Dousei LoverAble Impression

As you can see, the blog underwent a major redesign, hopefully for the better! Feel free to vent your frustrations regarding the new theme in the comments below, or of course you can declare your eternal love for it as well. My eroge progress has been really slow lately, thanks to the godforsaken papers I had to write. But now that the papers are done with, it’s time for me to jump on the Hatsuyuki Sakura bandwagon! But before that, I want to wrap things up a bit so I can jump into it headfirst without worrying about my post count or the lack thereof. And this is where this Dousei LoverAble impression, and Kaho, come in.

I’m here this time as well XD. Having played the game as well I couldn’t resist giving my 2cents here and there.

Dousei LoverAble, being a fan disk, has you choosing your route right from the menu where you can also choose your favorite hairstyle out of 3 for the heroine. As for the theme for the game, the routes are all about living together as you can no doubt see from the name.  Being the imocon that I am, I went for Kaho’s route first without a second thought. Her route reminds me of the reason I became an imocon in the first place – I couldn’t be melted down any further by the sheer imouto-moe of Kaho. My brain became a complete moe mush by the time I was done with the route, in a very good way.

I always assumed that when the term siscon was used, that the sister in question was an imouto. Anyway, the system for this game was well made. The BGMs and menus were all basically the same as the original game. Is this good? Personally I liked this, because the consistency made it feel like I was still playing Lover Able.  Adding in a 3rd hairstyle was a typical, but nice touch to the game.

You can never be too sure, for there are the rare ane-con out there. It’s a fan disk, so it’s basically more of the same game.  Which is to say, non-stop ichaicha for everyone!

For the route itself, there really isn’t much to talk about, except Kaho is still her old self we have known and loved. Her route is set 1 year after the original story, as Kaho starts attending the same school as him and wastes no time sticking to him and ichaicha everywhere while totally not caring about the views/drools of their classmates. In short, if you loved the original Kaho route, you’ll for sure love this one. Even if you didn’t play the original one, play this one anyway. Kaho is one of my favorite imouto for a reason, and it’s not only because of the meido uniform she wears for one of the scenes.

Kaho’s afterstory and original route wastes no time on the whole incest thing and moves straight to the ichaicha, which is great XD.

Really? Kaho, with her infinite moe, only gets a single sentence from you? I should make it a requirement that all imoutos shall, from now on, have the longest sections written about them.

You summed things up pretty nicely =3

Tsugumi’s route is the second route I played. In the beginning, she is like the perfect housewife as shown above. However, as nice as that sounds, that managed to bored me so much that I actually went and finished Twinkle ☆ Crusaders –Passion Star Stream-‘s main Illear/Lullshare route before coming back and finishing this. Fortunately, the situation soon changed for the better as Tsugumi’s jealousy kicks in to near yandere levels and comforting in the form of gracious amounts of ichaicha and H ensues.

I highly agree with Aedes on the whole perfect housewife thing. Things were just way too plain. The jealously in the route was very nice, however it’s short lived. I guess they felt that there was enough of that in the last game >__>

I think they might have decided it was too much when the knife came out in a spectacular yandere fashion, if only just for a moment.

Her character, while not as dear to my heart as Kaho, is nevertheless hilarious especially combined with her equally hilarious best friend whose name I don’t remember but is the loli who is unable to stand straight. But since the game is a FD,  the side characters have very little importance so I feel the introduction of one in this route didn’t add much to the story. On a second thought, maybe it did, in the form of jealousy fuel. She is also the kind of partner I would love to have, as she PLAYS EROGE WITH ME.

What’s this story you speak of…?

Oh, did I say story? I meant the ecchi. There is no point adding a side character if there isn’t going to be any 3P scenes.

Sadly, I have only been able to complete Kaho’s and Tsugumi’s routes before I got busy, and then Hatsuyuki Sakura is released so the chance of me finishing this is even slimmer now. But I’ll try to at least finish Satsuki’s route though, as I hear it’s quite good. And now I shall pass the bat to Aero who will tell you more about the remaining heroines if he choose to, while I go complete my life via Hatsuyuki Sakura.

Well you’re stuck with me from here on =3, unless Aedes throws in some random comments XD. I’ll start with Nanako. Like the heroines above, Nanako’s route starts off with you two already living together. The route is set sometime after you have graduated, and you have started working at your uncles restaurant a lot more. HOWEVER, Nanako now works at another restaurant, so the character interaction in this route feels somewhat less compared to the other heroines.

