Aero-ge Review: Relations Sister x Sister + More Random Majikoi Stuff

I was pretty overwhelmed by how popular my ATLAS guide was. I’m glad to see that people found it helpful ^^.

I’ll be making a small comment about Majikoi after the review.

I finished 3 games in March: Natsuyume Nagisa, Mecha-con and Relations Sister x Sister. “Relations” is basically the only thing I can write about. Mecha-con got knocked out because it’s a nukige and thinking about Natsuyume gets me depressed again >_>. However, I was talking with Aedes about writing a small fanfic about an alternative ending to Natsuyume. Whether that comes to fruition depends on how lazy I am. Well, on to the review.

Company: エール (Aile)
Game site: relations sister×sister.
Release date: April 28, 2011
Links: Getchu, walkthrough
This is the first game by Aile. Kouhei lost his mother when he was young and now his father who had raised him up has decided to remarry. Since it’s been 10 years since his mother’s death, there was no reason for him to object. However, he was surprised when his new mother brought along two daughters. Suddenly he had two new non-blood related sisters: older sister Kaori, who is great at everything and very popular at school, and younger sister Chisato, who is just as pretty as her sister but has a fear of men. Other girls soon find out about this, including his osananajimi Haruka, resulting in his life turning upside down.

[‘Borrowed’ from Micchi’s blog]

This is a VERY generic game. Nothing in particular stands out, besides how it’s pretty short and how Kouhei doesn’t know about his sisters until basically the end of the common route. A lot of the heroines show romantic interest in Kouhei from the start of the game and there are even a couple of super near confession moments in the common route. Not really much good comedy in this game and you probably already know that there’s zero story. The romance in this game is generally pretty poorly done. Most of the heroines fall in love with Koukei for very vague reasons. Kouhei in turn will then have a sudden realization that he likes a particular heroine and then feel the need to confess. H-scenes right after 3/5 confessions >_>.


I love the opening ^^


If you play enough eroge, you’ll have situations being very similar here and there. This game takes that feeling to the extreme >_>


Kouhei’s new older sister who seems to be able to do almost anything.


Kouhei’s new younger sister who’s apparently afraid of men. She’s shy and lacks confidence. She first meets Kouhei when he helps chase away a dog that’s bothering her.

The sisters’ route starts with an event that causes the sisters to suspect that Kouhei has interest in one of them. A love triangle like situation causes the air to become awkward.

Kaori’s route focus is on the fact that Kaori seems to want to go to medical school, but doesn’t plan to because of financial reasons. That’s basically the whole route >__>.

Chisato’s route basically deals with her shyness and developing confidence. Besides being stated a couple of times, Chisato’s fear of men is never actually shown. I suspect that it was added as a reason for why her love for Kouhei is even stronger? Otherwise, it’s a reason for why she’s shy. Either way, it’s just too typical.

In one of the routes following the sisters’ route, you see one of the sisters very emotionally devastated after being rejected by Kouhei. I actually like seeing this in games ^^. Guess it appeals to my sadistic side =3.


Kouhei’s energetic osananjimi, who for some reason distanced herself from Kouhei during middle school.

The attitude that Haruka shows towards Kouhei at the start I found quite interesting. I wish it lasted longer, but it’s dealt with somewhere in the middle of the common route. How Kouhei comes to actually like Haruka is VERY vague. After they’re in a relationship, everything gets “killed” with Haruka getting paranoid that Kouhei will get tired of her.


The arrogant tsundere ojou-sama of the game. She goes to the all-girls school that Kaori previous attended, and respects her greatly. She gets forced to work at the same restaurant as Kouhei.

Misa’s route starts off with an argument between her and grandfather, which causes him to cut her off. So basically the pampered ojou-sama is now super poor, taking the bus to school instead of a limo. Kouhei decides to help her with various matters, which gets things heated between the two. The rest of the route deals with the two trying to think of a new menu for the restaurant.

My favorite route XD. The development in the relation was nice, relative to the other heroines. Being very short, Misa’s route manages to avoid the pitfalls that a lot of other ojou-sama routes fall into.


Shizuka is your quiet bookworm heroine. She works at the same restaurant as Kouhei, so they are intimate to a certain degree.

Shizuka’s route involves some relationship issues that she has with her family. Though Shizuka says that she really likes Kouhei, it actually seems like the two grow distant during the middle of the route. The family issue which has lasted for many years rolls over WAY too easily. The route ends with a love comedy feel with Shizuka’s sister saying that she wants Kouhei to be her boyfriend.


The system for this game is VERY average.

First off, there aren’t enough settings. Only the super basic ones are available. My favorite setting was missing – the option to let voices run until next voice. Also, I didn’t like the system screen. It’s too bright and hard to look at >__>. The various options at the bottom of the dialogue box are also hard to read. But, these are one-time issue.

Changing the size of the window via mouse is done VERY poorly. It’s not smooth and when you change the size via mouse, the game screen goes black for a moment, then lag and finally it changes.

Something this game has that I REALLY like is that the furigana for the names are always there.


The art for this game wasn’t bad, but I did feel that they were a little cheap at times. Eyes seem a little TOO far spaced apart for some of the character sprites. Also, in some of the CGs, the heroines’ eyes are OVERLY sparkly…like a shoujo manga.


I’m not usually one to care about BGMs, but I liked the voices in this game XD


Story: 4/10 (though it says story, I actually mean character development)
Character: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 7/10
System: 5/10

Overall: 50/100 (Not a total)

You might be surprised that I gave it a passing grade (<= barely). Sure, they did a lot of stuff wrong in this game, but it wasn’t the worse piece of crap I’ve ever played. The development after the relationship is formed is half decent, but the characters in particular stood out to me. They were done quite nicely, personality and design wise. However, all in all, you’re better off not playing this game. However, for ATLAS users out there, this game is quite translation friendly.

Onto the Majikoi stuff XD. The popularity poll wallpaper for Tsubame is out XD. Along with this, they decided to do a wallpaper like thing for Benkei and Margit as well. Here’s what they look like:

Check out the official site to get the actual wallpapers

Minato Soft announced plans for extra discs for Majikoi. Majikoi A (append) will have five discs labelled A-1 to A-5, and each disc will contain 3 routes. The first disc which is scheduled to release sometime this year will contain a route for Benkei XD. She is expected to get around 15CGs with her route. Tsubame gets an after story plus at around A-3 and Homura gets a route in A-4. More info on these discs can be found here.

Yes they are milking this series for what it’s worth. It just means that one of my favorite games ever will continue to live for a little longer ^^

12 thoughts on “Aero-ge Review: Relations Sister x Sister + More Random Majikoi Stuff

  1. Wow, another Majikoi expansion? I am down with that, especially for an extra Tsubame story. Might look into playing the title you reviewed, but never heard of the “Natsuyume Nagisa” title. Sounds like I better not even bother…to close to crunchtime for depressing novels…

    • Natsuyume Nagisa is a pretty good title by Saga Planets that also released the recent Hatsuyuki Sakura. Both are definitely worth a try in my opinion. Their endings are not quite downright depressing, but bittersweet.

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