Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki Review

I’ve decided to add an ero section for all reviews. That section will obviously be NSFW, but the rest will stay more or less the same and safe for work, for non-nukige at least such as this one. And the criteria will be a bit different depending on what kind of game it is.

Company: etude
Game Site: 七つのふしぎの終わるとき
Release Date: December 22, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Tomo is a student at Tokinodai Gakuen, a small traditional liberal arts boarding school that was built in the Meiji era. However, he has a secret – he has a clock passed down from him by his grandmother which allows him to control time – and he uses this ability to make his school life enjoyable.

One time, Tomo found out that there is a link between the clock and the seven mysteries of the school. If one obtains any of the seven clocks linked to the seven mysteries, they will be able to use various time-manipulating powers. His interest perked, Tomo set out after school to the old school building to begin his search. During his search, he meets various girls and together they unlock one of the seven mysteries. They arrive at a space where time has stopped and find a girl in traditional dress sleeping there. She used to be able to manipulate time, but now she has lost those abilities. Will they be able to find all the clocks, awaken the sleeping girl and return her to her time?

[Taken from Micchi’s blog]

Opening Theme


Let us get things straight here first. Despite the impression you may get from the the synopsis, Tomo is NOT a time traveler. Introduced in the very beginning of the prologue, his ability is to “update” a photo so that what’s shown reflects what’s there at the current time. So if he takes a picture of the school in class, then updates it at night, there would be nothing shown on the photo except an empty classroom. I can think of many uses of such an ability, but Tomo is not enough of a pervert to use it the wrong way like I would.

And so for the common route, you are introduced to each heroine one by one under various circumstances. I especially love the way Elis is introduced stuck in the hole on the ground and Tomo can’t stop himself from taking far too many pictures of her. The common routes technically ends after Nanaho is introduced, but the routes don’t branch until a little bit later on.

The routes are structured so that after you complete all the other 4 routes the true ending is unlocked which wraps up all the loose ends and explains everything. Nanaho is clearly the main heroine with all the emphasis placed on her all throughout the game, but strangely enough there is almost no romance involved in the true ending so while our protagonist may have solved all the mysteries he still ends up as lonely as ever.

Overall the story is enticing enough to keep me reading longer than I should, if a bit confusing at times on the details, perhaps because I’m not used to reading mysteries and have dumbed myself too much by playing too many moe-ge. Most of the plot twists were pleasant surprises that kept me reading, but a few of them are rather predictable which takes some of the fun out of the guessing. The character developments are excellent, especially for the protagonist and some more than others. I felt some parts of the drama progressed too fast while some part dragged on too long, especially for Fumi’s route.

I’ll admit that I played this game mainly for the pretty graphics and Elis, and Nanaho to a lesser extent. Feel free to ignore the previous paragraph since there is a chance that I don’t know what I’m talking about when all I think about is how moe Elis and Nanaho are.

The president of the one-person journalism club, Fumi cares about nothing but the truth. She spends all of her time chasing after newsworthy stories, especially ones about the seven wonders of the school, to publish in the school newspaper. Other than a logical journalist who values reason above emotion, she is also a tsundere with deadly kicks.

So much DRAMA! Her route consists of loads and loads of drama about the tension between Fumi and the student council president Yuuki over the magical pocket watches. Sorry to say, but I probably learned more about Yuuki and Ngyen than Fumi in this route. Someone please remind me, whose route was I on again? I can’t tell because with so much DRAMA, there was barely any time left for sweet, sweet romance.

Misaki is the school principal’s granddaughter and is trained to be the next principal. A typical perfect student with flawless grades and magnetic charisma that makes everyone fall in love with her regardless of gender, she’s a nice girl who likes to take care of everyone. She also has a scary side that is shown mostly to Tomo, because she has been openly in love with him but he is completely oblivious to it like a good ol’ protagonist.

Predictable all the way through, but nevertheless enjoyable due to the massive amount of blush inducing sugary romance. If they take the stupid drama out of this, this’ll be perfect. She needs to play more eroge.

Elis is the first loli we’re introduced to. Blond haired blue eyed with half English and half Japanese blood, Elis speaks English like I speak Spanish, which is embarrassingly bad that I shouldn’t have mentioned it. Talks very little, and when she does, it’s usually about food. She is the number two reason I played this game. PURE MOE.

Her route has a few plot twists, but they’re fairly predictable so you should be able to see them coming. But if you’re a moe fag like me, you’re doing it wrong if you’re looking for plot in this one. That is not to say there is no plot; there is sufficient plot that constitute a fairly touching story if you ask me. However, she is such an adorable LOLI! I feel bad for Hyouko  in this route, must suck being a sub character.

Nanaho is the main heroine/loli of the game who encased herself in a timeless limbo to be rescued by our brave protagonist. Always wears a kimono, and likes enduring things to the point of almost being a do-M. She has very limited knowledge of the modern world, but is very curious about it and often ask others questions, including some less than appropriate ones not that she realizes it of course. She can get dangerously jealous, but is otherwise devoted to her partner in accordance to the traditional values which naturally means she’s a great cook and would make a perfect wife.

Her route started out marvelous with a sweetness level that rivals Misaki’s route. Then the WTF drama hit and I was lost. I mean, another loli popping out of no where is nice, but suddenly weird stuff started to happen and things aren’t so nice any more. I suppose the true ending makes up for this by righting the wrongs, although I would have preferred much much more romance of which there is none in the true ending.