You get a lot of scenes showing the two before and after work, which is pretty boring. There was a nice highlight in this route where Nanako gets very drunk, which causes her to show her extremely childish and jealous side. Besides that scene, the most of the route was pretty boring, with the main focus being on work. A little too realistic for my tastes.

I see Nanako still hasn’t changed. Must be her oppai’s fault.

Chinatsu’s route and Satsuki’s route start off with you two NOT living together. In Chinatsu’s route you slip in the proposal to live together while teasing her, which she more than happily accepts. Similar to Nanako, this route take’s place sometime after you two have graduated and Chinatsu no longer works at your uncles restaurant. She occasionally helps out the restaurant, which allows for a bit more development.

I hope you’re talking about the H kind of development. I mean, they’re the only kind that matters in this sort of story right?

I never really liked Chinatsu. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her. It’s just that as a heroine she is very plain. After you add in a bit of her perfect housewife attribute to the mix, things aren’t really that memorable. Her super in love mode is probably her strongest point. She loves to “show off’ your relationship and even keeps a blog about it =3

Oh, she even blogs about the developments?? Dang she is bold!

Very bold ^^. Sensei and Kaho seem to frequent the blog as well =p

Like Chinatsu, you aren’t living with Satsuki from the very start. However, the steps that lead up to you two living together are a lot more hilarious. The unique thing about Satsuki’s route is that you move in to her house with her parents. In the other routes the couple live together in an apartment. Another note to mention, in this route you both have not graduated from high school.

Couple living alone in an apartment? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what goes on in there.

Satsuki’s route was excellent in the comedy factor, which is a big driving factor for this kinda game. Satsuki’s parents with their super love standards when it comes to relationships creates lots of LOL moments to this route. The addition of you and Satsuki being ichaicha in class causes some nice moments from everyones’ favorite sensei. With a good amount of ichaicha and a serious, but nice ending, this could be my most favorite route XD.

I feel bad for the sensei. Why didn’t she get a route!?

Many others feel that pain too >__>. I do like sensei, but I would have liked a route for Mafuyu more.

I would like to make a note about the graphics for this game. To keep things SFW I won’t post up any CGs, HOWEVER I personally didn’t like the HCGs for this game. I liked the HCGs of the original game and I have a feeling that they changed the artist for this game. Though I can’t be bothered checking out if this is really the case, it’ll remain a mystery in my eyes. Another thing that bothered me was the lack of originality in the pajama CGs for 3 of the heroines. Seriously what am I doing here, spot the difference?!

Don’t think the artists changed, still ひなたもも and あめとゆき from what I see on the sites. I think their brains melted from the dangerous amount of ichaicha they’ve drawn.

If you didn’t notice from my comments, I really enjoyed the routes for Tsugumi, Kaho and Satsuki. The other two were VERY average. I found a trend in the routes that I enjoyed. The common factor is that the heroine in these routes have not graduated from high school. Maybe the other two routes were a bit too realistic for my liking? I dunno. I was originally very disappointed when I learned that Satsuki’s seiyuu changed. However, the new one maintained the same feel and did a very good job ^^. That’s all I’ve got to say about Dousei, I’m gonna go back to play Grisaia no Meikyuu XD.

Hope you all enjoyed the multicolored mess that is this post. You should be hearing about Hatsuyuki Sakura from me soon, as I’ve just got started on it. From the people who have played it, it seems that Saga Planets has out done itself again with a kami-ge of outstanding quality. Finally, let’s finish with our spokesperson for the post, Tsugumi.

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Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

19 thoughts on “Dousei LoverAble Impression

  1. What I actually did for this fandisk is to go back and forth between the various heroines rather than playing the full routes in sequence. I think this balances out the story a little bit better, since it’s almost all lovey-dovey interactions from start to end — which is what I expected, but can be a little bit too much to have so much of one heroine for 11 chapters straight. I also wanted to space out the scenes with my favourite heroines so I didn’t rush through it and then lose motivation to play the other routes. ^^;

    Speaking of which, given that this was always a chara-ge through and through, I think it’s likely that your enjoyment of each route will pretty much line up to your enjoyment of the equivalent route in the original game… at least, that’s how it’s been for me. I too would agree on Kaho, Tsugumi, and Satsuki… but I actually rarely hear people say otherwise, as a matter of fact. Never disliked Chinatsu, but she wasn’t my favourite either… and I guess I always found the Nanako relationship harder to believe than the rest and wasn’t really a fan of the character that much. That aside, it’s also nice that Satsuki got full equivalent content this time, even if her route was still a bit different than the rest given the involvement of the parents (which sometimes got on my nerves a bit, but this is where the route alternating approach helped).

