[NSFW] Lament for Nukige

This painfully conspicuous red text is to remind you that there’s a NSFW tag in the title in case you missed it somehow.

What do you do when you’ve played too many games but wrote about none of them? Do you write a separate piece for each of them? Of course not, since that’s way too much work. Instead, I’m squishing them all into a single post which is what you’ll be getting.

I’ve been wondering what makes a good nukige. In my opinion, a good nukige compels you to actively fap while playing it, while a bad one leaves your lower body limp and lifeless and wondering why you aren’t watching real porn instead. Imouto ga Boku wo Neratteru, Houkago Eroge-bu, Koiimo, and Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki Da fall into the latter category; they simply aren’t fappable. Let me explain in more detail for each of the game.

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Aero-ge Review: Shiawase Kazoku-bu

It’s sure been a while since my last post. Been spending a lot of my time studying Japanese lately. So much, that it’s cutting into my eroge time >__>.

Anyways, hope you enjoy this review!

Company: パープルソフトウェア (Purple Software)
Game site: しあわせ家族部
Release date: May 25, 2012
Links:VNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough
Kazuki transferred to Amanogawa Gakuen in the middle of the school year. His childhood friend Honoha invited him to the unofficial ‘family club’ where the members pretend to be a family. In addition to the club leader Ougi and imouto-like kouhai Runa, they are soon joined by the robot Misora, the student council leader Mikage, his effeminate classmate Yuuki and energetic kouhai Suzu. For Kazuki, who had lost his family at a young age, he did not understand at first the meaning of family nor the purpose of the club, but he felt at ease with such kind people at his side. Gradually after spending more and more time with them, they become precious to him, just like ‘family’.

[Borrowed from Micchi’s blog]

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[NSFW] Euphoria Spoilers

Updated with more goodies at the bottom.

In case you haven’t noticed from the title, this is spoiler-rific NSFW material. And by NSFW, I mean NSFW.

Want to check out the story without getting your hands dirty? Disappointed with the lack of NSFW images in the last post? Or just want some delicious images to add to your collection? This is for you.

Oh and I’ve begun hosting Livestreams semi-regularly. Right now there is no set schedule or content, but I usually announce on Twitter when one has started. Feel free to drop by Twitter, or leave a comment below if interested.

Let me get this over quickly so I can get back to the June releases that I haven’t been able to properly start since I’ve been procrastinating so much on this post.

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