Renai 0 Kilometer Impressions

After some delay, I finally have the time to finish a couple of routes and write some impressions on them. I’ve also updated the banners on the side bar as well, time to start getting ready for the November releases!

As much as I would like to see it in reality, the content of the following screenshot does not happen outside of my delusion.

The protagonist Kyouichi is from a single-parent family with a father and three brothers. Their next-door neighbor is also a single-parent family, but with a mother and her five daughters. The father has always wanted a daughter, and the mother has always wanted a son. The two, putting their clever minds together, came up with a brilliant plan. They’ll exchange one son with one daughter to live with the other family! Naturally, Kyouichi is the one selected to go live with the girls, since everyone loves him, while the tsundere osananajimi Sakuya volunteered to go live with the guys; she isn’t honest with herself when it comes to her burning desire for Kyouichi ever since they were small.

The story begins as Kyouichi moves into the girls’ house and tries to make everyone in it, except the mom and Mayo onee-son, call him onii-chan.

The character interaction driven common route in this game was the most fun I’ve had in a while –  a constant stream of boke and tsukkomi. From Mayo-nee’s uselessness at home to the hentai Nokia and Honda’s antics, almost every character has a quirky personality to contribute to the fact that I can’t stop from laughing out loud every few lines, but your mileage may vary as I’m easily amused. I would love to post screenshots of those hilarious moments, but sadly I kept on forgetting to take them.

The routes on the other hand, are much more average in their execution. The added drama, in which the characters suddenly becomes serious and stops cracking jokes one after the other, takes most of the fun out of them. What is left are the run of the mill routes we’ve all seen plenty of times with little variation.

Nokia’s route – the story of a lonely girl. Wait, let me clarify. It’s a story about a lonely girl who has been longing for friends, who obviously isn’t Nokia the genki girl who can easily make friends with anyone. It’s also about cameras and home videos, none of which really has anything to do with Nokia. Nokia’s route disappointed me greatly, since she is my favorite character but her route’s focus is almost entirely on someone else, resulting in almost no relationship or character development for the route’s supposed heroine. Moreover, I feel Nokia turns too tame, deredere, or even emo sometimes, in the relationship so that she stops making ecchi jokes, losing her defining trait as the hentai mood maker. But, finally a guy other than the protagonist got a girl! They, as sub characters, must be delighted that so much focus is placed on them.

Yes, a route about the heroine herself! Hana’s route is about growing out of her childhood insecurities and exposing her vulnerable side to others, mostly Kyouichi. This theme has certainly been before many, many times, so you can probably tell what is going to happen at the end even before going into her route; the sharp-tongued girl turns totally deredere. I don’t like how the ending provided even less closure than usual. So after you guys began dating for months, you still haven’t declared him to your boyfriend to everyone else and make the relationship official, forcing the guy Kyouichi to withstand the advances of every person in the household? Hey, at least she is cute when she is all deredere. And she is cute even when she is tsuntsun too. A plus if you like improbably large oppai on a loli.

Other than the routes, I have no other major complaints. The graphics are decent enough; the SDCGs are pretty cute though the characters in some of the regular CGs are drawn too close-up so that half the screen is covered by her body. The sprite’s facial expression, demonstrated by Nokia in the first screenshot of this post, is fun to watch in action although there aren’t that much variety.

There are a total of four vocal songs, which is surprisingly many for a moe-ge, though none of them really stands out. OP by Sakakibara is nice, insert songs by Chata and Hana-tan are ok, ED by a singer I haven’t heard before and forgot her name is ok as well. The BGM is standard fare.

Overall, the routes I’ve read so far are rather lackluster. I hope the remaining routes of Sakuya, Misaki, and Mayo are more entertaining. I’ll leave you with the following screenshot taken from the same game, just to show you how crazy some of the stuff in the common route is.

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16 thoughts on “Renai 0 Kilometer Impressions

  1. Oddly my first 2 “captures” were also Nokia and Hana. Eventhough i also didn’t exactly like how nokia turned at the end, i did like Hana though even if that concept was overly done. Maybe i am just a sucker for those tsundere types 🙂

    I also have to agree that the main story were better and much funnier than the actual heroine’s route for those 2 characters, but this VN doesn’t balance out the humour and the romance/drama out that well. I am curious to read what you will think of the other 3 characters, but i haven’t done their stories because i didn’t find Sakuya, Misaki or Mayo that interesting in the main route.

    • Hana felt more like a kuudere, not that the exact classification matters. I like Hana as a character, but I didn’t like her route; I hate secret relationships. I love seeing them openly ichaicha much more.

      I agree, they threw the humor out the window at the first sight of approaching drama. Sakuya looks like the only heroine of any remote interest, but I’ll give the other 2 a chance to prove me wrong.

      • It’s kinda hard to classify Hana, because she acts cold to some people including Kyoichi but she is quite nice towards children and her older sisters except Nokia.

  2. That first CG is really bizarre O_O.

    From the looks of it i’ll be playing Nokia and Hana in that order first, just to get them out of the way. I’ll be saying Mayo for last in hope that she goes against the normal oneesan type.

    • That is Nokia at her prime during the common route.

      Mayo in the common route is not the typical oneesan, more like a ダメ人間 who fails at everything at home much less taking care of anyone or anything. She has no shame doing none of the housework, and enjoys rolling around doing nothing matter-of-factly when she obviously has something more important to do.

      I don’t know how she is in her route though, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

      • I am only somewhere in the middle of Mayo’s story now and so far pretty much nothing has happened. Her story is more boring than i thought.

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  4. I definitely agree with what you say about this game, and it’s such a shame that the character routes don’t live up to the common route at all.

    Hana’s route was my favourite so far (even if the ending was ridiculously annoying), but i have high hopes for Sakuya. The heroines are also super adorable when they were younger.

    Will you be playing the rest of the routes?

    • I agree with you on Hina’s ending. They are essentially back to where they started, but a little closer.
      I will be playing the rest of the routes, and am going through Misaki’s route right now. Not impressed so far, too much on Misaki’s guilt for taking Kyouichi away from Sakuya.

  5. I do feel somewhat sorry for the imoutos, though i was looking to Mayo the most. I may pick it up someday…why did they have to make it a fixed window size T_T.

    Finished with Sugirly wish, moving onto Princess Evangile. Not sure if she counts as an imouto in your books, but I’ll be playing Ritsuko first. Her picture on getchu gives off a very nice feel XD

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