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I hope everyone enjoyed Aero’s post. From the way things are looking right now, he should be posting….whenever he feels like it. And so I’m that other author Aedes who will be filling in the void, or is it the other way around? Putting that aside, I’ll be doing a Lovely×Cation impression since Liemyx already did a review for it. And also because impressions are shorter, so that makes my life easier.

The protagonist, a hikikomori through and through who lives alone with financial support from his uncle, has no friends, doesn’t participate in any activity and goes straight home after school. One day, his uncle can’t take that anymore, so he gave the protagonist an ultimatum – get a girlfriend or start working. Obviously, the protagonist choose to get himself a girlfriend, and here the story of a socially awkward boy begins.

Interestingly, you can choose the first name of the protagonist from a selection of predefined names and have the heroines call you by that name when you’re close enough, and his last name can be whatever you want. While that sounds good on paper, I found a few problems with it. First of all, whenever someone calls the protagonist by his last name, there is an awkward silence that takes the place of where his last name should be, since his last name can be anything so there is no way the seiyuus can record them all. The first name is slightly better, but not by much. All the first names are prerecorded in two tones, a normal tone and an ero tone, so the protagonist’s name sounds the exact same in every sentence uttered by any particular heroine. This results in the tone of the name often not fitting with the rest of the sentence, since they’re recorded separately. Given this system’s limitations, I would have preferred a traditionally named protagonist.

This game has a dating sim system reminiscent of the old school dating sims, albeit much simplified. You can choose where to go and what to do after school after nearly every school day, as in the first screenshot above. Going to the places with a heroine’s picture will also trigger a short event with her and raise your affection level. Doing so will also get you certain items and raise your stats, as in the second screenshot. Every heroine have different preferences, so you have to plan your day accordingly. Or you can follow a walkthrough, like I did. I feel the only time this system has been utilized to its fullest is during Yuuki’s route, where she comments on your activities. Other times, I felt this system was a drag and didn’t add to the experience at all when he does the activity alone and all that accompany it is a one line description of what he did. The short encounters with the heroines were sweet though. Oh, that protagonist power is only unlocked after you complete the game 5 times. Can’t make things that easy right from the start, can we?

The common route is extremely short, spanning about 3 to 4 days compared to the route length of approximately 1 month. There is extremely little interaction between the protagonist and the characters other than the current heroine once you get into her route, with the possible exception of Sera’s and Misa’s routes who are featured in each other’s route. Whether that is good or bad is up to you, I personally didn’t mind it. As you can see, this is very much a chara-ge but with loads of H scenes with about 7 for each of the heroines. It gave me the impression that the protagonist likes to think with his lower body; he wants to get it on at just about every waking moment he spends with the heroines. Perhaps related to that, only the 5 heroines have tachi-e. I guess he can’t see anyone else.

This brings me to another point, I absolutely hate the hetare protagonist. There is nothing he can do right, none at all. He is barely fit for sports, and is totally cut off from the outside world resulting in his inability to make any friends. He also frequently indulges in self-loathing, believing he is good for nothing and unfit for the heroines. I have to agree with him. On another related note, there are lots of internal dialog for the protagonist, very little of which is worth the time reading in my opinion. We don’t need to know how worthless you are times and times again, we already know.

I did not like Yuni’s route at all. The fake romance theme spanned from the very beginning until near the very end, not far from the ending credits. Even though it started as a fake romance to cover her from the advances of the other guys, their romance obviously isn’t fake, so why do they pretend it’s fake for that long?  Besides that, it has plenty of ichaicha moments but the undercurrent of the faked fake romance prevented me enjoying much of it. But unlike Liemyx, I enjoyed the “out of character” H scene. For me, it’s something to spice things up a bit in an otherwise frustrating route.

Yuuki’s route is without a doubt my favorite one, and not because of her side ponytail. Lots and lots of uninterrupted ichaicha. There is only a tiny bit of drama that surfaces near the very end of the route that is swiftly resolved with a couple of lines, so the drama is insignificant. Which is exactly what I want, nonstop ichaicha from beginning to end!

Aya’s route was alright for me, weakish ichaicha and drama that made little impact. I love her kouhai nature though, and the fact that she clings onto the protagonist like a puppy everywhere they go once they’re close enough. But that presents another problem, they barely go anywhere besides the cafeteria, his house, and the game center. Their whole world revolves around these 3 locales. I don’t like her voice much either, I feel she speaks too flatly in order to match her character.

Misa’s route could be better, if not for her horribly squeaky voice! I cannot stand listening to her voice which sounds more like an elementary school student than an adult teacher. Otherwise, this route has a decent amount of ichaicha with practically nonexistent drama. I did not like how her role as a teacher was handled, it was barely utilized or even mentioned except when the protagonist calls her sensei. I was looking for something more like “private lessons”, if you get what I mean. How can no one tell they’re in a relationship is beyond me, teachers do not act that way towards students. But maybe horny ones do?

