Dousei LoverAble Impression

As you can see, the blog underwent a major redesign, hopefully for the better! Feel free to vent your frustrations regarding the new theme in the comments below, or of course you can declare your eternal love for it as well. My eroge progress has been really slow lately, thanks to the godforsaken papers I had to write. But now that the papers are done with, it’s time for me to jump on the Hatsuyuki Sakura bandwagon! But before that, I want to wrap things up a bit so I can jump into it headfirst without worrying about my post count or the lack thereof. And this is where this Dousei LoverAble impression, and Kaho, come in.

I’m here this time as well XD. Having played the game as well I couldn’t resist giving my 2cents here and there.

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Aero-ge review: Angel Ring

So I decided that after how good Princess Evangile was, I would give another game by Moonstone a try. Angel Ring had a somewhat decent score on VNDB and the setting seemed like it had lots of potential for some good laughs.

Game site: Angel Ring~エンジェルリング~
Release date: June 25, 2010

Satoru likes the 2D world and loves 2D girls. One day, he took care of a weakened pure white dove. When he woke up the next day, a beautiful girl who he didn’t know was hugging him. Not only that, but she was naked. His imouto Sana comes to wake him up:

“Hey aniki, hurry and get u- ehhhh!!?#!※‡?々♂☆♀!!?”

The game is based around two concepts: ‘love angel’ and ‘angel ring’. Love angels come from heaven to support love between people. They don’t have any special abilities except for flying. They feel a great sense of responsibility towards 2D maniacs like Satoru. If there is someone who loves someone else, but doesn’t have the courage to take the next step, the ‘angel ring’ floating around the love angel’s neck will begin to glow. It helps the love angel realize people’s feelings.

[Taken from Micchi’s blog]

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Space Invader Goes to School

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned so far in my life, it’s to never procrastinate. Like how I in my youth shouldn’t have held in my pee until my bladder exploded in a yellow stream of urine, I shouldn’t have procrastinated writing about a game I played over a week ago which is exactly what I’m doing right now. And just like how procrastination resulted in me needing a diaper in those early days of my life, procrastination has again resulted in me writing a post about Gaku Ou which I only hazily remember. While those analogies may not be entirely appropriate, I believe you get my point.

As another artifact of my procrastination, Algester has whipped up a Gakuou Review of his own as I’m writing this very post, stealing my thunder in the process as if I ever made one. But that also means I have less to write, for which I’m always grateful. And I’m also hoping that what I write will be more intelligible than the unique writing styles of his and m3rry’s.

The story starts out as our protagonist Hiroto is in a spaceship crash landing to Gynesis, a “school country” where the entire country is basically one giant school with the principal as its president. Once he landed, he proceeds to enroll in the school despite the fact that he’s essentially an extremely humanoid alien indistinguishable from a real human but no one seems to care. The mission given to him by his mom, the queen of his home planet, is to conquer this country through whatever means necessary. But he obviously can’t do that, since he’s all alone with no means whatsoever of taking over a country, and he would much rather have fun in the new school which he has always dreamed of attending.

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Aero-ge Impression: Majikoi S

So I finished my summer school exam yesterday and finally have time to write something for real. For those who remember, my first post EVER mentioned that I would write at least one post a month. This post just fits that one month timeline, if you don’t include that mini post I did a couple of days back. By coincidence today just so happens to be my birthday ^^. What am I going to do? Basically nothing, my birthday is just a regular day for me. However, I will be attending a PS Vita preview event later today. Enough about my life, onto Majikoi S! There will have LOTS of images in this post to give you a nice idea of what the game is like.

Company: みなとそふと (Minato Soft)
Game site: 真剣で私に恋しなさい!S
Release date: January 27, 2012

The Kuki Corporation decided to hasten their ‘bushido plan’, where clones of great individuals from the past would be used to solve the shortage of talent workers as well as stimulate the competitive spirit of everyday students.

[Taken from Micchi’s blog]

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A Desperate Cry for Help! (Not a Real Post about Majikoi S?)

Heya all it has really been a while. As you might have noticed from Aedes’s updates on the sidebar, I’ve been fighting it out with the horror known as real life. Job interviews, tests, exams and various other stress factors have been thrown my way. Something like a test from god or something, not that I’m religious or anything >_>. So I’m here, supposely studying for my summer school exam tomorrow, but all I can think about is Majikoi S.

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Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai Impression

Let me start this off by thanking Choux for writing such a thorough review on Riaimo so I don’t have to write much here. If you want detailed analysis, please refer to the aforementioned review because I won’t be doing that. Instead, what I’ll do is sharing the imouto love with everyone and letting you all know how much of a siscon I am.

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