes with some drama thrown in there for good measure. Michiko’s route mainly deal with her iron glasses image not fit for romance, and a bit on the former disgraced disciplinary chief. Her miko outfit is purely for ecchi purposes. Aiko’s route is all about the love triangle among Aiko, Mikoto, and Seigo, and Aiko is pretty bold and open when it comes to that kind of stuff. Kiyomi’s route concerns her job and the social status of the Utsumi family; she seems much more concerned about this than Shizuna is. Yuuki’s route is about her oppai and how plain and unattractive she is. She says the word ecchi, a lot.

But really, all of the above are simply excuses to have H scenes with your favorite characters, with H scenes popping out of no where with absolutely no lead up to it.

After one of the new heroine’s route is completed, access to the after stories of the original heroines is granted. These continue from the end of their respective routes’ ends in the original Koisora, and the cultural festival is not featured in all but 1 route. Kayoko’s route is about her not being to ecchi with Seigo since Mikoto is home, among other less important things. Sera is as awesome as always doing whatever she wants and defeating the bad guys yet again. Aya just wants a baby, or at least thats what Seigo thinks. Shizuna’s first chapter title says it all – Hot Spring, Studying for Test, and Ecchi Temptations. Mikoto’s classmates finally know she is dating her onii-chan, but everything is fine since they’re not blood related.

More excuses for H scenes for those who wants them! I won’t complain though, since all I’m looking for is Sera goodness and I got plenty of it.

There is also a true end of sorts that unlocks after you completed every route. Seigo gives a graduation speech that we don’t get to hear, after which Shizuna gives a lengthy speech about how completely awesome the island and the school is. I can’t believe I wasted hours of my life completing routes for this ending that provides no closure whatsoever. But then, I can’t believe I’ve wasted months of my life completing eroge either.

This is how the game is split up. 8 chapters for the common route, 3 chapters for the heroine routes, and 1 final graduation episode.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected so much from a fan disk, like a story perhaps? But if the only story they can come up with is the excessively melodramatic one in the original Koisora, maybe it’s better off without one.

That said, I’ll be going back to SuGirly Wish to hopefully finish it sometime. If I don’t make it through that, I’ll take refuge in Renai 0 Kilometer and take all the imoutos home.

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4 thoughts on “Revenge of the Bishojos

  1. I wasn’t really expected much from this, being a fandisk and all. But those SDCGs look hilarious. The new heroines stories seem really boring compared to the original cast, but I am a fan of Yuuki. Yuuki’s route doesn’t seem TOO bad, but guess i’m a bit biased until I play it. Can’t wait to see more impressions on SuGirly Wish, but Anna’s route is probably gonna hurt you quite a bit from her voice.

    Now i’ll be refreshing red hawk scans constantly for the next 4 hours for TWGOK 165.

    • I like the SDCGs as well, except they’re kind of being used as replacements for event CGs. But either way, they’re hilarious. The routes aren’t that bad, there are plenty of ichaicha, and ecchi, moments and only a little bit of drama. I happened to highlight the worst part of it, which is the silly drama. 😀 Yuuki’s route is probably the best new heroine route in my opinion, with Aiko’s coming in as a close second. Sera is still is the best no matter what though.

      My ears are already bleeding from Anna’s voice, but I’m still hanging on!

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