Euphoria Impression

First of all, I have to thank you guys on Twitter, Lerry, Seal (Seele), and everyone else in the deranged Skype group for tempting me to play this game. I would not be able to see heads chopped off, bodies electrocuted, bishoujo embalmed, and much more without you all.

When it comes to posts about games, there are the thoughtful ones like this where the writer went through a meticulous process of writing an outline, then drafts after drafts until finally a satisfying post emerges after hours of work. Then there’s the stream of consciousness-esque posts like this where I spew out whatever I have on my mind and hit the publish button when the stream runs out. Well, just about everything is covered in that review already, so whatever. You guys asked for this.

NSFW spoilers here.

This is a story about an unfortunate guy and an arguably even more unfortunate girl whose lives are very closely governed by Murphy’s Law. It starts as usual – boy meets girl and sweet kiddy stuff happens that bond them closer and closer together like typical osananajimis. Then shit like rape, murder, corporate greed, crazy cultists, and mad scientists happened. It all went downhill from there; the life of a random hobo living in the slums is like paradise compared to theirs.

Ok, now, the guy gets shut off in some facility somewhere with 5 girls and he has to rape someone 5 times or else they’ll all die. You know what I’d think if I were him? HELL YEAH, BRING IT ON!!! Someone just gave you a legitimate reason to rape cute virgin girls; who in their right mind would refuse such a enticing offer?  Not that you can, because you’d die if you don’t. But you may as well enjoy the process while you’re at it right?  However, apparently this guy doesn’t agree with me, not completely at least. You see him enjoy the raping, but then he gets crushed with guilt later, before he throws away such useless emotional baggage in the next rape scene again. Will you please be more consistent with your behavior? TRUE RAPISTS FEEL NO GUILT.

Come on man, this stuff is TAME. He should be able to dish it out like a proper sadist that he is, instead of the wishy-washy I’m-really-a-nice-guy-even-though-I’m-raping-your-face act he puts on. It’s just some SM, scat, electrocution, asphyxiation, and some creative toy usage. I know you can do this.

Which made me think, is all of this necessary? Not that I’m complaining, because those are some truly fun scenes, but I would think more extreme violence rather than sex would send the message better the game’s creator is trying to send.  I HUNGER FOR MORE BLOOD!

And finally, that’s some pretty convenient and unexpectedly sweet ending for such a dark(ish) game. The big bad who is so extremely cunning at evading pursuers for years just suddenly dies and you get to live happily ever after with the girl of your dreams? Man, I wish life is like that.

Cuter Rika (NSFW, and not in the way you think)

Now for some character specific comments. Let me start with Rika the loli: Just go die in the corner you freaking brat. No one would blink an eye since you’re totally irrelevant, and all you do is bitch about something. And that glasses girl with the big boobs who calls herself the teacher: Can you disappear with the loli too? Your glasses and boobs hurt my eyes and your screaming voice hurts my ears.  I hope you drown in a water tank somewhere.  And to Kanae and Nemu: Damn you guys are good at whatever you set out to do. Kudos to you both. Also, Rinne: Cultists are sexy too.

Alright, this is the end of my charade and an experiment on a um, slightly more expressive writing style. Maybe you’ll see something like this ob the other nukiges I’ve played during my recent nukige spree. We’ll see.

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Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

39 thoughts on “Euphoria Impression

  1. I think I’m the only one who actually really likes Rika…I find her really cute and adorable, especially after her character development. I don’t mind her bratty moments either because after all, she’s just a little girl in a horrible situation. I still wish Miyako had a route, though.

    Personally, I like the back-and-forth the protag has to go through, I find that more interesting than full-on rapist mode. And that way I don’t feel like it’s a case of Stockholm Syndrome when a girl falls for him.

    • I find Rika cute and adorable when she became the pet. That really should be her natural form IMO. And please no, no Miyako route please. I don’t want to suffer through another glasses girl. She got what she deserved in the beginning for wearing glasses.

      Actually, the girls are all secretly masochists. That would explain everything perfectly.

      And I agree with you on your comment when you first published your euphoria review. This stuff IS tame.

  2. What to say? There are characters made to be strongly hated (Rika and Aoi, the english language’s teacher) but you can desire to play their routes to see how bad they can be. As for Rinne’s route, before to exit out, I liked her but, how to say, she isn’t completely rational (but who am I to say it anyway), so I can’t say I disliked her route. Her ending, I didn’t like it … she had a bad, a normal and “her” personal ending, so “her” ending you can like it or dislike it. Nemu and Kanae, I can’t speak of Nemu without speaking of Kanae. The question is “who of the two is the good girl?”, the answer wants you to play the two characters’ routes and see the true end and you can be a little (?) confused by the events (that can take place in the reality or in the dreams) but the true ending you will like it … boy meets girls (several years ago) and they meet again at the end … happy end, isn’t it?

  3. Hmm, any spoilers I can read so I can satisfy this curiosity of mine (but not needing to actually step into this dark dark fetish)? What was the trigger for the protagonist to completely turn into heartless? Was there any other rules to this game/the mastermind ever revealed? Also the meaning behind that “harem” shot you posted…what was the protagonist thinking! D:

    Anyways, interesting game. You need to come back to the “pure and innocent” side though!!

    • The protagonist only turns heartless in the 鬼畜 end where he is convinced to give in to his inner sadistic desires, but not in the true ending. There were no other rules; rape the girls and get out. However, in the grand story, the rape game is only a small part of it. Much more shit happens after they get out of there. As for that harem shot, that belongs in the 鬼畜 end, and I think that name explains it all.

      I’m merely expanding my horizons! I didn’t decide to stop playing fuwa fuwa games forever,I just wanted to try something different for a change. It was a very refreshing experience.

      And I may post a spoiler post soon if/when I feel like it. 😀

  4. I was pleasantly surprised with this game, and in the end thoroughly enjoyed it. I initially just wanted to appease my curiousity and check out the sex scenes, thinking it was purely a nukige. But I was quite happy to find out that there was actually a plot (not amazing, but still interesting nonetheless) beyond the “Saw” like game.

    *spoilers below*

    I really enjoyed the scene where protag is talking to Nemu at the gates of paradise. She’s trying to convince him to join her, and he’s trying to talk her out of it. She tries to tell him that all their friends will be there (Simulation of course, not the real people), and then he questions why she would wait for him if he would’ve been in paradise regardless. I found it a bit thought provoking.

    I didn’t find the true ending to be “too happy” or anything like that. Computer nemu is “dead” (Well, her memory is wiped, thus basically THAT nemu is gone forever.), granted nemu is still alive. It was definitely happy but it had a few hints of bittersweetness.

  5. I must admit that this game felt more like nakige than nukige as I played through True end route. Sex scenes were really soft, and NSFW scenes were really tame that I could go without checking them off of the option.

    By the way, do you know any other game has plot twists like this? I’m having really hard time trying to find new games to enjoy.

    • Didn’t felt much like a nakige for me since it’s ultimately a happy end; didn’t get me teary eyed at all.

      I’m not sure about rape-game-like plot twists. But for games that did get me teary eyed, try Saga Planet’s Natsunagi and Hatsusaku, or propeller’s Asairo. None of them are nukige, but good games nonetheless.

  6. Late comment, but how do you get the “cuter” Rika scene? I was really hoping it would happen on her path, but no such luck. (Happy end? Are you kidding me?? I wanted you to die!!)

    • The only late comments are the ones that aren’t here. 😀

      For that scene, as you can see she’s screaming the route’s name a couple million times. She does die a fabulously gruesome death in her bad end though, so it’s not all bad.

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