Aero-ge impressions: Natsu no Ame and Koikishi

First off, thank you all for the kind words for my first review. It was a pleasant surprise to have such a great introduction to the world of blogging. I’ve been getting myself settled into the blog; I’ve put up my eroge list and anime list, give it a look if you’re interested XD.

Following last week’s uplift, I’ll be doing two mini impressions this time. They aren’t as long as a review, so I won’t give an overall score. To give an idea whether you should play the game, I’ve included a “Final thoughts” section.

First up Natsu no Ame

Natsu no AmeSousuke enjoys his school life with Midori, his close friend, Hinako, his old friend, and Kazushi, his best friend. But one day, he meets a girl when he gets home. Her name is Rikako. She is beautiful, but looks cold. His mother says, “This is your older sister.” “My sister?” “My father passed away the other day.” His parents divorced when he was a kid and Rikako is actually his father’s second wife’s daughter. According to his father’s will, she just comes to his place to live there. “You take care of her.” “Me…?” “Of course. She is your older sister, but she is a complete stranger to me,” his mother says. Rikako says, “You can ignore me. I won’t disturb you.” Like this, Sousuke starts living with Rikako…

[Taken from VNDB, which took it from Erogeshop]


The description from VNDB doesn’t mention that Sousuke is a soccer fanatic. He gets kicked out of the soccer club after conflicts with his senpai; there’s the whole hierarchy abuse thing going on. Nothing really important, that bit of story explains why he’s not playing real soccer and just practicing with Kazushi. Sousuke getting back into soccer comes up as an important factor in some of the routes.

The common route is actually quite good. Rikako appears from nowhere and joins Sousuke’s household. Soon after, you get introduced to a few of the other heroines and a couple of side characters. The common route goes through character introductions quite fast, but you still get a clear idea of what each characters’ personality are like. As you might have guessed, the common route focuses a lot on Rikako. Sousuke’s mum doesn’t like her and his sister doesn’t like her, causing various conflicts. Rikako wants to run away, but Sousuke manages to stop her from leaving by saying he’ll BUY her body. At this point I seriously thought there was gonna have a H scene, but it was just a feint =p. That basically covers the common route, minus a few events here and there.

The common route does a good job to get things going. I was interested in playing more and the characters were quite appealing. You find out a decent bit about each character from the common route, with an exception. Misa (the teacher heroine) doesn’t appear much in the common route.


Segawa Rikako

A cold attitude and doesn’t really want to make any friends. Though technically she is an older sister, she doesn’t act like one at all. She seems to be quite stubborn; she starts learning to cook after Sousuke said her cooking was terrible. Once you enter her route she starts relying on Sousuke a lot. The ichaicha in this route is good; drama is also good. You occasionally see Rikako’s insecurity of Sousuke leaving her alone. The amount of drama in this route is a lot more compared to the other routes. Unfortunately that makes it VERY hard to talk about. Rikako runs away from the apartment after she feels betrayed by Sousuke. A new character is introduced, which plays a reasonable role to get the drama solved. This is only the tip of the iceberg; there is a lot more drama after that. This is the only route where the weird family relationship actually gets healed.

Miyazawa Midori     

Midori was the manager of the soccer club, but left with Sousuke and Kazushi. Energetic and seems to be very popular, she instantly tries to make friends with Rikako when she arrives. She seems to be interested in relationships, trying to get details in order to give advice. The start of her route is similar to Hinako’s route, where Sousuke and Midori try to hook up Kazushi and Hinako. A random H scene appears out of nowhere and a little after that the confession arrives. Two new characters appear later in the route who causes rumors about Midori to spread.

Itou Hinako

The childhood friend and oneesan character of this game. One year above Sousuke, she’s smart, reliable and a good cook. She often goes to cook for Sousuke and frequently gets groped by his mother. Hinako’s route is pretty plain. Sousuke and Midori discover that Kazushi likes Hinako. The two execute a double date plan involving Sousuke, Midori, Hinako and Kazushi at the summer festival. The plan works reasonably well, but some mayhem is thrown in where Hinako runs away. Kazushi doesn’t end up confessing and starts to suspect that Hinako likes Sousuke. Around this point I got really annoyed. Kazushi basically forces Sousuke to start liking Hinako. After they get into the relationship, some REALLY random drama is added when she’s about to move. This drama leaves as quickly as it enters…random >_>. Things get a bit interesting after this, but not by much.

Shinooka Misa

Misa is a teacher at the school that Sousuke goes to. She tries to act reliable, but is actually really childish. Her route gets started when Sousuke and Rikako find a lost child called Nene wandering the shopping street. To their surprise, their search for her parents leads to Misa. Nene is the daughter of Misa’s brother and is a very important factor in Misa’s route. Nene contacts Sousuke several times, causing Misa and Sousuke to meet more. They get into the relationship and things seem great. Right before the summer holidays end, Misa throws in the surprise and says that they should break up. Sousuke gets depressed, but tries not to show it. Things tumble even further when Misa decides to go for a marriage interview. Nene comes to the rescue here XD. After this things seem to go back to normal, but a new drama surfaces with Nene deciding to live with her father.

I loved Misa and everything about her route. She stands as the pinnacle of teacher heroines XD. If you’re never played a good teacher route, Misa will blow you away. Nene was an adorable character which made things interesting in the route.

Final thoughts


Midori’s and Hinako’s route are average, but play this game for Misa and Rikako. But MAINLY for Misa, the perfect teacher route is something that cannot be left untouched. I have nothing to complain about regarding sound and system. The graphics are also pretty good.


