Lycanthropes and Vampires…..Huh?

Looking past that I don’t think lycanthropy means what they think it means, I have a feeling I saw this setting used somewhere before, and I doubt I’m the only one. But no matter how cliché the setting may be, I won’t complain providing the game has plenty of solid ichaicha, if such a thing even exists. Ichaicha is pretty much the only thing I look for in a game after all, along with good ero scenes, though I suppose a decent story that doesn’t get too depressing for it’s own good can’t hurt. Coincidentally enough, that’s precisely my brief impression with Dracu-Riot so far.

For a change, that’s all I’m going to say about the story. Recently I realized the sad truth – my writing is hopelessly bad especially when it comes to stuff related to the story, such as the writing and the pacing of it; I am simply not able to look at stories with such critical eyes and provide any worthy analysis when nearly all my attention is focused on the ichaicha. To save myself embarrassment, and to save you from wasting your time reading the crap like what you’re reading now, I’ve decided to make my posts entirely character based if they aren’t already.  From now on, I shall preach about how MOE the bishoujos are and nothing else.
With the Nazi uniform. one may think Miu is the serious type. But thankfully, that is NOT the case as you can see in the image above. In fact, the uniform only adds to her charms when she says lines one wouldn’t even dream a person in a Nazi uniform would say. Granted, she isn’t a real Nazi as the uniform is only for cosplay purposes, but that is besides the point. I demand more uniforms like that please. Damn that is MOE. Speaking of the uniform, it wouldn’t be right to not show the uniform in action would it? Yes, ma’am, I would happily oblige. Did I mention she is a loan shark, of the very pleasant kind? Every time Yuuto, the main guy, lays his eyes on another girl or do anything that gets Miu jealous, he builds up debt with Miu. That is later paid back by kisses, or in more dire circumstances, by his body in full. Needless to say, they both enjoy the process; I have never seen a person so happily building up debt.And remember guys, she is M not S. The fact that they managed to stick ichaicha into virtually every single scene after they got together was refreshing. No longer do I have to suffer through great length of “story” getting annoyed by the lack of ichaicha and the seriousness of it all. In all the story scenes, except for a very few, they always take the time to assure each other of their undying love for one another and nothing will ever tear them apart. Or something like that. They know the power of love conquers all.Yep, that’s Erina in the bunny suit. Erina, aka ERONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, is the irresistibly HAWT, ERO, and SILVER HAIRED heroine who hails from Russia and manages to hit at least half of my moe spots dead on at the same time from the moment she appears on screen. Besides those, she is also a kouhai and kind of a loli when you look at her height which is supposedly similar to Azusa the real loli’s. If she is an imouto, she would be perfect. Due to that, I still like Sora better. Sorry Erina, nothing beats the taste of your twin sister.

Come on, who can resist that. Don’t even bother trying. What I find surprising however, is that Erina has fewer ichaicha scenes compared to Miu. She still has lots of them, but I don’t understand why Miu seems to have more. I mean, she is completely deredere with a hefty serving of ero straight from the very beginning, and yet the slightly tsun Miu somehow appears more adorable. I think that’s probably because of the gap between her deredere and the jealous or tsun moments. Erina is just deredere all the way through with little change in behavior. I suppose you can call Erina one-dimensional? 

So I ended up not liking Erina as much as I thought I would after I played through her route, since I liked Miu’s route better – that last scene of Miu’s is awesome. THE POWER OF LOVE! Erina’s is ok, nothing special but not too disappointing either. But there’s no way you won’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time you see those hearts flying around. I’m saving the after stories for both of them until I finish the game as I still have Azusa and Rio to go. Maybe that’ll change my mind. Delicious H scenes FTW.

Now that I’ve more or less finished saying what I have to say, this post ended up not looking like anything I’ve written so far. Please someone let me know whether that’s good or bad from your perspective as a reader. I’ll leave some images here to let you know what to expect later next week at the soonest. The last image is a bonus.

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23 thoughts on “Lycanthropes and Vampires…..Huh?

  1. I’m getting more and more interested in this game. I’ve been checking the score on VNDB over the last few days, and it start off around 6.8. Now it’s over 7. Seems like a game to play XD

    • Can’t say for the story, not that I’m a story person to begin with, but the ichaicha is great for both Erina and Miu. Worth a play imo. The common route isn’t exactly its strong point though.

  2. What could I tell ….? If you look at my icon, you know who, between Miu and Erooona, I prefer … and I had decided this before playing it … Am I an ESPer? I don’t know, anyhow i was looking at your to do list, in the next future I see just Monobeno … and a little worried it comes to me to think “mala tempora, sed peiora” (it was latin, these are bad times but worst times will come) … of course these aren’t bad times for VNs but I am curious to see your future choices … and, I’ll be mistaking, I see many imoutos in them.

    • I still have Azusa’s, Rio’s, and Nikolas’ routes left to finish. After that will either be Tsukumo no Tsuki or Monobeno depending on when I finish Dracu-Riot.

      I should probably update those banners in the list since March is already past. 😛

  3. Man, the OP of that VN has been stuck in my head (and I have been playing that song a lot of times about everyday for some reason on my phone) ever since Danny Choo introduced and posted about it. Also, I didn’t know that it’s about vampires and such. Guess, I didn’t pay attention. xD

  4. Really enjoy the blog, I liked your take on this game on its nice to see others in the western community talking about Dracu-riot. I’ve been holding off on try eroge/VNs forever, mostly waiting for my Japanese to improve. This is actually the first non-translated game I picked up and I am really glad I did. All critiques of the plot aside there are plenty of funny moments and the characters are EXTREMELY likable in their own ways. I’m glad I got sucked in by the moe-overload of the promo art because I just can’t stop playing now lol.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. I’ll be doing another post on Dracu-Riot soon, covering the other heroines.

      I hope you’ll be picking more of them up, since as you can see, you’ll be missing out if you only stick to the translated ones. While I can’t say I like Rio that much, the other heroines are certainly very likable. I need to stop slacking off and finish the game soon. lol

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