Aero-game Review: Princess Evangile

Nice to meet you all, I’m the new guy at this blog under the name Aero. I guess I am that surprise that Aedes mentioned in his last post XD. I’m a huge fan of eroge, manga and anime. Of course these days eroge is more of a priority over the other two. At the moment I play games using ATLAS; my Japanese skills aren’t quite there yet. That being the case, my impressions of games may be off, feel free to correct me. If you’re interested there is a bit more info about me under the author page. Along with Aedes I hope that this blog brings me a bit closer to the eroge community and maybe increase the influence of eroge.

From now on you’ll be hearing a little bit from me every so often. I can’t promise that I’ll write something every week, but at the very least I’ll write something every month. My ramblings will be mostly about eroge, but I may mix in other random stuff from time to time. To get things started, I’ll be writing an impression/review for Princess Evangile.

Game site: Princess Evangile~プリンセスエヴァンジール~
Release date: July 29, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough

On a cold March evening, Masaya was loitering in the street since his lazy father passed on an enormous debt onto him. He saw a girl surrounded by many suspicious people and helped protect her from them. The girl, Rise, was the granddaughter of the headmistress of the famous Vincennes girl’s private school and after seeing his good side, decided to invite him to study at the school. She suggested a co-education plan to the board, but there was much opposition to the idea. The headmistress decided to implement a one-year trial period and Masaya was chosen as the trial male student.

Vincennes is divided into two groups: the White Lilies (shirayuri-kai) and the Red Roses (benibara-kai). Rise was the leader of the White Lilies and wanted the group to support the co-education plan, but all the members opposed it and quit their positions. In fact, over 99% of all the students in the school opposed the plan. Masaya definitely did not feel welcome from the very beginning and Rise kept something secret from him. In order for him to continue at the school, he must gather enough votes in an election by the end of the first term. Will he be able to accepted by the ‘Filles de la Vincennes’?

[Shamelessly taken from Micchi’s blog]



The common route is filled with comedy, with the first few chapters introducing the main heroines. Thrown in on the side is some random drama involving some Yakuza. The drama here isn’t anything hardcore, and they’re resolved in hilarious and interesting ways. Naturally the heroines start to get conscious of Masaya after these events. The common route progresses with the White Lilies goal of trying to get more people to accept the coed idea. Truth be told, this doesn’t really get anywhere. The drama in the rest of the common route is a lot more serious. With people conspiring and false accusations made, this drama isn’t solved so easily. I actually found myself drawn into the game that I got really annoyed at particular characters and their attitudes. However they were soon forgiven after you find out about their circumstances.

The common route lacks a solid plot, with no clear direction in where it’s heading except for the whole coed idea. Some will probably find this boring, but they add in a lot of character interaction filled of surprises and laughs to keep things interesting. Though there is not really much of an overall story, mini arcs contained with chapters do exist. Events such as Masaya almost getting expelled and him teaching sex ed to a girl who thinks getting stared at by a guy will get you pregnant keep things entertaining, making you want to know the end results. Take this to heart, is a chara-ge in the end, so the development between the characters is the main selling point of this game.

The game is split into chapters, each route being around 26 chapters. The common route takes up around 16 chapters of this, so it’s one of the longer common routes that you’ll find.


Okay, basically every character in this game is an ojousama, so if that bothers you, this clearly isn’t the game for you. A lot of the characters have another name given to them, a title they get for being prestigious. They aren’t really that important so I won’t bother talking in detail about it.

Okonogi Masaya

Poor and constantly doing part time jobs to get by, Masaya comes back to his apartment to find his dad gone, leaving him with a debt of 50 million yen. After entering Filles De La Vincennes, he wants to make friends with girls as he has not had the opportunity last year. Getting various skills and strength from part time jobs, he is a level headed guy who can do almost anything. He doesn’t actually show much romantic interest towards any of the girls until you enter a route.

Rousenin Rise

Strong willed and honest, she tries to convince the school that becoming coed is a good thing. She is the granddaughter of one of the board of directors of the school, giving her quite a bit of influence. Leader of the White Lilies, she wants to become the student council president to reform the school to be coed. However, others don’t share this view and she is soon the only member of the White Lilies.