    Anyway, I think it was a very good fandisk/sequel. It had a good amount of content, carried off where the original left off, and ended at nice points for all the heroines. So that’s probably the end for these characters, but I can see how they could pretty easily do another sequel with “another stories” for the other heroines (Mifuyu, Nao, the teacher, the new kouhai, and perhaps a new heroine?) If so, I would definitely buy again.

    • I haven’t tried the method you’re mentioning here. But for some reason it reminded me of that piece of human garbage in School Days, screwing everything that moves. 😛 I’m not the patient sort of person; I’m the kind that goes after the charas I like first and risking possible burnout in the process.

      Yep, if you don’t like the chara’s original route, you probably won’t like the one in the FD either. I would say in either case, your enjoyment is largely dependent on how much you like the chara. It is a chara-ge after all.

      Agreed. This succeed in doing what fan disks are supposed to do – letting people spend more ichaicha time with their favorite heroines. Although they could theoretically make another sequel, I would think that people may get tired of seeing the same setting and the charas again. Though I suppose they could make it work, if they inject some new life into it, like a sensei route. I’ll definitely play it again if that’s the case. 😀

  2. This new layout is fabulous! 😛

    Talking about the game, it looks extremely cute, but haven’t played the original game is a bit of an issue for me…:D

    • Thanks very much! Glad I’ve made the right choice.

      For chara-ge’s like this, you can pretty much start anywhere and be able to enjoy it, since there is no story to get in your way of understanding it. 😀

  3. Well, it looks like you really liked it. i mean you told “I won’t write a review of it” and it’s true, these are your impressions about it … many impressions, indeed, even too many. If you wrote the review how much it would have bbenn longer than this, i’m wondering … anyway, it seems a good game, a fan disc of a game, and your review was well done. Sure, looking at the images, comes to think what you said “the artists’ brains melted from the dangerous amount of ichaicha they’ve drawn”. If it’s what happened, they really risked a melt down of their neurons this time.And you risked your health in writing these impressions, you are coughing in a strange way, it seemed to me you told cough naked cough. Ah I started coughing too.

    • Yep, I really like Kaho’s and Tsugumi’s routes. They’re everything a chara-ge’s routes should be like. Reviews for FD’s don’t seem quite right, since they’re only extensions of the original game. Thanks! Always nice to see a post I risked my life writing paid off. 😀

  4. Need to find the time to play this. I problem I often have with FD is my lack of motivation to play them once I have them >_<

    Seems everyone agrees that Satsuki's new seiyuu is doing a outstanding job which is great 'cause I was disappointed when the original was replaced. Too bad there are no routes for Mifuyu and Sensei.

    • I also have a similar lack of motivation when it comes to FD. Though with obvious exceptions; Majikoi S I played straight away XD.

      I’m praying that they realize how many how popular Mifuyu and Sensei are and release a patch with a route for them. Though, the title being “dousei”, it seems like a patch might be unlikely >_>

    • For FD’s, I always finish the routes for the charas I like. Then depending on my mood, I may or may not finish the other ones.

      I want a route for sensei much more than Mifuyu. I can never get enough of sensei routes.

      • @Aero & Aedes

        Funny fact, my motivation usually rises once I start but it’s near zero before I do. n_nU

        Yes, FDs for games I greatly enjoyed are the exception, last year’s Flyable CandyHeart is a good example.

        Yes, that’s exactly my method. If there are new heroines I usually play those first for the “freshness” then go for the after stories. For Dousei I’ll play Kaho, Tsugumi and Satsuki then forget about it, I’m sure.

        Mifuyu is your classic blonde twin-tails tsundere, I have a weak spot for that archetype. Sensei is also really adorable but, I’m not into the onee-san type too much (reason why I didn’t like Nanako that much).

        • For me, I consider sensei and onee-san to be different archetypes. Although yes they have some overlapping traits, but for some reason I prefer the sensei more.

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