Eroge – Various Heroines

It’s time for round two of the aniblog tourney! This round is pretty interesting because we’re up against another VN/eroge blog. Feel free to vote for which either blog suits your tastes more ^^.

This post will be all about heroines. We’ll list various categories of heroines and say who comes to mind. We’d love to hear your preferences for the heroines as well. I still watch anime and read manga (occasionally), so I’ll check out stuff with interesting heroines.

Truth be told, this post is just an excuse to show pics of cute girls =3.

And also to show you all some of my fetishes.

NOTE: To make things easier to read, when I use the term anime, I mean manga as well. It just saves me from referring to it as anime and manga all the time.

The Categories


I can barely think of any teacher/adult heroines in anime. The only example of can think of is Please Teacher! I suppose the industry avoids it for morality reasons. Even in eroge I feel that it’s most commonly used in nukige. When it is used OUTSIDE of the pointless H context, it generally fails to due dragging out the social standing issue that exists between the couple.

Aero: Misa (Natsu no Ame)

Easily the best teacher heroine I’ve ever seen. She is quite childish when outside of a serious environment. When it comes to school, she’s all mature and reliable. The social standing issue does appear in her route. However, it’s implement very nicely and it’s not dragged out. Things get even more interesting because there’s a kid involved =3.


Really wanted to pick the other Misa, but since this is my second favorite I’ll pick her for variety’s sake.  And that cowgirl outfit! She’s too cute for her own good. 

I thought you couldn’t stand her boobs?

She’ll be perfect if they’re downsized a bit.


Besides the very obvious blood related oneesan, you also get those childhood friend like characters which act like one. Logically, this person would also be your senpai, which is why I merged the categories. In both cases you usually get the character trying to act reliable and taking the lead in the relationship. I’m personally not a great fan of this type of heroine because I hate being treated like a kid >__>. However, if the oneesan/senpai becomes an amaenbou, then I can put up with it for a while.

Aero: Momoyo (Majikoi)

Momoyo’s love of battle has pissed me off on more than one occasion. However, after she gets into the relation, this lust for battle is quenched by love =3. Once in the relationship, she becomes somewhat of an amaenbou. I love seeing that kind of thing. Despite being super strong, she is actually afraid of ghosts. Hilarious ^^.

Aedes: Rikako (Natsu no Ame)

Kind of cheating since she doesn’t feel like an onee-san at all. Love taking care of a strong-willed onee-san with a weak side instead of the other way around. 

Upper class heroine

Heroines who seem higher class than your typical person. The typical types seem to be someone who is very arrogant or someone who has limited knowledge of the outside world. I think this heroine in eroge shares a lot of similarity with anime, relationship wise. A lot of the time it’s not accepted by the elders. You get all that crap saying she has a fiancee or he’s a commoner etc. I find this situation way too typical, and boring.

Aero: Rise (Princess Evangile)

Rise is your humble and elegant ojousama type. However despite this, she is quick to get jealous. She has a decent understanding of the outside world, but is an amateur when it comes to romance. She discovers shoujo manga and uses it as a guide as to what couples should do. Fortunately, this route didn’t include any crap about the relationship not being accepted. Though, ONE of the other routes for this game has a route solely based on that.

Aedes: Akari (Noble Works)

Amaenbou ojou-sama, ’nuff said. Plus panty shot.


The osananajimi heroine is probably the most overused heroine out there, which means the standards of grading them is a lot harsher. It seems that this type of heroine is either with the protag since young, which leads one of the two have unrequited feelings for the other. Otherwise, their friendship is cutoff and the two are separated until high school (<= very convenient). The “TOYOTA” description of osananajimis explained by Keima in chapter 57 of ‘The World God Only Knows’ is surprisingly accurate. I really LOLed when I read that thing =3.

Aero: Chiho (Princess Evangile)

Another heroine from Princess Evangile. What can I say? I really liked the game.