Rise’s route gets right into the whole coed thing. Rise asks Masaya to pretend to be lovers so to get the rest of the school interested in having guys around. Much to her dismay, the results aren’t exactly as expected as others start to watch to play the game of lover with Masaya, with varying results. When they finally get into the relationship, being a pure ojousama, Rise is unsure of what dating is like and what to do. The ichaicha gets better as she slowly learns what it’s like to be a lover. The drama in Rise’s route deals with her mother…yeah that’s all I can say >_>.

Kitamikado Ritsuko

The younger sister of Ayaka, but unlike her sister, a person who tries to follow the rules being brought up as the good girl of their family. She becomes the leader of the Red Roses as Mitsuki and Marika believe that she has more influence over the students.

Ritsuko has the less interaction with Masaya in the common route compared to the other heroines. Also unlike the other heroines, she doesn’t show any jealously until you’ve entered her route. Her relationship with Masaya is very innocent at the start, with her practicing kissing on a rabbit doll before asking to kiss for real. Her route has the least ichaicha, but probably has the most amount of drama. The drama in Ritsuko’s route deals with school traditions and her mother’s disapproval with Masaya.

Kitamikado Ayaka

Ayaka is the elder sister of Ritsuko, being the prankster that no one takes seriously anymore. Unlike other characters, she doesn’t possess another name, because of her joking nature. Through a prank, she somewhat upsets Masaya and goes out of the school to get something to reconcile with him. Another Yakuza event occurs here, where Masaya comes to save the day. After the event she decides to join the White Lilies.

The start of Ayaka’s route lays on some drama right from the start, with Masaya getting drunk and some mistakes made. However, these events lead to the two being more conscious of each other. Ayaka finally takes up a serious attitude towards the activities of the White Lilies. It is quite interesting as Ayaka shows a different side of her as she notices her own feelings and starts to get jealous. Her route introduces a new character, who ends up adding lots of comedy to the route. The drama of the route deals with her poor relationship with her mother.

Sagisawa Chiho

Chiho is childhood friend of Masaya and up until the final year of junior high, they went to the same school. Masaya meets her again Filles De La Vincennes, where their first meeting ends with a slap and the word “traitor”. Because she is a transfer student and the only non ojousama heroine, she also doesn’t have another name.

Chiho is my favorite heroine, because her design really appeals to me and I love her personality. Her route like involves Rise, where the two declare to all their close friends that they’re currently in a love triangle. This is the only route where Masaya isn’t quite clear about his feelings from the start of the route.The confession in this route is amazing in more ways than one, taking two attempts to actually work. The drama in Chiho’s route is probably the vaguest of all the routes, but it seems that the main issue in the route deals with Masaya and his father.

Personally I would say that the common route is better than the individual routes, but that may be due to my love for love triangle/square moments. As you may have noticed, parent problems come up in each route, which was annoying. I accepted it in the end because drama within a prestigious all girls school doesn’t come so easily. He almost got expelled in the common route so they couldn’t use THAT again. I felt that the main drama in each route was solved WAY too easily. However, this game is a pure love story, so naturally they wanted the characters to be happy at the end. Even if it meant the the way to the end was a bit hazy.The drama isn’t exactly the best, but if you can overlook that, the characters are excellent.

The side characters of this game were also fantastic, but I won’t write about them since they didn’t get any routes and I wanna keep my first post relatively short. With the PSP game coming out, I may do another impression of those heroines separately if they get routes.


I have heard many complaints that the graphics for this game are bad, but I seriously can’t see where the problem is. They seem to be standard graphics for this kind of game, but I guess everyone has their own tastes. There are quite a number of SDCG, which I’m grateful for. Here’s a few extra CGs to give you a feel of the game.


Okay I really have no idea to write in this section. The only reason I include it is because it seems standard in reviews. I’m quite sure that no one really cares about the system as long as it’s not horrible.

Well anyways, the system in this game was standard, so it’s nothing that’ll put off playing the game. I did enjoy the right click feature for this game though. Clicking outside the textbox would produce the menu, but clicking within the textbox would make it disappear. Simple, yet rarely done.

I’ll also note that this game had a larger number of save slots compared to standard games. It had 144 save slots, along with 12 quick save slots of and 12 auto save slots. It may seem overboard, but I ended up using up every slot. I like saving at every funny moment for reminiscing later.


I have opted to use the title sound over music because it allows me to talk about the voices of the heroines as well.

