Moe Moe Heroines

Hi all, this is Aedes giving you the second part of the pointless eroge heroine series. Ugh, has it been two weeks since the last installment? Better late than never I say! We’re fully aware that not all categories were covered last time, nor will they be this time; those crazy Japanese people’s delusions have no limits and it may be better to not venture into some of them in fear of seeing things that cannot be unseen. The categories are in no particular order. They’re merely what comes up in my head as I’m writing the post. So they’ll probably be random. Very random.

Aero here. As I sit here typing this, I’m amazed at how many people voted in favor for a second post for this. I actually voted against (<= not a lie). Guess everyone likes seeing cute girls =3

By the way, this is not the harem post. That is coming up later. And there is an embarrassingly small selection of games. Oh well.


Does this category need any explanation? You’re likely in the wrong place reading the wrong thing if you don’t know what a tsundere is.  Besides, it’s not like I want to explain it to you or anything! Really, I don’t, being the lazy bastard that I am.

Aedes: Michiru (Grisaia no Kajitsu)

As you all know, tsunderes are absolutely everywhere. But it’s not often you see one who tries very hard to be tsundere, and even says she’s just trying to be a tsundere herself. But tsundere is something you are born to be, not to become later in life. So, naturally she fails at her act. But she does look very cute while she was failing.


Urg. This has to be one of the hardest categories out there since you just see it SO often. It’s easy to recognize in the moment, but I feel that it doesn’t leave that much of an impression on people.

Anyways, my pick is Aya. I don’t know if she’s my favorite tsundere, but she’s the one that comes to mind right now. Besides being a tsundere, she’s also a hardcore gamer.


They’re like tsundere, but extra cool hence the KUUdere. They tend to not talk much.

Aedes: Mikoto (Koiiro Sora Moyou)

The first imouto on the list, with more to come. Yeah, she looks much more dere in that image, but she can be cool at times. Ok, maybe she’s not really a bona fide kuudere, seeing she is normally much more dere than kuu. Whatever, I just want an excuse to put an imouto in here. 

Aero: Sasaki (Grisaia no Kajitsu)

Sasaki literally is the first heroine that comes to mind when I think of kuudere. She has a very cool attitude in the first game, but she shows some hardcore dere in the second.


Yet another flavor of -dere heroines. But one you may not want to experience firsthand unless you plan to be loyal. VERY loyal. Or else it’s a nice boat for you. At least she’ll also be very loyal to you too, so that’s one less thing to worry about for you possessive types. Kitchen knifes and chainsaws anyone?

Aedes: Yoppi (Tsuyokiss)

You know you’re screwed for life when she see that face from her, and you’re with another woman. She ain’t going to let you out of her sight, ever. You better not even peak at another woman, if you value your eyeballs. Or your dick, because she’s going to suck you dry so you can’t think of anyone else but her. Also, for anyone complaining about there not being any heroine from oldies, she is one of them!

Aero: None

I don’t understand this heroine at all. SERIOUSLY. Characters having a small amount of yandere in them aren’t too uncommon, but a full blown yandere is something I don’t think I’ve EVER seen. Either that or I just can’t tell when I’m dealing with a yandere >__>.

Screws loose in the head

Have you ever wondered why that one girl appears more alien than human despite her obvious human appearance?  It’s the little things she does that gives it away, like throwing ninja stars at people in a party or casually developing the Weapon of Mass Destruction in the school’s culinary club. Let me tell you why – they have a few screws loose in their heads.

Aedes: Nagonago (Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka)

She’s like a ninja in that pose. I have no idea what is going on in that little head of hers, so I won’t bother trying to explain.  

Aero: Benkei (Majikoi S)

I have to think that Aedes had a few loose screws in his head when he came up with category, because I have no idea what it means. I spent a long time thinking WTF while trying to think of a heroine for this category. Oh well, I’m just going to throw in Benkei.

Though she doesn’t have loose screws, Benkei does live a very my pace life. She’s too lazy to fight people and is constantly drinking. Her my pace attitude is very amusing to look at and her cute side is to die for XD.

Blonde Hair

I don’t know why, but somehow blonde hair has came to be associated with tsunderes or sometimes dumb blondies. And obviously, all foreigners have blonde hair right?

