Sugirly Wish Impressions

I can’t take this any more! After finishing Hina’s, Akane’s, and Anna’s routes in SuGirly Wish, I can’t bring myself to do Megumi’s and Kurumi’s routes. They feel too bland as the stereotypical osananajimi and tsundere to be of any interest to me. That said, I won’t be doing a SuGirly Wish review since I only did three out of the five routes. But if anyone wants to see a full review of it, let me know, and I’ll go finish them and write one up.

Since I’ve already covered Hina’s route and the general thoughts in the previous impression, I’ll be focusing on Akane’s and Anna’s routes.

Nevermind what is going on in the background up there, with what looks like floating islands and water somehow defying gravity. Akane is cute and sexy in that picture, and that is all that matters. Back on topic, Akane’s wish is getting proposed in an ever so romantic fashion. Akane’s route has them gradually growing closer and closer, until he finally confesses like any good protagonist. Then they went through some trouble treating each other as equals since she is older so she tries to act that way as a responsible senpai and onee-san. After the trouble is solved, with the protagonist calling her by her first name instead of senpai, she turns on deredere mode to the max. Finally the route ends with a cosplay party for the third years planned by the first and second years, during which Junpei proposes to Akane who tearfully and happily agrees.

Akane is one of the rare cases of senpai chara whom I love. She is extremely jealous, and becomes insecure whenever she sees Junpei interacting with other girls closely. She is hilarious when she is drunk, and even a small piece of chocolate with whiskey can intoxicate her; She reverts to a childlike amaenbo who spills out all her thoughts, clings to Junpei and refuses to let go. She also has amusing fantasies, from imagining two knights dueling to win her heart when nothing has happened, to likening her situation to Romeo and Juliet when the couple has only been apart for a few hours.

I like this route the best out of the three I’ve played. Only a little amount of drama that doesn’t feel out of place, compared to the needlessly long drama in Hina’s route and the ridiculous drama in Anna’s route that made no sense whatsoever. And the romantic development is done well, we see them evolving from a kouhai and senpai relationship, to being onee-san and her little boyfriend, then finally as equals supporting each other.

Anna is the self proclaim mysterious witch who does nothing except sleeping in class and making things explode in her room. Her wish is being awakened by a prince’s kiss as the sleeping beauty/witch. Her route is one with little substance. After they become couples with a confession out of nowhere, not much seems to change except she turns completely deredere. The only development I remember in this route is that she starts attending physical education classes since Junpei is in it. And she gets sick for unknown reasons, forcing Junpei to sneak in her room like a ninja to give her the kiss to wake her up. She claims that was due to lovesickness, but I think that is going a bit extreme there.

I’ll like her character more if her seiyuu didn’t voice her in such a way that hurts my ears listening to her. She is the my pace type who operates outside of common sense. She sleeps through every class, but nevertheless manages to get top grades through unknown means, possibly by reading weird books on her own. She is strangely scared of sunlight, claiming that she would melt under it. She also makes curious concoctions with mysterious effects in a process that tends to explode.

Her route did her no justice. I love her boldness when she attaches herself to Junpei in front of everyone with no intention of letting go. The whole drama seems contrived just so she can get the kiss of her dreams. She somehow gets sick and misses school for days, then a simple kiss miraculously cures her in mere hours. Not to mention the sudden appearance of a dormitory supervisor who appears just in time to stop Junpei from going over to the girl’s dormitory.

Overall I enjoyed playing through the three routes and I would play through two more if the two heroines who are left aren’t so uninteresting. This game is so full of ichaicha and raburabu that’ll last me for quite a while.

On the current state of things, I’ve just finished Renai 0 Kilometer’s common route and will be writing up impressions on it once I finish a route soon. This game has so much hilarious tsukkomi in it; it’s hard to not laugh out loud much less keep a straight face for more than a few minutes. The facial expressions are also some of the more “unique” ones I’ve seen. So far, the only complaint I’ve got is the oppai size. They’re huge.

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7 thoughts on “Sugirly Wish Impressions

  1. Reading this, it basically confirmed that the wishes of each heroine were those very short english phrases in the opening of Sugirly wish. Other probably noticed this WAY earlier, but i’m slow and i didn’t really pay much attention to it. I’m glad that from what i’ve read so far, AKane seems to be the best heroine XD.

    I can’t say i’m against big oppai in generally (unless its insanely huge, in that case its pretty creepy), but Renai 0 seems to go over board with 4 out of 5 heroines being a little too well developed up there. Only exception being Nokia, who fulfills the loli roll of the game, and even then shes basically normal in that aspect? But being sisters and all, if one has them big, the rest would probably have to follow.

    • The characters’ wishes are also in the official site’s character pages. Akane is the best out of the 3 heroines I’ve played, can’t say for the other 2.

      I would prefer that logic in another way. Since Nokia’s oppai is normal sized, why can’t all the others have oppai like hers? Even Hana, who is the youngest imouto, have some rather large oppai.

  2. Is it a bit spoilerish to write down exactly what happens during the best bits of each routes? I dunno… maybe the surprise factor would be lost for some reader but I suppose everyone is different – some do mind, others won’t.

    • I didn’t hold back on spoilers this time because there isn’t really a story to spoil; the fun is in watching the characters interact with each other which can only be done if you’re actually playing the game. But I understand your concerns, I’ll keep the spoiler down from now on.

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