The music for the game was well made. It really gives you that ojousama school feeling, whether you like that or not is up to personal preference. The BGM for the suspense and confession scenes really get you into the moment and the character BGMs suited the personality of each character nicely.

The voices in the game are great and fit the character very well. Most of them did have the ojousama feel that you would expect from them. However, Ayaka’s voice bothered me a at the beginning. It sounds like she was slurring a lot, but after a while I got used to it.


Princess Evangile doesn’t have the most solid story out there, but it is full of romance comedy. The characters are very high quality. If you love girls getting jealous, then you’ll love this game.The drama in some of the routes made me feel like killing someone, but I guess that’s just how much I got into the story. It is definitely one of the better games I’ve played. Out of the chara-ge out there, this is definitely among the top tier.

The announcement of a PSP game disappointed me in the sense that the game won’t have H-scenes for those other heroines. Its just not eroge without the ero. Also PSP means no ATLAS, so I’m going to be playing it blind in a sense.

Story: 5/10
Character: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
System: 8/10

Overall: 80/100 (Not a total)

Hopefully you didn’t find my first review to be too bad. Was it good? Was it bad? I’m am open minded, so feel free to throw anything my way. Currently playing my way through Natsu no Ame and just started Toradora Portable.

40 thoughts on “Aero-game Review: Princess Evangile

  1. Hi Aero
    yay welcome and thx for the review ヽ( ゚Д゚)人(゚Д゚ )ノ

    although I dont do reviews, from the reviews I have read across the board (i try to read everyone’s provided there are no spoilers), there isn’t really a standard I think. You can pretty much write whatever you want, as long as you talk about what you thought of the game.

    • For Natsu no Ame, just play the the older sister route and forget the rest, her route is truly special she is the main heroine after all. unless you are intent on completing the full game.

      • I’ve already played 3/4 routes. Rikako’s route was certainly good, a lot better than Midori’s or Hinako’s route.

        However, I’m playing Misa’s route atm (the teacher heroine), and so far I like it more than Rikako’s route. Its easily the best teacher heroine route i’ve played ever XD.

        • I failed to mention this last time, but thanks for the kind words for the review and welcoming me to this new world of eroge XD.

  2. Nice review, got me interested in Ritsuko and Chiho 😀

    This game reminds me of Yuzu-Soft’s Noble Works, which I greatly enjoyed, except that one didn’t have any heavy drama. You may want to play it if you like ojou-samas.

    I agree with Aeru, there isn’t any standard in how to write a review so just go with whatever you want. Personally, I found this review to be well done. This is just for aesthetics’ sake but, you may want to center the images, justify the text and double-check for grammar & orthography. Presentation is also important, in my opinion.

    • Thanks for the sound advice, I’ll take note of it when writing in the future.

      I don’t have a particular thing for ojousamas, but I have also played noble works. I can see the similarities between the games, the being poor thing and entering a rich school. While the characters were quite good in noble works, the character development was a bit poor in my opinion and not enough ichaicha. If you like noble works, you’ll probably LOVE princess evangile because it improves in both those factors.

      • You are welcome, sorry if I sounded like some crazy grammar nazi >_>

        Yes, despite it being a moe-ge / chara-ge it’s character didn’t have much development except maybe for Sena and Akari. Still, characters interaction / relationships (mostly during the common route) were great!

        • Criticism is always welcome, especially since this is the first thing i’ve ever written XD

          I didn’t hate Noble Works, its just that from the characters I was expecting a lot more. Akari was my favorite heroine, then probably Sena. After those two, I can barely remember what happened in the other routes. All I remember is that I hated the route for that black haired shogi girl.

  3. Hey Aero, welcome to the wonderful world of eroge blogging. 😀
    I looked over this game when it was released but i’ll definitely give it a try soon. Those SD CGs are especially cute!
    Oooh, will you be reviewing Natsu no Ame? I’ve been meaning to play that eroge for ages.

    • Like you I got interested in the game when it first came out. Its definitely worth a go. This is one of the few games that I just couldn’t stop playing XD.

      Natsu no Ame is definitely one of the better games I’ve played, not sure about writing a review though. Zen did a very thorough review a while back. I may write a small impression on it, but a review is very unlikely.

