Aero-ge Review: Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas

A big thanks to all you who voted for us in the first round of the aniblog tourney. It was very close, but somehow we managed to progress to the next round. I’m glad that we get to spread the existence of eroge to all those anime lovers out there. Please support us in the next round as well ^^.

Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas is Ensemble’s third game (excluding fandisks). I doubt many people have played their first title, Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo. This game had a trap protagonist in an all-girls school, but was done quite averagely.  Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare! diverged from the trap protagonist setting, but not for the better. This time Ensemble once again challenged the trap protagonist setting.

Company: ensemble
Game site: 乙女が紡ぐ恋のキャンバス
Release date: March 30, 2012
Links: VNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough

Shin’s sister is a famous artist who got famous from her paintings 10 years ago. However, after her original four pieces, she has yet to release any more paintings, creating figures instead. One day Shin sees a figure of his cross dressing self on TV being auctioned for lots of money. When Hatora says that she wants to do a nude figure as her next piece, Shin leaves the house for the first time in 10 years. However, he later realizes that he’s still cross dressing.

He ended up in front of the art gallery and a seemingly rich girl Rena asked why he was there so late at night. Mistaken for a student at the nearby girls-only art school Oukou Gakuen, he was taken inside to observe a bunch of paintings being brought into the gallery. Suddenly, he noticed some thieves and ended up getting taken hostage. After being saved by Rena’s bodyguard Chiharu, he thought he was free to go… but then Rena ushered him into the waiting limousine and took him to her mansion!

Rena questioned him how he had known that the paintings were fake and demanded to know his name, upon which he replied Mizuki, which was his surname. With the help of the head maid Akie, he managed to not have his identity fully blown. Then Rena presented him with a school uniform and told him that she had signed him up at Oukou Gakuen after hearing that he didn’t attend school. He will also serve as her maid. How will Shin…, no, Mizuki fare in this new setting!?

[Taken from Micchi’s blog and modified slightly]

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May 2012 Eroge Releases: Another Perspective

Tired of the usual overly critical opinions of Micchi and Zen? Ever want another perspective on the new releases focusing on other aspects of those games, such as the MOE points of the characters or the fappability of the H scenes, without having the distraction known as story in your way? Knowing next to absolutely nothing about the scenario writers, the illustrators, or the companies, we shall present the most unbiased impression of this month’s titles, or maybe we’re just biased in another way. You can be the judge of that.

On another note, this blog was selected to be in the Aniblog Tourney for reasons known only to the hosts. Come on, this blog is completely unrelated to anime. I bet the hosts just want to point and laugh at our faces when we get stomped by the anime blogs. Anyway, feel free to vote for us if you feel visual novels should trump anime. I can’t be the only one thinking that.

There aren’t OP’s for all of them since it’s so early they aren’t released yet. Probably will add them as they become available.

Aero here XD. I’ll be giving some of my opinions for next months games as well. My text is in a different color to make differentiation easier. I can’t help but think that we’re doing a cheap imitation of what Micchi and Zen do >__>. I hope they don’t rage in the comments.

It’ll be alright, we’re doing something totally different. Any resemblance to their post is purely coincidental. *feigns ignorance* 

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Aero-ge Review: Relations Sister x Sister + More Random Majikoi Stuff

I was pretty overwhelmed by how popular my ATLAS guide was. I’m glad to see that people found it helpful ^^.

I’ll be making a small comment about Majikoi after the review.

I finished 3 games in March: Natsuyume Nagisa, Mecha-con and Relations Sister x Sister. “Relations” is basically the only thing I can write about. Mecha-con got knocked out because it’s a nukige and thinking about Natsuyume gets me depressed again >_>. However, I was talking with Aedes about writing a small fanfic about an alternative ending to Natsuyume. Whether that comes to fruition depends on how lazy I am. Well, on to the review.

Company: エール (Aile)
Game site: relations sister×sister.
Release date: April 28, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough
This is the first game by Aile. Kouhei lost his mother when he was young and now his father who had raised him up has decided to remarry. Since it’s been 10 years since his mother’s death, there was no reason for him to object. However, he was surprised when his new mother brought along two daughters. Suddenly he had two new non-blood related sisters: older sister Kaori, who is great at everything and very popular at school, and younger sister Chisato, who is just as pretty as her sister but has a fear of men. Other girls soon find out about this, including his osananajimi Haruka, resulting in his life turning upside down.

[‘Borrowed’ from Micchi’s blog]

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Lycanthropes and Vampires…..Huh?

Looking past that I don’t think lycanthropy means what they think it means, I have a feeling I saw this setting used somewhere before, and I doubt I’m the only one. But no matter how cliché the setting may be, I won’t complain providing the game has plenty of solid ichaicha, if such a thing even exists. Ichaicha is pretty much the only thing I look for in a game after all, along with good ero scenes, though I suppose a decent story that doesn’t get too depressing for it’s own good can’t hurt. Coincidentally enough, that’s precisely my brief impression with Dracu-Riot so far.

For a change, that’s all I’m going to say about the story. Recently I realized the sad truth – my writing is hopelessly bad especially when it comes to stuff related to the story, such as the writing and the pacing of it; I am simply not able to look at stories with such critical eyes and provide any worthy analysis when nearly all my attention is focused on the ichaicha. To save myself embarrassment, and to save you from wasting your time reading the crap like what you’re reading now, I’ve decided to make my posts entirely character based if they aren’t already.  From now on, I shall preach about how MOE the bishoujos are and nothing else.
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