Words can’t describe why I like Chiho. Watching her energetic behaviour is very calming. She’s tsundere, but they don’t milk it, so things don’t get annoying. Unlike the two descriptions above, she is actually separated from the protag for about 1 year. She develops a grudge over a misunderstanding, which leads to a love hate relationship between the two at the start of the game. When this is cleared up, she shows LOTS of jealously. If you didn’t guess, I love seeing jealously XD.

Aedes: No idea

They all blend into each other.


It’s hard to stereotype the Kouhai heroine. I usually think of them as either energetic, shy or loners. It also seems that they don’t usually stand out in the protags eyes until pretty late in the game. Hard to say really. What are your thoughts?

Aero: Yukie (Majikoi)

Yukie is very socially awkward and is often seen talking to her phone strap. The fact that she always carries a sword with her tends to make people avoid her. The various facial expressions Yukie makes is hilarious and her ‘mascot’ sidekick also brings in a lot of LOLs. Herattempts to make friends really pulled at my heart strings. Very obedient, caring and lots of housewife skills. What’s not to love?

Side note – The majikoi anime sucked >__>

Aedes: Hitsuji (Natsuyume Nagisa)

Aggressive kouhai, I like. Guess what is her sole reason for coming to school? To meet her senpai~ of course.


To avoid Aedes raging at me, I ended up NOT merging this with the kouhai category >__>. Aedes would probably be more qualified to talk about this category, seeing as he spends all this ero-gaming looking for imoutos.

Aero: Kirino (Oreimo)

Not from an eroge, but I’ll make an exception here. Most of you anime watchers out there will probably know who she is. She actually becomes my fave imouto from her scenes in the PSP game. I’ll spoil you here and tell you that in an ‘IF’ route, Kousuke finds out that he’s not blood related to Kirino. Kirino also finds out about it, and develops a lot of insecurities. The route ends with a very nice confession. The overall thing is short, but sweet.

Aedes: Sora (Yosuga no Sora)

There’s a reason why she’s my avatar. Hits all my moe spots right on. Silver hair, loli, imouto, Gothic dress, silghtly yandere, let down hair, amaenbou, dependent, I can go on and on about her.


The heroine who shows a fake personality, but her real personality is revealed to the protagonist. When talking about this heroine it seems like there’s only one type. The kind reliable personality which is loved by many, to a arrogant S attitude.  Quite rare, but is generally done quite well. Kawashima Ami anyone?

Aero: Mayuri (Flyable Heart)

Mayuri is the senpai of the protag. Reliable, smart and loved by many. Though some circumstances, she reveals her true personality to the protag, which comes off as very scary. Her route in the original flyable heart game ends very abruptly. However, in ‘Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete’, she is the sole heroine. Here you see a lot more ichaicha between the two and you learn a lot about her screwed up family circumstances. Believe me, that’s some messed up sh##. Her ending in this game gives a very nice true love feel, which I really liked.

Aedes: I dunno, probably Mayuri too. I swear I am not a M.

Same class

As the name implies, this is a heroine which is in the same class as the protagonist. This basically covers a lot of the random heroines that don’t fit other categories.

Aero’s pick: Yuuki (LOVELY x CATION)

Yuuki has a very deep interest in the outside world because she’s somewhat of a sheltered ojousama. Despite this, she’s very energetic and very popular. Yuuki starts to tag along with the protag as he does random stuff after school in order to learn about general life. These small encounters every day bring the two slowly closer. Her sudden realization of her feelings towards the protag lead to a very VERY nice confession scene. That moment, though quite predictable, was very nicely done.

Aedes: Too many of them to choose from.

Music related

By labeling it the music related category I was able to make this section very broad. So it covers heroines who play instruments, seiyuu, singers etc. I have a feeling that a lot of people will think of ‘K-ON!’.