  4. Hi,
    This eroge has an amazing score on vndb. I was wondering for a while if I’ll give it a try or not and after seeing your review, I think i’ll try it. I think I heard they try to speak french sometimes ? (i’m french). If it’s true, I probably get the game just for this 🙂

    By the way, my level in japanese is not that great too. I guess when you said you use ATLUS you meant Atlas, right ? I’m currently using tagaini jisho. I think it’s better because I don’t see engrish… I click on the kanji I don’t know, and I get a translation in english. And, you can register a list of vocabulary too.

    Anyway, it was a good review. Thanks 😉

    • There is a small amount of french in the game, but the amount is so minimal that it doesn’t really count. The characters will occasional say yes or no in french, and the other names given to heroines are in french as well. Thats all the french you’re gonna get in there =p.

      Haha sorry, yes I did mean ATLAS. Its actually been a while since I’ve used the ATLAS program, what I use now is actually translation aggregator. It uses ATLAS as well for translating, but i haven’t really paid much attention to the name for ages. I downloaded tagaini jisho but i have NO idea how it works. I better start looking for a tutorial or something somewhere…T_T

      I’m glad you liked the review XD.

  5. Do it your style. My opinion? I found it easy to read. Nicely done.

    Liemyx, definitely play Natsu no Ame. Speaking of which, despite Midori’s route not being too great, if it wasn’t for her character design I would not have known who Kantoku is (though eventually I’m sure I would have anyways). So the game’s properties with its ambience always stays in my mind.

    Regarding moonstone it feels weird sort of not really to not have Mitha artwork due to previous works.

    On the review I want more info about that side character with that big hat! Lol.

    On site implementation I say aero should have a description too.

    Mmm that’s it for now. Summarizing is good but personal thoughts or properties of the game you particularly liked is the most interesting to read I find.

      • I’m glad my style wasn’t too hard to read. I’ll put more thought about personal opinions in reviews and impressions I do in the future.

        I agree that Midori’s route wasn’t great, but Midori has the type of personality I like ^^.

        Ah, you must be referring to Tamie, the girl holding the camera with that big white hat. I originally was going to talk about all the side heroines as well for this review. However, adding in a small description and a CG for each heroine would have made things way too long. I’ll do a quick summary of Tamie here just for you XD.

        Tamie is the energetic news reporter heroine who’s the president of the newspaper club. She usually appears almost everywhere to get the lastest scoop. When Masaya first arrives, she’s one of the few girls that treat him kindly, probably because he makes a good news article =p. She’s not nosy as you might expect from a news reporter, she won’t force you to talk and she doesn’t publish baseless rumors.

        I hope you enjoyed that. Tamie is one of my favorite characters. With the PSP game coming out, I hope she gets a route. If you’ve played tenshin ranman, Tamie gives a VERY similar feel to that blue haired news reporter side character.

        I completely forgot about that description…actually I didn’t even notice my avatar there until now >_>. Haha Aedes that description you put in for me is SO like you.

          • Yeah I’m a little hard to reach because I’m not on IRC all the time. If there was a system like IRC but was better I would probably use it more. You can always email me. Still thinking of a description, but for now, changing the current one to “not a lolicon” probably reflects my personality more. Frankly, I’m more of a siscon than a lolicon XD.

        • Yes I like Midori’s personality quite a bit. Although I can’t read it was clear it was proactive, inclusive, and good energy. Near tops if not tops.

          Ok so you truncated the side character explanation but say Tamie is one of your favorites. I don’t know how you held back not stating one of your favorites. And I like the fact that she treated Masaya kind. Oh the power of a secondary/support character. So well balanced and not over allocated. Mm just the way I like it.

          Specific to this game I just remember other eroge bloggers looking at character profiles and commenting about that hat with the phrase “that hat!” and so that’s how I recall Tamie.

          Well as long as the better route doesn’t have an inherently distasteful character I’m fine with that. Usually it’s ok I like this character but her route is subpar. Tends to happen a lot lol. Thus I sometimes prefer the side character system which abolishes this weakness.

          • It was difficult not talking about Tamie, but if I talked about her, it wouldn’t really be natural to NOT talk about the other side characters. Which again, leads to things being too long.

            Haha I’m not really sure if the phrase that hat describes her all that well, its not like she’s wearing that hat all the time.

            The side character is a good system, the more characters for a game the better I say. Of course theres the chance that every route turns is bad, then its a question of why are you playing the game in the first place =p. It seems these days there are less and less routes for side characters on PC, with a lot of companies releasing a PSP version of the game with those extra routes for side characters.

