Aero-ge review: Angel Ring

So I decided that after how good Princess Evangile was, I would give another game by Moonstone a try. Angel Ring had a somewhat decent score on VNDB and the setting seemed like it had lots of potential for some good laughs.

Game site: Angel Ring~エンジェルリング~
Release date: June 25, 2010

Satoru likes the 2D world and loves 2D girls. One day, he took care of a weakened pure white dove. When he woke up the next day, a beautiful girl who he didn’t know was hugging him. Not only that, but she was naked. His imouto Sana comes to wake him up:

“Hey aniki, hurry and get u- ehhhh!!?#!※‡?々♂☆♀!!?”

The game is based around two concepts: ‘love angel’ and ‘angel ring’. Love angels come from heaven to support love between people. They don’t have any special abilities except for flying. They feel a great sense of responsibility towards 2D maniacs like Satoru. If there is someone who loves someone else, but doesn’t have the courage to take the next step, the ‘angel ring’ floating around the love angel’s neck will begin to glow. It helps the love angel realize people’s feelings.

[Taken from Micchi’s blog]

The above synopsis of the game explains basically everything there is to the game. Days pass by with very ordinary events happening. Normally each day will have 2 character choices, one in the morning and one after school. These choices show some interaction between the Satoru and the chosen heroine. The events are very generic and sometimes mildly funny, other times very plain. The common route progresses with no obvious goal in sight besides ending up with a heroine of your choice.

I would like to say…Love angels are ANNOYING. They‘re too quick to jump to conclusions, pushy, inconsiderate and they assume too much. For people who yearn to make others fall in love, they sure don’t have much of a game plan. In almost every route, I got annoyed by their intervention in the relationship. Of course, they EVENTUALLY learn that what they’re doing is stupid as hell, but it sure takes a while.


Mika, the love angel of the game first appears as a dove due to a lack of love energy. She’s your typical tsundere. Her lack of intelligence is compensated by her athletic ability. She has a thing for super spicy food and is a surprisingly good cook. Before meeting Satoru, she already failed to connect the angel ring for 2 other candidates. She has one last chance, otherwise she’ll be judged by the heavens.

Mika’s route primarily involved the conflict between her feelings and her duty as a love angel. Of course, this naturally rolls over and the two get into a relationship. Confession, then straight away H-scene T_T.  The two progress relatively smoothly in their relationship, but soon after you find out that Mika has been neglecting her job as a Love Angel. Love Angels go where they are needed, so they can’t stay in the same spot for too long. Some bull crap about when a Love Angel connects the angel ring to 1000 people they become human is thrown in near the very end. So she leaves, but comes back. Very typical >_>.

Satoru’s imouto by blood. She is good at all types of housework, and has done all the housework since the two started to live alone together. She reluctantly accepts her brothers eroge hobby, and constantly beats him when he does something stupid.

Sana’s route is the blood-related incest route. I was half expecting at the very end you find out that the two aren’t actually related, but nothing. Satoru’s realizes his feelings, and even as an ero-gamer, he finds it hard to accept that he’s a siscon =3. Satoru decides to go with Sana to an amusement park as thanks for all the housework she does. Mika comes in as her usual annoying self and declares that Sana should find a boyfriend for no particular reason. Her plan is to find a guy to go to the amusement park in Satoru’s place. So on the day, Mika prepares 4 guys for Sana to choose from to go with. Sana simply chooses Satoru and things don’t get too out of hand. Soon after there’s a very typical incest confession. Things go great, until Mika tells Satoru that he was connected to the Angel Ring, but Sana wasn’t.

Satoru’s osananajimi who lives close by. Sumika finds out about Satoru’s hobby only a year and a half ago, but still treats him in the same way. She has a thing for cooking, but is very poor at it, often mistaking sugar for salt. She’s very timid and doesn’t show any confidence.

In Sumika’s route it’s not Mika that appears, but Rukia. But she’s equally annoying. Rukia claims that Sumika isn’t in a relationship because she’s worried about Satoru being an Otaku. SERIOUSLY WTF. Childhood friends + Sumika doesn’t talk with other guys much. The arrows point right at Satoru T_T. Satoru starts to feel guilt and starts trying to help Sumika get into a relationship. Things get really hectic when Sumika gets upset over a love letter that Satoru never received. Turns out Sana stole it, for very typical reasons. The lack of emotion in the characters voices and the reasons behind the characters actions made the whole scene feel very weak. A time capsule is randomly thrown in as the last surprise of this route.

