Cure Girl Review

And now for something completely different (get it?) I’m going to be trying a somewhat different review format, characterized by a more liberal use of the CAPS LOCK key and shorter length, that is inspired by reading through some of the other blogs. Less crap for you to read and for me to write, win-win situation am I right?

 Company: Noesis
Game Site: CURE GIRL
Release Date: May 20, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Chikuma Kazuki have problems connecting with others, and so he joins an online community called Communis where others like him gather to try to overcome their shortcomings. Ain’t this the shortest synopsis ever; this is all there is to it.

[This condensing of an entire game into a single sentence is my original work]

Opening Theme

However short I want my post to be, this OP deserves special mention. Chosen to be one of Micchi’s list of best eroge OP in 2011, this is one of my favorites as well. See for yourself how awesome this is; aya Sueki became my favorite singer of the month.


Extremely short and very close to the point of being non-existent, the common route has essentially a single scene. You meet up with the 3 heroines, one of whom leaves right away, for an offline meeting then lunch after. The end.

This game has a route structure I find…strange. After the aforementioned scene, you get to spend a month with a choice of who to spend your after school hours with. Each day begins with him getting out of bed and going to school, then after he arrives at the school the time skips to after school for your choice. The time is almost always spent leaving school together with another choice of what topic to talk about on the way. ZERO interactions with characters besides your chosen heroine. Needless to say, it was EXTREMELY repetitive after doing nearly same thing for a month in-game. The true route at the end is much more interesting, but you have to read (skip) all the routes to get to it.

At the end of that month the confession scene occurs, then the OP movie plays. WHAT? You mean the month I just spent was only an introduction!? After the questionable OP placement, the game proceeds on a much more familiar eroge route fashion with much icharabu and H goodness. Still very little interaction with the other characters, but better than none I guess. Oh god I love those kisses in public, and in front of the whole school watching. Too bad there is only 1 per route, and NONE in the true route.

Certain bad ends lead to nukige-like H scenes. Avoid them if you prefer them raburabu, or enjoy them if you like the hot stuff. I especially enjoyed Miyu’s “bad” end so much I don’t consider it a bad end at all. Though Tsukuyomi’s first bad end is for do-M’s only.

Kotone is the senpai, student council president, and the all around perfect student. Except that she hides a secret that is pretty easy to figure out once you get into her route.

The drama in this route made so little sense and appeared out of absolutely no where like Cthulhu suddenly busting down your front door and yelling “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!” But, the other routes aren’t much better so I won’t go so hard on this one. Bonus points for being the second best looking character.

Miyu is Kazuki’s osananajimi and loves to take care of him, for obvious reasons. She fell hopelessly in love with him a long time ago, unnoticed by our hetare protagonist.

If I have to come up with an analogy for the suddenness of the drama in this route, it would be something like –  The Borg suddenly invading the local Starbucks and yelling ” Resistance is futile!” The drama is thankfully short-lived though, so that leaves plenty of time for icharabu. Props to her for being the best kisser.

Rena is the resident KUUdere with way too much kuu and way too little dere. She will kick you in the shins and curse you to death if you attempt to get close to her, and even if you are her best friend she still won’t hesitate to do so; maybe that’s why she doesn’t have any friends? She has taken over the school’s infirmary not because she is sick, but because that is the place least frequented by the students. Strangely enough, no body complains, perhaps because the school doesn’t have a nurse. The headphones aren’t used to listen to music. By the way, I don’t see cords. Are they wireless or something?

So now for another analogy for the stupidity of the drama – it’s like if you discovered President John F. Kennedy was actually assassinated by Hitler using a Holy Hand Grenade but the government covered it all up. Her extremely rare deredere moments made up for all that, along with her loli-ness and twintails.

Not my fault for that borderline SFW image! That is the best looking picture of her. Tsukuyomi is the not-so-secret heroine unlocked after you completed every other route. Tsukuyomi is her screen name used on Communis, she has a real name too that is revealed later on. She is very denpa and lives off of ice cream alone. Don’t ask me how that works. A genius with photographic memory, she is living the good life despite not having ever attended high school. Also wears sukumizu at home and has only 1 other set of clothes not including the towel. Loves using emoticons (*^▽^*).

Sorry guys, no analogy here. The drama isn’t that bad, but it isn’t that good either. It leaves so many questions hanging there. Like what is up with her obsession over Kazuki? Without that explained, the rest of the plot makes little sense. But she has silver-hair let down, my most favorite hair style, so all is forgiven. If she didn’t cut it short later on, I would have given the characters 1 more point. Not joking.

My route rankings:
Tsukuyomi, Rena, Miyu, Kotone


In an effort to keep this short, just look for yourself. Really, your own opinion is worth a thousand times more than mine. Picture dump provided at the end of the post.


The skip function could work much faster. And don’t get me started on that bizarre route structure again. The Communis system didn’t play much of a role, only coming up and functioning like alternate textboxes every once in a while; I was expecting to click and interact with it given the game’s premise but the Communis interface is sadly not interactive. There were a good number of interactions via text messages though.


