Grisaia no Meikyuu + Majikoi S and Getchu Rankings

Hope you guys enjoyed that joint post by me and Aedes earlier this week. A couple of pretty major things have happened lately. Results for the Majikoi S female popularity poll were announced and the top games for 2011 on getchu were also announced. I’ll comment on these at the bottom of this post, but for now let’s get into Grisaia no Meikyuu.

Aedes here also, doing what I do best – trolling posts. Yeah, I said trolling because I played neither Grisaia no Meikyuu nor Majikoi S. But I did play the original Grisaia no Kajitsu!

I’ve written a small add on to the ‘past route’. If you’ve already read this post before, you should just skip to that section XD

I LOVE this opening. I’ve probably watched it more than 100 times. A lot of the CGs in there I would use as wallpapers…if only they were available >_>

Grisaia no Meikyuu is the sequel to Grisaia no Kajitsu. If you haven’t played the original or don’t know much about it, you might wanna skip down to the stuff about Majikoi S and Getchu. Though the word sequel is used, it feels a lot more like a fandisk. Each heroine from the original game is given an after story, which includes 2 H-scenes. In a small section you are randomly given access to 6 random H-scenes which feature your beloved side characters like JB and Chizuru. There is also a section with a number of very short scenarios, which are just some stupid skits basically. The one thing about this game that makes it feel more like a sequel is the addition of the past route.

Only 2 H scenes per heroine? Come on, I’m sure Yuuji can do much better than that! 

Amane’s route involves a lot of scenes from Amane’s point of view. There is a decent amount of comedy, such as learning how insanely masochistic Amane is. Unfortunately, this route also contains quite a bit of uncertainty and guilt. Amane makes quite a bit of reference to a certain character while thinking of Yuuji.

Let me guess who that certain character is… *brain fizzles and explodes* My brain isn’t used to this kind of in your face “hint.”

If you know about Makina’s route from the original, you’ll know about the injury that Yuuji received. This injury basically gets completely fixed with a Full Metal Alchemist solution. Makina is basically gone for half the time, with cut aways showing you what she’s up to. Though the two get back to the Mihama, the end result is nothing really changes. No ichaicha, no comedy and no further development in their relationship. This route left a bad taste in my mouth and made me wish that it didn’t exist at all.

See Makina? This is karma getting back at you. Be a good kid and maybe you’ll get a good route in the next installment.

In Michiru’s route starts off an extremely stupid event where Michiru shows the desire to go on a winter date with Yuuji. Naturally this doesn’t really work out seeing as it’s summer atm. Michiru’s best friend makes occasional appearances in this route. Nothing major happens with her, however she does appear during on of the H-scenes ^^. The whole after story is basically just looking at the two going on 2 dates.

Black twin tails don’t work, period. 

What is her natural hair color anyway? I know it’s not blonde…

Sachi’s route proceeds the two advancing ahead with their relationship. However, a lovers quiz by the rest of the group causes the two to doubt the strength of the relationship. A very stupid piece of drama is thrown in near the end of this route . However, the feelings that are expressed between the two because of this event are very touching. The ending in this route is extremely satisfying and the ichaicha is also very good.

Sachi, I always knew you wouldn’t fail me, unlike those other, half-assed girls.

Sasaki’s route throws in a curve ball, with an H-scene within the first 30 seconds. What I’ll say is, her cosplay in this H-scene was pretty nice. Sasaki shows a very childish ichaicha side, which causes a lot of LOL moments when she’s seen by the others. There is a lot of interference when the two are trying to ichaicha, but Sasaki starts to really become friends with the other girls. It gives the route a very nice feeling. A hilarious event caused by the other girls ends this route in a bang. Lots of comedy and ichaicha made this my favorite after story.

What, where did her tsuntsun go? That razor blade wielding Sasaki is all deredere now? Color me SHOCKED (not really). 

