Experimental Enumeration

In order to ascertain what I should do next, I’ve put up a poll on the sidebar so you all can decide my fate for the next few days, and save me the trouble of thinking about that myself. The poll will run for as long as I feel like it. There may be similar polls in the future if people participate in this one and I want some community input, or I’m just feeling lazy.

There is also a more general issue of impressions versus reviews. I feel that they basically cover the same material, for the ones I write at least. The only difference is that reviews are more organized into clearly labeled sections and I assign a score at the end of a review, but you can also get a feel of my thoughts on a game then judge it yourself by the impressions I write. What kind of posts would you like to see in the future? Feedback on this matter is much appreciated.

Sorry for the semi troll post, and for slacking off in the last few days. Kept on getting distracted by every random thing that happens around me, like stupid Flash games and Thanksgiving dinners. As a result, I’m not even halfway into Misaki’s route. But I swear I’ll go into eroge overdrive mode, starting now!


About Aedes

Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

5 thoughts on “Experimental Enumeration

  1. Your impressions seem to be like small reviews in themselves for the individual routes, which are quite nice, as long as there aren’t that many spoilers XD. Maybe for the last impression of a game give a play or not play recommendation?

    Regarding Renai0, dropping it seems to be the more attractive option as the routes seem quite boring and forcing yourself seems to be a waste when there are so many other imoutos waiting for you out there.

    • I’ve been trying to keep the spoiler to a minimal, is it still too much? That seems like a good idea, I’ll wrap up the last impression of a game with a recommendation so if you piece together the impressions you essentially get a review.

      Just finished Misaki’s route, and it was the best so far out of the three I’ve played. Going for Sakuya next, now that I feel bad after dumping her for Misaki. Not going to do Mayo’s since I heard nothing good about her. After this, it’s time for November releases!

      • I can’t really give an opinion to whether or not the amount of spoiler is too much or not because its somewhat of a subjective matter. I mean to some extent you need to spoil people in order to give an impression of the route. Guess you just need to find a good balance. What you’ve been doing so far seems to be fine, at least in my opinion.

        I can’t help but LOL everytime I read the line in the above picture.

  2. Misaki’s route was quite good (hana is cuter though ^^). The drama was nice (I was actually sad for sakuya). And the insert song was good too.

    I think your impression for Renai is already quite comprehensive -you can see if the game is worth it, or not – so you don’t need to do a review (if you don’t want to ^^).

    • I agree, Misaki’s route is better than both Nokia’s and Hana’s. The drama is decent, but since I feel bad for Sakuya now so I’m currently playing her route. The insert song is by Hana-tan if I remember correctly, and it’s pretty nice indeed.

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll see what I want to do after I finish Sakuya’s route. If I’m motivated enough, I just might skip through Mayo’s route to complete the game, and see how bad it is.

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