          • That’s okay I almost delve into VNs just for specific side characters and general properties sometimes. Haven’t seen much of that late though.

  6. hmm…
    Since PSP version won’t have new heroines,
    there is no reason to buy it unless you’re a big fan of this game.
    Why not wait for the updated version which just announced yesterday?

    • I’m hoping the PSP will have some extra material for the side heroines, because the main game didn’t really have anything at all. If the PSP version is just a remake of the PC game without anything extra, I wont bother and just move to the fandisk.

  7. I agree with the review in the sense that the main weakness of this game is probably the story, and particularly the drama. Indeed, some of the routes made me wish for all measures of ill to befall the antagonist because they were just over-the-top evil for the sake of being evil and getting in the way of the romance. Because the antagonists are usually parents, they seem to get away with just about anything, and the resolution for it all was not particularly satisfying to me. So for me personally, I would probably rate this game a little bit lower just because of that. The common route was quite fun (the various jealousy scenes were indeed great), and there were aspects of the individual routes that I liked (the romantic development was pretty good all in all), but this particular aspect of the drama (my sense of loathing towards the antagonist) in some of the routes annoyed me greatly. Of course, I’m sure each person’s mileage will vary on this.

    The heroines and sub-heroines are all quite enjoyable, and it’s good to see the upcoming expansion will add routes for 5 more characters, many of which were quite fun and I liked. I hope that, for these new routes, they’ll take it a bit easier on the drama and focus more on the character interactions and the romance, because that’s where I think the writer’s strength is (having played most of his works over recent years).

    (And like you, I’m not exactly sure why some people were saying that the art was so horrible. It looks fine to me too… Chiho was my favourite character as well.)

    • Glad to see some else has also played this game XD.

      The parents also annoyed me greatly, I imagined killing them SO many times >_>, I originally wanted to rate the game around a 90, but dropped it a bit because of those parents and the drama. The main driving factor for me is the characters, they were excellent. Out of the 9 heroines, there wasn’t a single one I disliked. They were all quite unique. This is surprising because we’re talking about an ojousama school here. Thats my personal opinion on it anyways. But I can understand why you would choose to give it a lower score.

      I’m a fan of eroge, but I’m completely oblivious to the seiyuus or writers for eroge. Seiyuu’s aren’t really a big deal for me and I have never considered writers at all. Could you tell me some titles by the writer for this?

      At the VERY worse I would call Princess Evangile’s art generic, but not at all bad. I actually like the art for this game. I haven’t heard much about character preferences for this game, but with you that bumps the Chiho fans up to 2 ^^. I’m was a bit sad that Ritsuko won the character poll.

  8. to aero, thank for the review!i just start to learn about anime games so this a big help, thank you
    p.s. is the game in english

    • It’s always good to see a new member to the community ^^. Unfortunately this game is only in japanese. If you’re interested, you could always use ATLAS to play it with a rough translation.

    • Hi there. What we blog about are visual novels, or eroge in Japanese. There are guides to help you get started reading these, but I’m sorry to say if you have little to no Japanese background your enjoyment of these games may be limited as only a few of them are translated into English and for the non-translated ones you’ll have to rely on translation programs like ATLAS to help you.

      This game is one of the many that aren’t translated.

      Algester ,Zeroblade, and Aaeru all wrote guides that should be helpful to a first time eroge player.

  9. i was interested in this game for i had read about the PSP version (well, in these last times are going to be released some interesting visual novels for the handheld of Sony … alwaus without H scenes, of course), so i read your review and I found it well done. I reall could think abot the Pc version …

    • Benefits of playing the PC version would be the ero content and the fact that it’s out right now. From what i’ve heard, it doesn’t seem like the PSP will have THAT much new content. You would be basically waiting a few months for a couple of new CGs. I would say stick to the PC version, but the end choice is up to you ^^.

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    • Haha, this was my first review ever. I was VERY green back then; the score above is a good indication of this. Reflecting back on the game, I would probably give it a 7/10. So yeah, I don’t really feel the need to play the translated version.

      Have you played it?

      • This review was more than great for a first-timer!! Thanks for still writing your awesome reviews for us Aero =D
        Yup i’m playing it right now! I’m still in the loooong common route but the slice of life and comedy so far is great. Jealous ojousamas FTW! Have you played the FD yet?

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