Mitsuru is your typical super rich Ojou-sama who has warped standards due to her upbringing. She is very naïve and innocent; showing lots of curiosity towards ordinary things. As an Ojousama, she often attends various classes for things such as flower arrangement and tea ceremonies etc.

The confession in Mitsuru’s route is VERY abrupt, causing the relationship to feel very unreal. No annoying Love Angel intervention in this route, but this is compensated by Mitsuru pushy enthusiasm when it comes to love. Somehow, Mitsuru has built herself this perfect image of Satoru, which causes a lot of stress as he tried to meet these expectations. Mika approaches Mitsuru and for ONCE does something productive. The two apologize for not taking the other parties feelings into account. Just as the two get settled into the relationship, Mitsuru’s grandfather comes in and kills everything. LAME.

Azusa is the energetic heroine of this game. She’s very open minded and even shows curiosity towards Satoru’s eroge hobby. Being raised in a house with lots of brothers, she has a small complex that she isn’t girly enough. She has a part-time job at the same restaurant that Satoru works at.

Azusa’s route is actually half decent. Though the scenes between the two are few, it was quite entertaining. This is how I thought, UNTIL the first H-scene came. It was completely out of nowhere O_O. The two were discussing how they couldn’t understand the feelings they had for each other. Then BAM! They’re having sex. No confession takes place, which makes the situation very awkward. The standstill in their relationship is ended once Satoru makes a simple phone call to her. You don’t hear the two talking, it’s just described. Yep, they somehow get into a relationship over that and everything is smooth sailing from there.

Rukia is the other love angel of the game, who has the smarts but sucks at sports. She has a lot of pride and confidence in herself, but like Mika, has yet to connect the angel ring to anyone. Unlike Mika, she tends to wait for people to come to consult her about love instead of finding candidates herself.

Rukia’s route starts off with some guys mocking love angels. This causes Rika to get depressed over her lack of progress. Satoru encourages her a bit, and she instantly develops feelings for him. She sticks around Satoru, trying to appeal to him, often getting annoyed by how tense he is. Mika realizes Rukia’s feelings and decides to HELP out by pretending to go after Satoru herself. Satoru who has shown absolutely no sign of attraction to Rukia until now, suddenly realizes that he likes her. Unlike Mika’s route, Rukia ends up staying. I found this VERY stupid. If Rukia could stay, why couldn’t Mika?


The graphics for this game are quite good. The SDCGs are very nicely done.


The sounds for this game were quite average. The character BGMs did match the characters to some extent, but felt very cheap. The voice acting for the game was decent, except for Mika who’s voice sounded WAY too childish.


A similar system as I saw in Princess Evangile. Huge amount of save slots, along with a good amount of quick save and auto save slots.


Story: 4/10
Character: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 5/10
System: 7/10

Overall: 40/100 (Not a total)

One word probably describes what I thought of the game very well: WEAK.  Weak storyline followed by weak character development. The ichaicha in this game isn’t done that well and the comedy is minimal. The events are overly generic and they failed to utilize the setting for more comical relief. Also, as I said earlier, Love Angels are ANNOYING. Remember those routes you found annoying because a other character came and did some unnecessary crap? This is what it’s like in almost every route. Play this game only as a reference for why other games are better =3

Every time I write a post I feel like I say I’m going to play Little Busters. Unfortunately, I’ll be putting that on hold for now. Playing Dousei LoverAble atm. Not sure if I’ll write something for that since Aedes is playing it as well. Maybe we’ll do another joint post? Who knows. Grisaia no Meikyuu is easily my next game. After watching the opening for over and over, I’m super hyped about it. Actually, the opening is so good that I think I’ll leave it down here for you guys to have a look ^^.