Oh her tsuntsun is in there, you just need to add the right kind of event ^^

The past route or the Caprice route is very long and starts with Yuuji from a very young age. This route was interesting, but really pissed me off at the start. As you may have guessed, his past is NOT pretty. There aren’t that many time skips in this route, so see him grow up at a steady pace. Events from the original routes which are relevant to Yuuji’s past are threaded into the route very nicely. A major player of this route is Asako, Yuuji’s master. There are 3 H-scenes in this route, and I’ll leave it up to your imagination about who they involve. One of the H-scenes is super hilarious, while another H-scene has 5 CGs. This route gets a little less interesting later on, with a large segment to do with his training. However, it’s still a nice read and the plot is solid. There are quite a number of characters which are introduced who get character sprites.

Same with training lolis, gotta start them young. Am I right? 

I have further thoughts on the past route which I MUST share. Admittedly, when I first released this whole post I was only around 75% through the past route, but I was too lazy and decided to write the post at that. Playing the rest of the route, I have to say that I am VERY impressed =3. Yuuji appears a lot more human in this route compared to original routes and the after stories. He is somewhat portrayed as an unemotional robot, but you actually see some strong emotions from him here. This route is actually jumps back to the present at the very end. A blast from the past makes an appearance and creates utter mayhem, with a cliffhanger leading into the sequel, Grisaia no Rakuen.

The after stories for Sachi and Sasaki were done very nicely. Amane’s and Michiru’s were also pretty good; Makina’s I found horrible. The past route is excellent. The sound and system are basically the same as the original, with a few minor changes. They have added a progress section which tells you approximately how much of the route is left, but sadly this isn’t in real-time. Overall, this is a must play for fans of the original.

If Hatsuyuki Sakura and this didn’t come up at the same time, I would have already finished this. I’m praying for a Makina route. Getting called papa never gets old.

Now onto Majikoi S. For those who remember, I was going on about the Majikoi S popularity poll a while back. The results were posted yesterday, and you can check them here. But for those too lazy to check, the top 10 are as followed:

1st Matsunaga Tsubame 35,687 votes
2nd Musashibou Benkei 28,305 votes
3rd Margit Eberbach 20,820 votes
4th Kuki Monshiro 19,146 votes
5th Mayuzumi Yukie 12,597 votes
6th Tachibana Takae 12,593 votes
7th Fushikawa Kokoro 12,003 votes
8th Kawakami Momoyo 11,748 votes
9th Rin Chuu 11,424 votes
10th Kawakami Kazuko 10,512 votes

As you can see, there is an overwhelming difference between 1st and 2nd, so there was basically no hope of Benkei winning >_>. I don’t really like Tsubame all that much. However I know that others do like her, so I’m not surprised that she took 1st. I am VERY surprised that Margit took 3rd though; her route was nothing but H-scenes. Looks like people really like seeing Margit as Yamato’s pet. Another odd ball in there is Takae. A new heroine that only appears in her own route, she got around 10-15mins of screen time. I mean, 5 votes would have put her above Yukie! With so many girls in Majikoi S, I find it surprising that even 3 of the old main heroines managed to get their way into the top 10. Yukie, the champion of the old popularity vote is the top of the old heroines. No surprises there. Her after story and H-scenes in Majikoi S were awesome. Benkei getting 2nd actually still exceeded my expectations. If you read the comments by MinatoSoft, her popularity greatly exceeded their expectations as well. I’m hoping this convinces them to make a route for her. A new popularity poll for the guys is now up, but I doubt it’ll even get a quarter of the votes that the girls got. I mean, who cares about the guys? If you do care, click the banner below.

Huh what the loli only got 4th place!? I hereby declare this poll to be irrelevant.

She was one of the better lolis I’ve seen lately, but given the number of good heroines in Majikoi S, I’m surprised she even got 4th >_>. Everyone likes change I suppose.

Not me. I’m a proud lolicon, now and forever after.