Now onto Koikishi


So you start off with Kaname who wants to be a knight because he swore to become one with a friend from way back. He attends some school in order to become an official knight. Some random drama happens at the start with a woman’s bag getting taken. They use this opportunity to introduce every heroine (the main ones anyway). So yeah, at this point you pretty much guess who the person Kaname made the promise with is. So Kaname enters some dorm, where he’s the only guy there. Kaname and the rest of the dorm are given various missions to take care off for knight in training practice. That basically sums it up. At this point I dropped it, around 4-5 hours into the game.

Okay this game is BORING, INSANELY BORING. At least it’s boring for the amount I played, and trust me, the common route didn’t look like it was gonna end any time soon >_>. The BGMs do give the game an olden day knightly feel, but for some reason this made things feel very boring. The BGM for the title screen reminded me of some cheap RPG game.

The graphics of the game are nice; the system doesn’t have any faults that I can think of.

The character development and story are the WORST I’ve seen for a long time. The story basically doesn’t exist; even now I only know that he wanted to be a knight. Okay, as far as eroge go, we can forgive a bad story if there’s good character development. Sadly Koikishi, didn’t have the Koi factor I was looking for. The interaction between the protag and the heroines in the common route is minimal. Being in the same class and dorm, you didn’t really see them as much as you would expect. They threw in random ecchi moments here and there, stuff like Kaname accidently walking in on them when they were about to take a bath. Far from interesting, it wasn’t even the least bit funny. Yuu was the only factor that added some laughs to the game, with her super brocon nature. The game focuses way too much on the missions, where Kaname and the gang go after some criminals. The missions are also overly complicated; things get old quickly.

Final thoughts

If you play this game, don’t come crying to me. All I’ll say is “I told you so”. I dropped it and so should you. That’s right, drop it right into that recycle bin of yours. This game lacks the motivating factor that makes you want to continue playing.

I REALLY should have listened to Aedes on this one. He tried to stop me from playing the game on more than one occasion T_T. I ask myself WHY I played the game at all…the characters and the art entranced me.

HOWEVER, feel free to prove me wrong. Does the story get really good later on? Is the ichaicha to die for? If you feel that’s the case, tell me and I’ll consider picking the game up from where I left off.


Christmas came a little early for me when the Princess Evangile fandisk was announced XD. I was very surprised because I thought that they would make the PSP game and not bother with a fandisk.

With Koikishi buried, I had a tough time deciding on a game to play. Like most people, my backlog is huge >_>. I decided to dig around in my emergency stash of good games to play. It consists of:

  • Aiyoku no Eustia
  • Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata
  • Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo
  • Concerto Note
  • Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ~Futari no Elder~

And the winner is… Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata! Hope that choice didn’t disappoint any of you out there. If you have any suggestions for my next game please I’d love to hear from you.

Feedback for reviews/impressions is always welcome! XD

11 thoughts on “Aero-ge impressions: Natsu no Ame and Koikishi

  1. Nice review! I should really read Natsu no Ame, it has been sitting in my backlog ever since it came out. I keep hearing great stuff about the game and still can’t manage to gather the willpower to play it. Some day, I guess.

    That pretty much sums my opinion of Koikishi. I wasn’t expecting an awesome game when I started it but, didn’t think it would be that boring. Common route is insanely long, with only the museum incident and Bernadette’s story (common route should have ended right here) having any kind of relevance to the “plot” while character routes are too short and add nearly no new development.

    Unless you are REALLY interested in any of the characters I would recommend you to just drop it. Story doesn’t get any better than that with just more day-by-day training and pointless missions. I didn’t find the ichaicha particularly good either and most of it comes with the h-scenes.

    • I was just like you with Natsu no Ame, it was in my backlog for AGES. Its definitely a game worth playing, especially for Misa’s route XD. Perfect teacher heroine!!! Whether you play it soon or not really depends on you ^^. You can always leave it for when you have no other games to play.

      Looks like I won’t be picking up koikishi again. I was mainly playing the game for Mana ^^. But even then, playing the game for a single heroine has its limits >_>. Hearing that the routes themselves don’t have much ichaicha only pushes koikishi further down into my recycle bin.

  2. No, Koikishi isn’t worth playing. I finished both Yuu and Akari’s routes and wasn’t satisfied with either, even though they’re easily my fav chars in the game. They totally screwed up Yuu’s character and used a really aggravating cop-out in Akari’s route. Ugh.

    • When I entered the game I was steering towards Mana as my fave character. When played it, it seemed like Yuu was the only heroine who added anything worthwhile into the game. Hearing that her route is messed up is seriously disappointing.

      Looks like dropping koikishi was the right move XD

  3. Natsu no Ame is definitely worth playing for Rikako and Misa. Perfect examples of oneesan and sensei routes done right.

    As for Koikishi, umm…..I told you so!

  4. Yeah Midori! That’s all I can say.

    I guess I can remember this game in particular because it turned out as good as I expected if not better. It’s like having cliche components but being structured reasonably. Too bad there aren’t many games running in this format. I always mention Haruuru as a standard but that’s 2006 while this is 2009.

    • Haha you’re a Midori fan? I can relate to some extent, Midori has the personality that I love. Misa won me over in the end, probably because I’ve seen too many disappointing teacher routes.

      Natsu no Ame is a game to remember, I’ll be replaying moments from the game whenever I feel the need to go down memory lane. Haruuru looks very interesting; just got added to my backlog. VNDB says that Haruuru takes 30-50 hours…just hope that the common route isn’t too long.

  5. It’s a shame that Koikishi turned out to be a bust. It looked like the kind of game I would’ve wanted to try (mostly due to the pretty art, I’m a sucker for that xD). Now I’m curious about Misa though. (:

    • Haha don’t judge a book by its cover =p.

      Misa’s route is what I would call Godlike, everything up the end was basically perfect. It might be worth playing her route after playing a few other teacher heroines routes though. Otherwise they’ll just fail in comparison afterwards =p

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