Awesome music with English and pseudo-Chinese(?) chorus in some of the tracks. I know Chinese, so I know that is NOT Chinese but I also know enough Japanese to know that isn’t Japanese either. Regardless, that track played in the Chinese restaurant cracks me up every time I hear it. OP by aya Sueki is one of the best in 2011, and the insert song as well as the ED by Marie are sweet as expected given the quality of the OP.


You might be better off picking up the CG pack and the OST tracks for this game, because those are the only things worthwhile. The first part of a route, before the OP, is too repetitive, and the second part is packed full of H scenes not leaving enough time for icharabu outside of bed ( or other places) or meaningful drama. The true route doesn’t deliver the enough closure or romance either. But it did deliver a couple of beautiful CG’s!

Story:         5/10 (I’m being nice here)
Character: 8 /10
Graphics:  8/10
Music:       8/10

Overall: 65/100 (not a total)

That turned out longer than expected. I was planning to write a short impression-esque review, but oh well. Let me know how I did!

I’ll be playing Nanatsu no Fushiji no Owaru Toki next. From the looks of things and RORI BISHOUJOUZ, there is going to be a mystery theme. I hope my brain hasn’t melted too much past the point of making any sense of the story.

Now for the DELISHOUZ picture dump!

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29 thoughts on “Cure Girl Review

  1. >Like what is up with her obsession over Kazuki? Without that explained, the rest of the plot makes little sense
    I don’t mean to be rude, but did you just skim over the game or something? Her backstory and the past she shares with the protagonist is explained throughly, that’s a pretty weird complaint to make.
    Also, could you explain what was sudden about Kotone’s story?

  2. I don’t really get why the setting and the whole concept with the online meeting and then the offline meeting? seemed unnecessary but maybe just me cause I never got very far into it

    it seems your review ended up on at the bottom of this article? is that appearing for you…? i thought it was so random lol. it seems it happens everytime I add the #eroge tag to my tweets…

    • The whole setting is centered around social awkward people using the Internet and the Communis as an escape from their real life miseries. The online meeting is just them talking about random stuff every once in a while, and the offline meeting is used as a common route or more like a short introduction to the heroines.

      I can see it as well and I have no idea why the review ended up there. lol at it being the only English article in there.

    • They know you use your brain too much on a regular basis. Hence they go easy on you so you aren’t require to think too much and can simply enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way!

  3. This is one game I’d definetely play… Because of the artwork. Coffee-kizoku is one of my favorite artists out there. It’s a shame the story sucks, though. D:

    • Coffee-kizoku is the sole reason I played this, for the artwork. I’m not the kind of people that places great emphasize on story, so I don’t mind it that much.

    • Graphic-wise, I like this more than LovelyxCation. I also like the characters here a bit more. If they cut out the drama in this one and replace it with icharabu scenes, I would be all over this.

  4. Art alone is not good enough for me to play the game. Maybe just for Rena beucase of her loli-ness and twintails.

    Started with Nanatoki? I’ll be looking forward to your review. Personally, I found that game to be very good. Just stay way from my Elis :p

    • Art and characters are my main motivations to play a game, and this game got both of them. If that is the case for you, maybe play Rena’s route then use a save file for Tsukuyomi’s true route.

      You read my mind too well. Just finished Elis’ route. So MOE I couldn’t concentrate on anything else and as a result half the mystery bits flew over my head. But I get the gist of it. and that’s good enough for me.

      So far, I’m finding it to be a very good game as well, in terms of its art and characters. It even has a decent story as a bonus. Writing a review for that is going to take much more work than this review I whipped up in a few hours. 😛

  5. That artwork is definitely the reason to play this game. I liked the idea of the online and offline meetings, although, the fact that the system wasn’t used very well for the online parts is a disappointment. Kuuderes are fine with me, as long as they have an adorable dere side so i’m definitely interested in Rena.
    Is that an advert for an innocent grey game in the corner of the online screen? Seems a bit random xD

    • If you’re playing this game for reasons other than the artwork, or Rena, you’re doing it wrong. 😛

      The system has so much wasted potential! Being able to interact with it would be awesome, even if it means the site pops up when you click the advert in the corner that always features a game from either Innocent Grey or Noesis.

      Here is a Rena shot in her dere side. Destructive.

      • So cute!! Destructive is an understatement! Rena’s route has suddenly become a must play.

        I know! It could’ve been pretty fun (even if the site didn’t really affect the game story) .That’s definitely a novel way of advertising though.

  6. Normally i play eroge for characters and the story overall, artwork and music are usually my 2nd criteria. The weak story bothers me a little, but I might give this game a try after i finish Nanairo Kouro

  7. I only managed to finish off 2 routes (Kotone and Rena) but the game sure has pretty good artworks^^ I agree that Rena is pretty much a kuudere though the VNDB describe her as a tsundere D; And yes, the drama isn’t particularly strong for me as well and don’t leave that much of an impact but the visual novel is still pretty good overall, figuring out the heroine’s favorite topic to talk about is fun as heck too ;D

    • The artworks and Rena were the only reasons I picked this game up. Indeed, the drama is underwhelming, but the artworks more than make up for it for me at least. I used the walkthrough, so I missed that part of the fun. 😛

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