Like Misa’s, Sera’s route could be better, if not for her glasses and huge oppai! Those 2 strike square on 2 of my non-moe points. Yes you do get the option to take her glasses off midway in her route, but her glasses image is so prominent I can’t ignore it. Otherwise, the route is ok with some ichaicha and semi-believable drama. By the way, I love the doctor play H scene! Thats what nurses should do, use their body to demonstrate how a woman’s body work. And use him to teach how the man’s body work while you’re at it too.

Aya in the above screenshot is the very definition of moe. For some final words, I’d say play this game if you like one or more of its characters if you don’t mind going through the trouble of the stat raising aspect which can be tiresome even with a walkthrough. Or you can play this for the H scenes that are surprisingly plenty for a non-nukige, but that’s lots of work if you just want to relieve some pent up stress.

Currently still going through Pochi to Goshujinsama, and looking at the poll, I shall be doing either an impression or a review depending on my mood. Since it’s basically a nukige, the post will likely be NSFW to some degree. How NSFW can you accept it to be? Can I put NSFW images up, or should I link to an external image hosting site?

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9 thoughts on “Lovely×Cation Impression

  1. I definitely agree with most of your points, although i actually admired the company for playing around with the usual VN system. True, the “lovely call” system did have it’s flaws but it does have future potential, besides it beats the usual otome game (and sometimes galge) system where the protagonist’s name isn’t said at all when you have the option to customise it.
    I will never accept Yuni’s out of character H scene, or any of her route actually. The whole thing just felt so akwardly out of place that it’s hard to believe the same guy wrote it.
    There needs to be more heroines with side ponytails, they’re just so moe~
    Also, I cannot believe there’s not a full version of the opening song yet!

    Looking forward to the Pochi to Goshujinsama post, especially just to see how “extreme” the content is, since that’s what put me off from playing the game when it was released. I think the post should be as NSFW as you think it needs to be (regarding the “extreme” content and such), personally, as long as it shows the typ of H scenes that are common in the game, the post can be as NSFW as is necessary. It would probably be easier to just post pictures here but put a warning at the top of the post or something.

    • I agree it has future potential, but at its current state I prefer ones with a predefined name since they sound a lot more natural. I have very little experience with either otome-ge or galge, which may have influenced me. By the way you’re describing them though, this system sure beats those.
      I viewed the H scene as is, disregarding the character, plot, writing, and everything else. Pure fapping material :P? But I concur with you, when viewed in context the H scene and the whole route are painful to play.
      I prefer my heroines with their hair straight and let down, and silver hair is even better. Those are my moe points 😀
      I cannot believe there isn’t a full version of the OP either! I searched hours for it, and came up fruitless. 😦

      I’m about a few hours in, and so far the content is very mild. So far, the only more extreme aspects are how very loli the heroine is, and the collar around her neck. The collar is pretty cute too as an accessory, so I don’t really see that as a problem. I’ll put up a NSFW in the title of the post probably, and post pictures describing the various types of H scene “plays” there are. I’m looking forward to more extreme scenes! Don’t make me go play euphoria, please.

      • The lovely call system is interesting, future potential? MAYBE. I find it hard to think that they could get seiyuu to prerecord such a large number of names which will fit naturally into sentences. Expensive, time consuming and just overall impractical, seeing as most players don’t care if there’s a predefined name. It doesn’t seem like the lovely call system will get to a satisfactory level any time soon.

        Haha I told you that the full version wasn’t out yet, I gave up after an hour.

        I feel that lovely Cation should have been longer. The ichaicha was good, but it was packed into a small time period. You get into the relationship in about 2 weeks, then the route ends after about another 2. The heroines seem to be MADLY in love with the protagonist by the end of the route. I’m not saying the game was bad, the ichaicha moments were superb. It just happened too fast.

        I side with Liemyx on the Yuuni out of character H scene, I’m not really that much of an S =p. Regarding Misa’s voice, I found it completely fine. I’ve heard that seiyuu many times before. Guess i’m used to it =p.

        • I think named protagonists don’t really belong in eroge, and have always thought so. So the system in this game was a valiant effort to personalise it somewhat – since the whole point of eroge MCs is for the reader to project their personality onto the usually bland MC – and having a MC who is named makes it quite hard to do that, it immediately forces a disconnect from the fantasy, and the reader is suddenly merely controlling another dude, rather than being the one in the story if you know what I mean.

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  3. When you say complete the game 5 times. Does that just mean you can repeatedly complete the same heroine 5 times?
    By the way, any links to walkthroughs for the game?

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