27 thoughts on “Aero-ge review: Angel Ring

  1. Ya, Angel Ring was weak. Even Sana’s route was not all that good, although I liked the progression of the H scenes considering the context of the story. Sumika’s route made Sana look like a little bitch T_T Azusa’s route needed to be much longer… it felt more like an omake than anything else. Oh well…

    • I didn’t particularly like that the H-scene step ups in Sana’s route. It seems that after the confession scene, the main focus of the route was H-scenes. The epilogue was also disappointing; I was hoping for some sort of time skip. Azusa’s route had quite a bit of potential, but it fell short before it actually became anything special.

  2. This review could not have a better timing. Just like you, after the enjoyable experience Princess Evangile was (Ritsuko ^w^) I too was thinking of trying this one expecting the same amount of character development, comedy and romance but, now I’ll just pass and that’s too bad because I was interested in the imouto and Azusa. Your sacrifice was not in vain, Aero :p

    • Looks like Princess Evangile is Moonstone’s greatest success so far. Angel Ring doesn’t even have a route where I would say “If you”re gonna play it, only play…” etc. Azusa is somewhat interesting, but not worth it. I’m glad that my review has convinced you not to play this game XD

      • Yes, it seems PriEva is their most recent success with the PSP adaptation and the annoucement of the FD.

        I tried their first (?) game Gift once in the past and even though everyone else at the time found it good, to me, it was boring and never finished.

        Had not I read your review for PriEva I’m sure I would have never bothered myselft to read it. At least now I know Moonstone can do nice game once in a while.

        • I’ll be giving the psp a quick look for new dialogue and new CGs, not expecting that much though. Got some high expectations for the FD though XD

          I watched the gift anime way back. The characters somewhat appealled to me. Unfortunately, after I’ve watched the anime of an eroge, I find it almost impossible to play the eroge after that. So gift isn’t really on my radar at all.

          From what I’ve seen, Princess Evangile is Moonstone’s only good game, though that’s from looking at VNDB ratings. After Angel Ring, I don’t plan to play any other Moonstone games besides PriEva FD. That’s unless it particularly stands out ^^

          • think gift… GIFT its when DC used sakura trees as a plot device this A FARGING rainbow with basically the same plot different characters herp derp

  3. That’s ok you can submit yourself to earlier works and play Clear or Marginal Skip. (Lol or go 2005 and run Gift, hahaha).

    On a random note, on SDCG 2, is that an Okamoto Nonoka from CLEAR dakimakura?

    I wonder why characters with the least amount of appearance have higher efficiency? In this case, Azusa.

    • With one hit (Princess Evangile) and One miss (Angel Ring), I think I’ll put off playing games from Moonstone for the time being. Like most, I have a huge backlog >__>.

      I haven’t played CLEAR, but from a quick search, I think it is her ^^. I’ve uploaded the non SDCG version of Satoru’s room to give you a better look. I can recognize Marginal Skip, and it’s probably a safe bet to say that the other’s are from games as well XD.

      Most likely, because Azusa had a lot less screen time, it was a lot harder to screw things up =p. Though they did anyway >_>

  4. Oh god, please don’t remind me of these games. I have this in my backlog from like YEARS?! 😐
    Need to complete Corona! Need to complete Corona! Need to complete Corona! Need to complete Corona! >_<

  5. correct me if I’m wrong there is no other incest route in the eroge world other than Kana from Kana~Imouto~ and Minato from Akane-iro somarusaka… unless unless if it was a nuki-ge and rape nuki-ges…. then clearly these are out of the question

  6. *continuing with Corona related topic*

    There are 3 other (doable) lolis besides Corona. You even get a 3P with two of them… 😉

    Finished the game yesterday. Over-average for an ADV/RPG (80/100). If you are interested in it you should give it a try since it’s really fun (and time consuming).

  7. Gift was written by one of the writers of Da Capo in case you were wondering.

    You should probably pick one of their better regarded games next time….

    -Marginal Skip
    -Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi
    -Ashita Deatta Shoujo

    Everything else is supposed to be generic moege stuff.

    • Well I did like Da Capo, so Gift might be worth looking into. However, my backlog is a little full atm so it won’t be any time soon >___>.

      LOL the only reason why I decided to pick up angel ring was because I was hoping it would be a moege like Princess Evangile. Unfortunately, that turned out to be REALLY off.

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