Aero’s pick: Riho (Deardrops)

Despite Deardrops lacking a bit in the romance development area, I still really liked Riho’s character. The term ‘punk’ comes to mind when I think about her. Well that or the term ‘Coodere’. She’s very passionate towards singing and hates to lose. What I really love about her is that she hates compromising. She’ll give up something, even if that thing is very precious to her, if it means that her comrades follow the right path.

Aedes: Ai (Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco)

Really an excuse to slip another imouto in here. She is the living siscon dictionary that I quote from too often.


What I’m talking about here is a heroine who has a sickness or injury. I have found that these are generally done quite well, with things getting very emotional.  The classic example would probably be Nagisa from Clannad.

Aero: Yume (Hoshizora no Memoria)

A super amaenbou, sickly, osananajimi oneesan heroine =3. I can’t really say much about Yume without spoiling something >__>. So, just enjoy the pictures. The game has an excellent story and is also FULLY translated.

Aedes: Maya (Tsukumo no Tsuki)

Hey look another imouto, a sickly one this time. I barely played her route, I don’t know what she’s like. But she’s a loli and a imouto, a combination that cannot possibly disappoint.


The robot heroine almost always includes a segment in the story dealing with her developing human emotions. I usually enjoy watching this because it’s filled with lots new experiences and comedy. HOWEVER, the robot heroine will usually meet a tragic end, with the heroine dying either too early or too late. I hate the thought of one of the couple leaving the other behind.

Aero: Miharu (Da Capo)

I actually don’t remember much of Miharu’s route. I played the route around 4 years ago, but I remember I was deeply moved. She develops doubts about her own existence as she gets human emotions. Though the ending was sad, it was satisfying and I believe that it was done in the best way possible.

Side note – The Da Capo anime sucked. They didn’t even keep Junichi’s character appearance the same in each season. Also, both versions don’t look like his appearance in the game.

Aedes: Chi (Chobits)

My only non-eroge pick, since I haven’t met any robots I like. Chiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As a heroine, Chi is fine. However the ending to the anime was pretty lame.


If it’s not obvious, I’m basically talking about any heroine that isn’t entirely human. Stuff like angles, vampires, etc. Sometimes this supernatural element will give the heroine a different life span. In these cases, I get depressed again >__>

Aero: Mare (Hoshizora no Memoria)

Silver haired loli…is what Aedes would probably first notice about Mare. Mare is a ‘shinigami’, and finds it more difficult to appear during the day. Besides a few abilities, she is actually quite weak. She gives off a very distant feel at the very start, but becomes very cute later on. The only thing that bothers me about her is her life span. Being a supernatural being she’ll probably live a hell of a long time. It’s depressing to think that she’ll be left behind when the protag eventually dies.

Aedes: Kirie (Bishoujo Mangekyou)

Silver haired loli vampire in a Gothic dress, DAYUM. Her full power can only be contained in NSFW images, so I’ll just leave this here. That SMIRK! 

That picture almost looks 3D


I actually think this is an area where anime is superior to eroge. Your typical action anime will usually have a pretty cool protag to make the story interesting. A lot of the time in eroge, the protag is pretty plain. I guess this is so that players feel closer to the heroines?

Aero: Kaito (Akatsuki no Goei)

Your bad ass protag had a very unpleasant upbringing. He is very strong and has a variety of skills, such as lock picking and being able to survive falls from a 5 storey building. However, this upbringing has also made it so that he can’t sleep in the dark. Despite his looks, he LOVES to read. He lives life at his own pace; constantly going against authority because he’s too lazy to do that crap they want him to do.

Aedes: Hatsuyuki (Hatsuyuki Sakura)

Bad ass protagonists – He who deals the punches instead of taking them; he does not fool around when it comes down to business. NOPE. And he even has a sharp sense of humor to go along with all that. 

Holy @#&%$ that looks evil >_____>

So there you have it, our super lame post. I hope that all you anime lovers out there enjoyed looking at some of the eroge pics we put up there. We made sure to keep things easy on the eyes by not including any NSFW images. If we somehow managed to get you interested in our world, feel free to drop us a comment ^^. We’re more than happy to make recommendations and help beginners get on their feet. Aero out.

