A Desperate Cry for Help! (Not a Real Post about Majikoi S?)

Heya all it has really been a while. As you might have noticed from Aedes’s updates on the sidebar, I’ve been fighting it out with the horror known as real life. Job interviews, tests, exams and various other stress factors have been thrown my way. Something like a test from god or something, not that I’m religious or anything >_>. So I’m here, supposely studying for my summer school exam tomorrow, but all I can think about is Majikoi S.

So for those who don’t know, I recently finished Majikoi S, and it was pretty good. Lots of H-scenes though…48 in total. I usually skip half or so of the H-scenes in a game, but Majikoi is one of my favorite games EVER, so I decided to watch them all. Before this post starts looking like…a post >_>, I’ll get to the point of this cry for help XD.

So the new characters for Majikoi S were all quite nice, with unique personalities which blended in quite well with the overall setting of the game. A character I came to LOVE is Benkei. She’s the girl loves to drink Kawakami water (a non-alcoholic beverage with the same effects as alcohol?). Her calm, carefree attitude is very soothing and her cute side is to die for XD. I also really like her hairstyle. I’ve heard the term sex hair used to describe that hair style for Kaoru from Amagami. I guess the term is somewhat appropriate ^^. Unfortunately, Benkei didn’t get a route. She did get one H-scene which was out of no where, but the lack of a route killed something of mine inside >_>.

Now for some good news. At least it might be good news, at this point it’s too hard to tell. Recently a ballot has come out for Majikoi S, where you can vote for your fave heroines. I’m hoping that with enough vote on Benkei, that they’ll add some sort of new content for her ^^. Of course I could be dreaming. But hey, hope is a good thing…maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. Guess which movie I’ve been watching? =p

So please click the banner thing above, or if you’re too lazy here’s the link. Vote Benkei! Wait, you don’t know who that is? Well here’s a short scene for you XD.

Hope you guys can read what’s going on up there and I hope my little rant wasn’t too tiresome to read. I appreciate any support I can get with the whole character poll thing. Just to let you know, one IP can vote every 24 hours so please help out as much as you can ^^.

As a final note, I’ll be posting a REAL post sometime in the next two days. So for now, back to studying T_T.

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