I felt like doing a section for sub characters since there is this scene where they all line up nicely, so here it is. Starting from the left is the black haired Hyouko who isn’t that remarkable except getting screwed over in Elis’ route. The blond haired Ngyen to the right is an extreme feminist who views men as an inferior species. The red haired Yuuki is the iron hand student council president. The brown haired Harumichi is the typical guy’s best friend and pervert. Blonde haired Ridley is like Ayumu from Hoshikaka; absolutely everyone wants a piece of him.

My route rankings: No surprises here – loli always wins
Elis, Nanaho, Misaki, Fumi


My number one reason to play this game. So pretty and cool at the same time! Besides that, well, just look for yourself.


One of the most visually appealing system I’ve seen in a while. Clocks are displayed prominently everywhere, and you can click the character in the CG viewer to see hers. They might have gone a bit too far in the fanciness though. The save and load menu displayed below doesn’t let you see or click on more than 5 files at a time, which is in stark contrast with ordinary save and load menus which let you see many more than that. Everything else worked fine, and I appreciate the eye candy put into this as well.


Pretty good OP and grand ED bu Kawada Mami. There are also separate ED’s for each of the heroines; I looped Nanaho’s ED for hours. The music all fit the atmosphere well, and the seiyuu all did their job professionally, so nothing to complain about. I would even go so far as to say the music is above average. One thing to note about the music player is that it also doubles as a movie player for the openings and the endings which play on the screen when their respective songs are playing.


3 scenes with multiple positions per heroine. Nothing out of the ordinary, besides maybe Fumi’s curious request of doing it from the back since she heard it hurts less that way (?) Decent H scene progression with plenty of lead in and development for almost all of them, they deliver what you would expect to see – the couple having some warm and loving intimate moments together. They’re just about as pretty as the rest of the CG’s, which is a definite plus. Elis’ second scene is fetish fuel. If you don’t like nekomimi or physical education uniform already, you will now.


Beautiful graphics and cute characters are all I ever need, and this game delivers them both with a selection of pleasing music on the side. If you’re looking for a story, this one is decent, neither great or awful. Above all, play for Elis!

Story: 7/10
Character: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Music: 8/10
Ero: 6/10
System: 9/10

Overall: 85/100 (not a total)

I originally planned to play Bishoujo Mangekyou after I finish Nanatoki, but somehow I ended up finishing that before I even got started on this review. So my second choice is now Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumikun no Baai which has been on my backlog forever. Yeah, several people recommended Haruuru Haruka ni AogiUruwashi no to me, but I’ll play that later because I’m feeling a serious need for imoutos right now.

I think I wrote too much, so I’ll post some images now to maintain the balance. The overt Elis bias is very much intentional.

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16 thoughts on “Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki Review

  1. Oh god, Elis is far too moe for her own good. If someone plays this game for a reason other than Elis then they’re definitely doing it wrong. Twintail lolis ftw!
    I’m still on the bit just before the routes branch off but you’ve definitely made me want to finish the game more now. It’s a shame about the lack of romance in the true ending though. D:

    • ELIS ❤

      I don't discriminate when it comes to lolis though. Any loli is GOOD loli. I'm sure you can finish this game pretty fast; I have a feeling that you can finish a game in the time it takes for me to finish a route. I don't understand why Tomo didn't make Nanaho his waifu in the true ending. She is prefect waifu material.

      • True, there needs to be more lolis in eroge. The usual 1 loli character per game is not enough!!
        I’m not really that fast, i just have too much free time xD Are the routes particularly long? The prologue gave me that impression for some reason.

    • I agree the interface is indeed very pretty. But it doesn’t quite match up functionality wise, I would rather have an ordinary save and load screen that shows more slots in a single screen for example. Same for the CG viewer, it doesn’t show that many without having to scroll.

    • You’re the Italian MACHINE! You can do it all! I’ll be your visual novel playing other half, so rest assured that at least one of use gets to play them.

  2. What I liked the most about this game is that despite the amounts of cliche and predictability it still strikes me as a fresh game. Another part I enjoyed are the different approaches the writers took regarding the mysteries of the clocks making each route rather unique. This however affected some routes like Fumi’s who just didn’t have enough romance moments outside the h-scenes. There’s also the endings for the routes and how there was always some price to pay in order to achieve happiness, that was refreshing.

    Route wise, my favorite was, of course, Elis. You just can’t resist the quiet, twin-tailed blond loli. A tie between Misaki and Nanaho and Fumi in last. True route is more like Tomo’s route since he had the most awesome development while tying all the loose ends. There was not romance but, it was hinted that Tomo and Nanaho had feelings for each other which was more than enough for me.

    • You make very valid points that I failed to address in my semi-conscious state while I was writing this post in the middle of the night. The cliché didn’t bother me at all, since I’m not the kind to place much importance on the story. I would argue only in Fumi’s and Nanaho’s routes are significant prices paid. On the other hand, Misaki and Elis got happy endings almost without strings attached.

      ELIS ❤ I agree the true route is really about Tomo's route. I'm not one for subtleties. I need the romance to hit me in the face like a HAMMER in order to be satisfied.

  3. Sidetail purple hair win win.

    Etude seems to have used a generic base but freshened up on the system and other aspects. Very nice indeed.

    • We all have our preferences. I will always stand by my lovely loli. 😀

      The story isn’t all that great, but everything else is as you said, very nice indeed.

  4. This game looks great…but the story seems a little too complicated for Atlas. Looks like it’ll be added to my list of games that i’ll be playing once i’ve mastered japanese >_>

    • I cruised through the game knowing only the basic premise of the story since I didn’t care all that much for it. I have more important things on my mind (Elis).
      It’s all about what you look for in an eroge, if you’re a moe fag like me, you’ll be just fine.

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