Aedes: Yaya (Clover Point)

Second imouto on the list, and one of my all time favorite imouto. She possesses none of the traits typically associated with blondies, but she is blonde nonetheless so I’m putting her here. Damn that bubble wrap looks fun. Oh by the way, let’s be immoral!

Aero: Erika (Fortune Arterial)

Aedes, you’re killing me here  >__>. Blond hair isn’t exactly a trait that stands out that much, and it appears ALL the time.

Under normal circumstances, I would’ve picked Akari (Noble Works). However, I decided to add a bit of variety. The next heroine that comes to mind is Erika.

Silver Hair

This marvelous hair color has the magic power to give anyone with it a mysterious aura even if they’re just standing there staring off into space. Who knows, maybe they’re pondering the meaning of life or the wonder of the cosmos? It also functions as a last resort when there are too many blonde foreigners; they have to give them silver hair color so they don’t all look the same. By the way, this is my favorite hair color. Especially on lolis and imoutos.

Aedes: Sakura (Sukima Zakura to Uso no Machi)

The third imouto on the list. Damn, isn’t she pretty? And as expected from propeller, the story is better than average too. Also has some tragic, messed up past. But then, the game’s entire story is kind of messed up too.

Aero: Irina (Osananajimi wa Daitouryou)

Though I could spark an argument here that the hair color that Aedes is referring to here is actually grey, or in some cases white, I’ll leave that for some other time.

Believe it or not, Irina is the president of Russia. She’s also a hardcore tsundere. Lots of icha icha in her route, which I loved.

Woman of Mass Destruction

The WMD can easily destroy the world in a blink of an eye if she chooses to, whether it be through massive nuclear strikes razing everything to the ground or arcane powers vaporizing everything in a jumble of Chinese characters that make no sense. Either way, the world will be no more if she is tired of it, or just wants a new one on a whim. So, keep her happy will ya?

Aedes: Illear (Twinkle Crusaders -Passion Star Stream-)

The God of Destruction! You know what is her greatest wish? Remake the world just for the two of them, with no one else to intrude in their raburabu ichaicha life. What’s not to like? Her see through camisole is a plus.

Aero: Eustia (Aiyoku no Eustia)

Though Tia isn’t the evil type of heroine that might be associated with this category, she DOES have the power to destroy the world.

Glasses Girl

Given the percentage of Asian people who wears glasses, heck, I am one,  it should come as no surprise that there’ll be girls wearing glasses too. Also, every class president and book nerd is required to wear them, no matter what; it’s part of the contract you sign with the devil to obtain those positions. And if you want to appear smarter than you really are, just wear glasses. But be careful, if you do it wrong you’ll only end up looking like a nerd.

Aedes: Shiori (Real Imouto gairu Ooizumikun no Baai)

The fourth and final imouto on the list. She normally doesn’t wear glasses, but I think she wears them sometimes, even though I can’t find a CG for it. You’ll have to take my word for it. Really not a fan of this category myself, so why not put another imouto.

Don’t see any glasses…I can only assume it’s used for some H-scene.

Aero: Hotaru (W.L.O)

Being an asian who wears glasses as well, I’m quite the fan of cute girls wearing glasses. However, from what I’ve seen so far, eroge generally fails to capture the beauty of glasses that girls in real life show. In most cases, they would look better without them. What I want from glasses-heroine is a running gag of them losing their glasses and doing stupid stuff while blind. I know it sounds cliche, but if implemented well, it would be priceless. I have yet to see ANY glasses heroine come close to my ideal. It feels like my search for the perfect teacher heroine, before I found Misa =3.


When you want to cosplay in traditional Japanese outfits as a girl, miko dress is the way to go. You’ll emit that serene aura you’ve always been looking for the moment you put it on. You may even gain supernatural powers while you’re at it if you’re lucky. I suggest against becoming an actual miko though, the pay sucks and there appears to be no benefits nor chances of promotion. Not to mention you’ll be sweeping the temple grounds all day.

Aedes: Kosame/Komomo (Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-)

I tried hard to stay SFW, but they aren’t letting me. Twin mikos for the win!

Aero: Madoka (Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi)

Madoka is a very funny heroine. She’s afraid of men, to the point where she literally hurls the protagonist away several times.


No day is complete without having someone call you goshujinsama~, or master~ at the very least if you’re in a strictly English speaking country. Naturally, the best candidate for that would be your maid, making her an essential part in your every day life. She also takes care of all the housework so you can sit in front of your computer 24/7. And of course, mere housework isn’t the only thing she does.