Wow this post is lame. Why did we waste our time on such a useless post anyway?


Cute girls <=

47 thoughts on “Eroge – Various Heroines

  1. Dude you should put N/A on Robot instead of Chobits. As good as she is, she doesn’t qualify as a VN character so she shouldn’t be in any pool.

    But yeah, seriously, nothing wrong with your pool but they are within the same areas. At least you have a character older than 2008 *cough that would be Chobits*.

  2. Aedes where is my 尽くすtype and my 生徒会長 type ><?
    oh well I will go like this then
    1) Upper class – wish the stories about them wasnt so cliche
    2) Kouhai
    3) ugh…no 甘えん坊 too, I guess I will go with supernatural then

    and favorite main protagonist is Yuuji from Grisaia

    • Sorry I was the one who put up the types. If we picked heroines based on personalities and if we included some other roles (Maid, student council pres, megane etc), this post would have been 5 times as long >__>.

      We were pretty lazy.

      I liked Yuuji as well and he’s actually very similar to Kaito from Akatsuki no Goei. Chose Kaito in the end…for reasons that I have already forgotten.

  3. Oh right, thanks for this post. I was reminded of something.

    Erobloggers! I think it’s about time we start the top 6 waifu + one meido posts again. Anyone can participate actually, this is more of a challenge than anything else. Original rules are here. No NTR please, and former posters may post their lists again just to make sure no one gets to them first. (Also for the record, San from ItsuSora and Kunagi from Daibanchou are off-limits as mandated by Hemi.)

    No deadline! Get to it!

    • @^$#@^@!!! That was lucky >_______>

      Clicked on that link of yours and that was one pretty big NSFW image right on the cover there. Normally I’m fine with that, but I’m studying in the library atm T_T. Glad no one was paying attention.

      Yes, I’m a closet otaku.

      I’ll contribute to that thing once i get home

    • lol wut you’re organizing it now?

      Can’t include Sora? Fuck those rules. But I’ll do one anyway just because. With MAXIMUM NSFW.

  4. I’m going to stick to just eroges/VNs.

    Teacher/Adult – Yui (Hanihani). I tried… I really did.
    Oneesan/Senpai – Mitsuki (Akasaka). 110% charisma.
    Upper class heroine – Yuuhi (Fairchild). She just wants some love.
    Osananajimi – Asuho (Hoshimemo). Always by your side, like a puppy.
    Kouhai – Hitsuji (Natsunagi). I’M FEELING BUMPY JUMPY.
    Imouto – I can’t pick just one. Sana (Tenshin) for acquired imouto. Mai (Yoake) for non-blood-related imouto. Kaho (LoverAble) for blood-related imouto. Koharu (HGB) for imouto that isn’t really imouto.
    Pretending – Sumire (Suzu7). So conniving. So delicious.
    Same Class – Sana (Mashifoni). Can I take Airi too?
    Music related – Ai (Harupoco). 駄妹万歳。An Ebi is also fine.
    Sickly – Ayu (Kanon). Flying headbutts since 1999.
    Robot – Miharu (DC). Banana powered.
    Supernatural – Mahiru (DC2). Waiting all this time for her senpai to come.
    Protagonist – Takuto (GA). Saves the galaxy and wins the girls’ hearts. What more do you want?

    • No Kirino? I’m a little surprised.

      I had forgotten that Asuho was an osananajimi. Actually I still don’t remember anything about it.

      I had forgotten about Airi as well >__>. If I think about it, she would be a VERY close match with Yuuki. Sana is alright as well, but I liked her a lot more before I played her route on PSP.

