Monobeno Review

There has been criticism that the posts lately have been looking like lists. I’ve nothing to say to that, since they are indeed lists. Not that there’s anything wrong with lists in my opinion. But Aero has been bugging me to make a real post, so here it is. An attempt at one at least.

Company: Lose 
Game Site: ものべの -MONOBENO-
Release Date: April 27, 2012
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Tooru, a pre-med student, and his imouto Natsuha return home to the village Monobeno for the summer. It’s a small village surrounded by mountains on all sides and situated deep in the middle of absolutely no where, with only one road leading to the outside. In this convenient setting, people live in harmony with youkai, or supernatural creatures. During the festival celebrating the birth of this village, Natsuha suddenly felt sick looking at the dance dedicated to the gods so they all went home. On the next day, Natsuha miraculously grew 10 centimeters and hit puberty, no longer looking like a loli and more like a bishoujo. And so they set out to find out what caused this. Lolis should always remain as lolis right?

[Roughly translated from the official site’s story section so I don’t have to come up with one]

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Moe Moe Heroines

Hi all, this is Aedes giving you the second part of the pointless eroge heroine series. Ugh, has it been two weeks since the last installment? Better late than never I say! We’re fully aware that not all categories were covered last time, nor will they be this time; those crazy Japanese people’s delusions have no limits and it may be better to not venture into some of them in fear of seeing things that cannot be unseen. The categories are in no particular order. They’re merely what comes up in my head as I’m writing the post. So they’ll probably be random. Very random.

Aero here. As I sit here typing this, I’m amazed at how many people voted in favor for a second post for this. I actually voted against (<= not a lie). Guess everyone likes seeing cute girls =3

By the way, this is not the harem post. That is coming up later. And there is an embarrassingly small selection of games. Oh well.

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Eroge – Various Heroines

It’s time for round two of the aniblog tourney! This round is pretty interesting because we’re up against another VN/eroge blog. Feel free to vote for which either blog suits your tastes more ^^.

This post will be all about heroines. We’ll list various categories of heroines and say who comes to mind. We’d love to hear your preferences for the heroines as well. I still watch anime and read manga (occasionally), so I’ll check out stuff with interesting heroines.

Truth be told, this post is just an excuse to show pics of cute girls =3.

And also to show you all some of my fetishes.

NOTE: To make things easier to read, when I use the term anime, I mean manga as well. It just saves me from referring to it as anime and manga all the time.

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