Euphoria Impression

First of all, I have to thank you guys on Twitter, Lerry, Seal (Seele), and everyone else in the deranged Skype group for tempting me to play this game. I would not be able to see heads chopped off, bodies electrocuted, bishoujo embalmed, and much more without you all.

When it comes to posts about games, there are the thoughtful ones like this where the writer went through a meticulous process of writing an outline, then drafts after drafts until finally a satisfying post emerges after hours of work. Then there’s the stream of consciousness-esque posts like this where I spew out whatever I have on my mind and hit the publish button when the stream runs out. Well, just about everything is covered in that review already, so whatever. You guys asked for this.

NSFW spoilers here.

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Ore no Imouto PSP Overview (MAJOR SPOILERS)

I actually forgot about it until recently, but it’s time for the Aniblog Tourney again! Feel free to vote for whatever blog that suits your tastes.

Sadly I haven’t been able to play much eroge recently due to RL factors. Damn you RL >___>. However, I was able to finish OreImo PSP 2 recently, which was fantastic. So I thought I might as well write about both OreImo games. I’ll be doing a small overview of the games and giving you some of my feedback. Be warned. PSP means no ATLAS, so my interpretations of the routes may be quite off. I’ll compensate with my lack of understanding by shoving in tons of CGs into this thing. So feel free to skip the text and just look at the pictures.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to take screenshots on the PSP. So all images here are from CG packs.

The events of OreImo PSP take place basically after the TRUE route of the anime, where Kirino went to America, but is dragged back by Kyousuke. The game is original material, meaning that it doesn’t follow the plot from the light novels. Nothing in particular happens in the common route, so let’s just skip to the individual routes.

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