  5. You have no idea how precious this post of yours is to someone like me who knows little about the types… it is a treasure trove of information and I will make very good use of it to make more awesome Uncle Mugen OELVN’s

  6. Let me see…

    – Teacher/Adult: Either Mio Kifune (ExE) or Shimamura Shizuho (Suzunone Seven)
    – Onee-san/Senpai: Senri Akane (Rewrite), Caroline Marigold (PrismRhythm)
    – Upperclass: This is hard, I really like my ojousamas. Either Hibarigaoka Yuki (Bra-ban!), Kanemoto Akari (Noble Works), Kitamikado Ritsuko (Princess Evangile), Asakura Karen (Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo), Kisaragi Mifuyu (Tayutama)
    – Osananajimi: Either Kanbe Kotori (Rewrite) or Tobari Chisa (Amatsu Misora ni).
    – Kouhai: A few heroines in this category as well. Daikanjama Sumire (Suzunone Seven), Minaduki Makoto (BaldrSky) or Yamagami Ayane (Hare Tokidoki Otenki Ame)
    – Imouto: Chitose Sana (Tenshin Ranman), Nagase Minato (Akane-iro Somaru Saka) or Kasugano Sora (Yosuga no Sora).
    – Pretending: Can’t think of any heroine that would fit this category… Maybe Inui Sana (Mashiro-iro Symphony) ?
    – Same Class: This one is probably the hardest category. Either Inaba Yui (Flyable Heart), Shinonome Satsuki (Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate), Elsterrier Marigold (PrismRhythm), Tohsaka Rin (Fate/stay night) or Nikaido Shinku (Irotoridori no Sekai)
    – Music Related: Yuki Natsumi (Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco).
    – Sickly: Ototsu Yume (Hoshizora no Memoria).
    – Robot: No robot in my finished games. Maybe Akira (Flyable Heart) but, no.
    – Supernatural: Yarai Miu (Dracu-Riot), Hisakaki Kosame (Hoshizora no Memoria).

    Sorry for the long list, can’t just pick one and I’m sure I missed a few on some categories but, I’ll just leave it at that.

    • That’s a very thought out list XD. You clearly love your bishoujos. As for me, a tend to forget a lot of them as I play a ton of games >__>.

      • Of course I do! Don’t you love yours? After all, What else is there to eroge but their bishoujos!?

        On the serious side. I don’t exactly remember all the bishoujos I have encountered but, those are probably the most relevant since they are the ones I could remember without looking at my list of finished games. Had to look up some of their last names, though!

  7. This is difficult…

    – Teacher/Adult: Litte (Prism Ark)
    – Onee-san/Senpai: Kozakai Aya (Hatsusaku)
    – Upperclass: … none?
    – Osananajimi: Natsume Rin (Little Busters)
    – Kouhai: Azuma Yoru (Hatsusaku)
    – Imouto: Sakuno (Mashifoni)
    – Pretending: Mayuri (Flyable Heart)
    – Same Class: Mitora Mememe (Itsusora)
    – Music Related: Charlotte (Quartett), Ogata Rina (White Album PS3)
    – Sickly: Chihiro (ef)
    – Robot: Akira (Flyable Heart)
    – Supernatural: Kosame… (Hoshimemo)

    – Twins : Saigusa Haruka / Futaki Kanata (Little Busters)
    – Yome : Ii Futami

  8. Muahahaha this is awesome idea
    i doubt I can make so many but Imouto has to be Tsubasa from Moshiraba
    and Daughter-chara (hey! you missed this category!) would be Miyabi from Haruka ni Aogi

  9. – Teacher/Adult: i never liked women that were much older than the main character, might as well pick an old favorite of mine from a non eroge VN : Mishima Kazuki (Memories off 5)
    – Onee-san/Senpai:
    – Upperclass: Rachel Windsor (Nanairo Kouro)
    – Osananajimi: Nanase Ayumu (NatsuNagi)
    – Kouhai: Mihama Hitsuji (NatsuNagi) or Kinomoto Nokia (Renai 0 km). Eventhough i am not sure if she counts as either an imouto or kouhai in that game.
    – Imouto: Kasugano Sora (Yosuga no Sora)
    – Pretending: Can’t think of any unless i can pick my favorite reverse traps 😮
    – Same Class: Tamaki Sakura (HatsuSaku) ,Yanase Satsuki (loverable)
    – Music Related: none from an eroge/vn that i have played
    – Sickly: Mizusu (Air) , Key really has alot of those in their games.
    – Robot: also none
    – Supernatural: somewhat a spoiler, Tamaki Sakura (HatsuSaku)

