Where Is My Futago Don?

Due to popular demand, of all the 5 people who voted for it, I shall do the second installment of the Renai 0 Kilometer Impressions even though it’s Thanksgiving and I should be stuffing myself full of turkey. I won’t force myself to go through Mayo’s route given its awful reputation, and so I won’t be doing a full review because I didn’t complete the whole game anyway.

The first part of the impressions is here, which covered the story synopsis, the common route, along with Hana’s and Nokia’s routes. I’ll be going over the twins Misaki’s and Sakuya’s routes this time around, hopefully this’ll be less spoiler-rific.

Misaki’s route deal with her insecurity of always being beaten by Sakuya at everything, including the distance to Kyouichi. I feel her route is better done than both Hana’s and Nokia’s routes, but not quite as captivating as Sakuya’s. The drama has more lead up to it and resolved nicely, her character has more backstory that is slightly overemotional when it’s just about a few kids playing together, the revelations are more interesting but a bit unbelievable and too sudden, and there is more of an impact when the drama reaches its climax compared to Hana’s and Nokia’s which had no impact whatsoever. However, similar to the other routes, there just isn’t enough of the slapstick comedy that was abundant in the common route. But, unlike the common route, there is plenty of ichaicha served with a gracious amount of ecchi. It also makes you feel bad for Sakuya; I don’t understand why they don’t go the futago donburi route like I suggested.

Misaki is the type who does everything around the house perfectly, and takes care of everyone. You may call her as one-dimensional, but I really don’t care. She is really cute when she is deredere, and she turns on deredere mode permanently after they get into the relationship. Hand made heart shaped bento will melt any guy’s heart in seconds.

Sakuya’s route felt like the most complete route out of the four I’ve played, and not entirely because of the fact that she is the only heroine with four H scenes while all the others have only three. The very beginning of the route is the same as Misaki’s, but that is insignificant since that part contributes nothing to the overall story. After that, the story mainly revolves around Sakuya not wanting to take Kyouichi away from Misaki since they both know they like the same guy and the onee-san doesn’t want to see her imouto suffer. Yura gets a surprising amount of screen time in this route, which fully fleshed out Yura’s character and backstory; I did not know Yura can such an adorable character despite his appearance. Suffice to say, his story is of course related to Sakuya since it is her route after all. The downsides of Sakuya’s route are that it felt somewhat pointlessly melodramatic at times, and the H scenes are positioned extremely close together. Also, if you care for your imouto so much, why don’t you let us have a happy ending with a futago donburi? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sharing Kyouichi, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind either. Fan disk please!

Tsundere with a constant full on raburabu aura towards Kyouichi who is totally unaware of it, Sakuya is not far from your typical tsundere. She does not hesitate to employ physical force to hide her embarrassment, but is extremely deredere at other times, even go so far as to energize herself with his smell left on his bed or clothing. Which grants her the title:

For the final verdict, I recommend this game to people who likes solid comedy in their games and doesn’t care much about a story, since I”m not sure whether you can consider this to have an actual story and beware that only 2 out of the 5 routes are what I consider good. And yeah, siscons, don’t miss this one even if there isn’t a highly coveted futago donburi route. I know I should have written a lot more, so if you have any ideas on what I should write more about in the future, I’d greatly appreciate them so I can stop making myself look bad the more overly succinct posts I write.

Since I can’t get my hands on Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco currently, I’ll be going onto Strawberry Nauts. From the legendary reputation of Agumion who is voicing the female lead Toko and a charming cast of characters, it looks like this game is sure to please. Well, it’ll at least please brain dead people like me who only cares about how moe the characters are and largely ignore the plot.

Finally, as you can probably tell by now, I’m having slight difficulties writing enough content without spoiling more and getting my ass kicked by the spoiler-phobic people. To try and make up for that and save this from becoming a complete troll post, I’ll bombard you with screenshots in the hopes that you won’t remember how little I wrote. There are better ones from the common route, but I completely forgot to take any screenshots during it. Enjoy.

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Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

21 thoughts on “Where Is My Futago Don?

  1. Question, how would you rate the reading difficulty on this one? I’m looking at the screenshots and it seems quite easy, coincidence or..?

  2. The CGs you have up there are all very hilarious XD, combined with your description of those two routes ALMOST makes me want to play this game. Whats more tempting is that since the japanese seems quite simple in this game, I could use it as decent practice.However, given that 3/5 routes seem like they suck, I just can’t bring myself to play this game.

    Even though you wrote significantly less than usually, the content you covered seemed to be about right, and you didn’t really spoil anything. So keep up the good work XD

    • Good news for your endless backlog!

      Actually, by the word count, this post is about the same length as my other non-review posts now that I looked into it. And thanks for your support!

  3. Can you recommend me some titles with the same amount of comedy ?

    My japanese is still not that good, so I can only play this kind of game for now ^^

  4. Very helpful impressions! After reading both I have decided to pass on this one in the end so, thanks.

    As for recommendations on how to improve your writing. I’m not an expert myself but, I think is important to experiment with various styles until you find one you are confortable with.

    In the regards to the spoilers. Personally, I don’t mind them since they help me decide if I should read a game or not. But if you are mindful about them why not, instead of removing them, simply change the font color to white, warn it’s a spoiler and let the reader decide whether to look at it or not?

    Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for your support! Glad my posts served more purposes than as mere self fulfillment.

      I’m currently experimenting with styles as you said, but I’ve started to get more comfortable recently.

      Thanks for the idea. I’ll try using some sort of a spoiler tag next time around when there is plot to spoil.

      That has been great help, thanks again.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Well, I started playing sucre ~sweet and charming time for you~ (from giga), it’s quite funny for now (and the art is cute). I guess, I’ll try lover able after this one.

    Aedes> About Tenshin Ranman, I already played two games from yuzusoft (buraban ! and noble work even though there was some nice comedy sometimes). So, I don’t know if i’m gonna try this one ^^

    About Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo => Already on my blacklog, but yeah I think the language is too difficult (for now). I see “kanji pun” on visual novel data base, so I don’t think I would get the joke if it’s a kanji pun >. I already played Osanajimi, and it was indeed quite funny. I’ll give Onigokko and kicking horse a try. But, for playing both, I think that if you like Osanijimi from alcot, then you might like Renai 0 kilometer 😉 So, you should give it a try ^^

    • Forgot : Aedes> About Tenshin Ranman, I already played two games from yuzusoft AND IT WAS QUITE BORING ! (buraban ! and noble work even though there was some nice comedy sometimes).

    • While I can’t speak for Braban because I haven’t played it, I found Tenshin Ranman to be much more entertaining than Noble Works. The characters are significantly more interesting than a bunch of ojou-samas. And theres Sana who makes all the difference, for me.

      I cheated when I played Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo; I used a Chinese translation. Since I know scenarios written by Shumon Yuu use fancy language. 😛 It is a great game, though not necessarily for the comedy parts.

      I’m planning to play Osananajimi and Oni Gokko by Alcot sometime as well, purely for the characters.

    • I have long accepted the fact that there will always be engrish in the Japanese world. It’s what makes them Japanese. 😀
      Thanks for your support!

      • Sad, but true. Where is the fun seeing grammatically correct English when its engrish variant is so thought provoking as in how do people come up with phrases like this and yet make them so epic sounding?

      • The meaning of that sentence is beyond me, but I don’t think the player is in a good situation to be in by the sounds of it.

        Nevertheless, that is a great example of the masterful use of the engrish language. You have no idea what it’s saying, but it sounds good!

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