Phew, this post is becoming pretty long. However, onto the Getchu results XD. These also came out super recently. BE WARNED, If you’ve never been to getchu before, some of their ads might kill your eyes >_>. Check out the full results here… otherwise, here are some notable rankings:

No, no. Their ads will nourish your eyes with the much needed energy of erotica. Try looking at them and you’ll know what I’m talking about; your lower body appreciates it.

This NOURISHMENT is only good given the situation. If you’re reading this post during class, I advise you NOT to click on that link.

1st White Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~
2nd Aiyoku no Eustia
3rd Kamikaze ☆ Explorer!
4th Grisaia no Kajitsu
5th Kamidori Alchemy Meister
6th Strawberry Nauts
7th Ren’ai 0 Kilometer
12th Princess Evangile
15th Koiiro Soramoyou: After Happiness and Extra Hearts
17th Lover Able

Impressions or reviews for a number of those games up there are here on this blog. Grisaia got a very nice score. If you haven’t played it, it’s about time you gave it some serious thought. I don’t really ever plan to play White Album, but Aiyoku no Eustia and Kamikaze are on my backlog. A full English patch for Kamidori Alchemy Meister was recently released. For those who don’t play raw games, that’s the game to play XD. Be sure to give the full rankings on Getchu a look. It includes various categories, such as games with the best scenario or best ero content, but remember my warning from above. Looking at the top characters for 2011, I’m glad that Amagase Yuuki from LOVELYxCATION managed to nab 3rd place. I’m SHOCKED that nurse from the same game, Kurokawa Sera, managed to get 5th. WIth Yuuni at 8th, 3 characters from LOVELYxCATION are in the top 10 characters. Chara-ge fans, that’s your game to play.

Drama, oppai, and some ass kicking are the necessary elements of 2011 it seems. The ero section doesn’t look that exciting at all. Henshin looks like the only interesting 1 out of the top 5. And why are Imopara and Mebae only 6th and 7th place respectively? Nevertheless, I shall refer to this list when I feel the need for something more stimulating than the drag of ordinary H scenes.

It seems like you ONLY looked at the ero section when you checked out the rankings >__>.

Can’t help it. My hand naturally gravitates toward that section.

I’ll be moving onto Natsuyume Nagisa next. We would love to hear your thoughts about Grisaia no Meikyuu or any of the rankings from the above. So feel free to leave a comment below!

Seems like I can’t even open Twitter, Skype, or IRC nowadays or I risk getting spoiled on Hatsuyuki Sakura. Please guys, stop spoiling me.

17 thoughts on “Grisaia no Meikyuu + Majikoi S and Getchu Rankings

  1. Tsubame wins! There was any kind of doubts? 😛

    Talking about Corona, how many fucking time-loop are there? I’m at Yumina and co one at the moment…:D

  2. I must agree that black twin tails looks weird :s
    Noo.. Tsubame taking all the fame T.T Nevertheless, still grateful that some of my favorite girls made it into the list 🙂
    Srly that Yukie and Kokoro screenshot is made of win (¯﹃¯)つ

    • Really? I thought the black twin tail look was alright, though other heroines have pulled it off better.
      I thought that the tide would change and Tsubame’s popularity would drop after seeing what she’s like in her route. Guess the japanese population are more into that type of personality than I am.
      Haha that Kokoro and Yukie CG is taken from one of my favorite scenes ^^. I’ve watched it too many times to count XD

    • Yep >__>, watched it too many times to count. If you’re interested, the full version of the song came out like 3 days ago. I’ve had no luck finding it yet though….

    • You just made my day XD.

      I’m totally fine with them milking this series =3, they’ve earned it. Truthfully speaking, I was a bit skeptical about them releasing patches for Majikoi S for the other heroines, but this is a pretty nice solution. The release of a new mini game for 3 heroines means that the game quality would probably be significantly better than what a patch could ever achieve XD.

      I’m just happy that there will be a benkei route, and she gets 15 CGs.

      Well, looks like one of my favorite games ever will continue to live on for a little while longer ^^

  3. I’ve been looking everywhere for the popularity poll for Majikoi ( the first game) but I can’t find it -.-

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