  10. Even though I know more than this, I bet I can fit the entire Ef series in here…

    – Teacher/Adult: Amamiya Akari (not a viable heroine though, unfortunately, Fandisk)
    – Onee-san/Senpai: Kei Shindo
    – Upperclass: None
    – Osananajimi: Amamiya Yuuko, Kei Shindo
    – Kouhai: Mizuki Hayama
    – Imouto: Hirono Nagi (Fandisk)
    – Pretending: Miyamura Miyako, Amamiya Yuuko.
    – Same Class: Basically everyone.
    – Music Related: Kuze Shuuichiro (but he’s a guy…)
    – Sickly: Shindo Chihiro
    – Robot: ?????????
    – Supernatural: Angel!Amamiya Yuuko

  11. Teacher/Adult : Misa (Natsu no Ame) definitely of the cutest teacher heroine i ever seen
    Oneesan/Senpai : Kozakai Aya (Hatsuyuki) i guess she is counted as senpai, even though same age, nevertheless, the mysterious aura, the breast, one of the best character story even though she is not the main character.
    Upper class heroine : Akari (Noble Works) – no doubt, one of the best combination of tsun and dere.
    Osananajimi : Nanase Ayumu (nastu yume nagisa ), even with the huge amount of osananajimi, NO ONE EVER COME CLOSE TO AYUMU, the sexy body, the love love and want to be with you forever feeling, SHES THE BEST.
    Kouhai : i have 2 : Hitsuji (Natsunagi). SENPAI SENPAI DAISUKI , Azuma Yoru, one of the best tsukkomi i ever seen, her tsun tsun is also not bad
    Imouto : It is either sana (tenshin) or kaho (loverable), hmmm, i pick sana, less aggressive and more tsundere, her character just makes me want to have a sister like her.
    Pretending : ????????????????????????!!?!?!?
    Same Class : Shinonome Nozomu ( Hatsuyuki) the breast and “da ze” turns me on.
    Music related :Hibarigaoka Yuki (bra-ban) – The breast, the tsun, the music
    Sickly :nah i prefer healthy girls, ok if i were to chose Toono Haruka (Natsuyume) , it was a very touching ending
    Robot : nah i prefer humans
    Supernatural : ??? Every heroine in natsuyume?, they are in a sense supernatural
    Protagonist : Hatsuyuki (Hatsuyuki Sakura) GHOST KING, or KING OF GHOST, WHAT IS MORE BADASS THAN THAT?

    Side note: saga planets makes the best games man.

    • Is Kozakai Aya the same age? I thought she is 1 year older? I have a feeling that Aya and Ayumu, both great heroines, got shafted in terms of their endings. Also, I see an unhealthy amount of breasts in there.

      • I don’t think the VN has ever said what age she is, except that she was a 3rd years when Hatsuyuki was in the 2nd year. So even if she is not older by age, atleast she is a senpai.

        • too bad you can’t edit posts >_>

          I did notice when playing that both Ayumu from NatsuYume and Aya from HatsuSaku have the same seiyuu. But it might be just be a coincidence that the characters that she voiced both got shafted, but i think otherwise :p

          • 佐本二厘, yeah she’s one of my favourite seiyuu. his voice is so captivating and smoothing

          • i guess the time lapse got me confuse a bit, now that i remember, yeah she was 1 year older, as she graduated, he was still in school

  12. Huh… A lot of people seem to HATE Sora. At least, the people from the forum I go to really dislike her. I don’t know much about Yosuga no Sora, though, so I dunno. lol

    Also, fuck yeah Kaito.

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