Aedes: Sachi (Grisaia no Kajitsu)

She likes to take any and all requests seriously, like travelling who knows how far to Hokkaido just to get some fresh milk and other crazy stuff that I can’t remember. She is who I call a hard working maid. 

Aero: Kuon (Osananajimi wa Daitouryou)

The maid heroine appears quite often, but it’s usually just an excuse to get the protagonist laid.

Sachi would have been my first pick as well, but I’ll choose Kuon to add a bit of variety. She’s not your typical made who’s good at cooking. Her specialty lies in ‘assassination’. Though a lot of the time this is used to throw in hilarious gags where she shows her very warped common sense.

So this is the second part of the pointless heroine series, with a possible third part to come. Hope you had fun wasting your time reading this.

They didn’t READ anything. They just looked at the pictures =p. And what’s this about a third part???

I don’t know. You tell me.

About Aedes

Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

41 thoughts on “Moe Moe Heroines

  1. When i read “silver hair”, i was almost certain to find Sora on your list, But if you did that, then there would be less variaty in your overall list. :p
    Why did you only use silver and blond haired characters as categories though?

    • I already put Sora last time for imoutos, else I’d certainly do that. But there’s so little variety in this list it’s kinda sad.
      Silver hair because it’s my fetish, and blonde hair because it’s everywhere. You could say the same for black hair too, except the list will be endless.

  2. Without repeating any from the previous post…

    Tsundere – Prim (Primary). I-It’s not like tsunderes are my thing, she just happened to show tsundere qualities!
    Kuudere – Ginga (S+S2). Kuuderes are usually reserved for senpais. Ginga is a senpai.
    Yandere – Kaede (Shuffle!). Anime version only, because the game version is a (cute) doormat.
    Screws loose in the head – Fuu (Koihime). I’m still not sure what that thing is on her head…
    Blonde Hair – Seira (Hoshikaka). Proof that heroines with blonde hair aren’t all tsunderes.
    Silver Hair – Suzuno (FH). My angel.
    Woman of Mass Destruction – Urara (&). Better do as she says! Well, not like you have a choice…
    Glasses Girl – Noriko (Bra-ban!). 委員長。
    Miko – Madoka (Hoshikaka). It’s almost like she was destined to be a miko.
    Maid – μ (DC2TY). Amaenbou meido? Hell ya.

    • [16:18] i managed to select a heroine for each chara type in Aedes’ two chara type posts
      [16:18] Aedes’ two chara type posts ? where that is?
      [16:18] without repeating a single game (except DC2, cuz mu only shows up in DC2TY anyway)

      I admit defeat.

      • Yeah from what I see the oldest is Tsuyokiss from 2005, followed by Akasaka in Fall 2007, and Clover Point in later 2007.

        On a random note I recall Madoka was the only actually reasonably constructed character in Hoshikaka, at least route-wise.

        Yaya is OP. You simply slot her on a blonde hair slot and don’t have much to say? You shouldn’t put here there then as she’s better than that.

        I’m surprised you didn’t use Erina for Silver Hair.

        I forgot, which character is Aero’s avatar based on?

        • Agreed for Madoka. She’s the only worthy heroine.

          Yaya is so OP no words can describe her OP-ness. So I just put her there and let her OP-ness speak for itself.

          Erina isn’t an imouto. ‘Nuff said.

          Rise from Princess Evangile.

          • Besides Madoka, Seira from Hoshikaka AA also has a fairly ok story.

            Erina isn’t an imouto, I still think that she is an extremely cute kouhai though.

          • If we’re talking about Hoshikaka AA, then indeed that’s true.

            Yes, I love Erina as a kouhai. But when it comes down to it, Imouto > Kouhai for me.

  3. I am an asian too and wearing glasses and likes gals in glasses, guess we are brothers then.
    Madoka definitely deserve more than 1 and half line of description. she should not wear glasses ,cause if she does, there will be nosebleed on my screen and that is not good for my health.

    • Haha yeah I suppose Madoka deserves a lot more than 1.5 lines. It’s been a while since I last played the game. Also truth be told, I used up all my energy writing that rant on the glasses heroine and when I got to Madoka I was pretty lazy.

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