First Blog Anniversary!

It’s time for the first blog anniversary! The blog was founded on August 28, 2011 when I suddenly decided I want to be able to scream “HEY I’VE A BLOG!” on the Internet to flex my e-peen and pretend I’m a somebody in the VN/eroge scene since there are so few VN blogs compared to let’s say, anime ones. To tell the truth, that remains the main reason I’m maintaining this blog. Yeah, I’m just a selfish bastard. But if I happened to help anyone in my quest for e-peen, then all the better!

Aero here. I have to say that I’m surprised that we keep this thing alive for 1 year. No promises for next year though =p 

If you’re one of the few unfortunate souls who have followed the blog from its inception, you may have noticed the gradual deterioration of the seriousness/quality of my writing as I refined(?) my writing style slowly realizing I simply don’t enjoy writing with a straight face nor am I the analytical type to begin with. So I thought to myself, instead of merely mimicking the styles of the other VN blogs, why don’t I develop one of my own! (I know we’ve all heard that one before). And from that comes the crudely written posts filled with dry humor that has absolutely no right to be funny. But if you get even as little as a halfway grin out of them, I’m content; I like lighting up people lives however much I can. Especially the lives of imoutos and lolis.

We really need something on the blog to point out that we aren’t serious writers. I know my writing sucks pretty bad, and most of the time I write in such a way to make it SEEM like I know what I’m talking about >___>. But I would like to think that I’ve helped a small handful of people out there ^^. 

And in my quest for e-peen, I got into an absurdly long discussion in my Noble Works review with Aero that was at first about the game itself which evolved into a correspondence about VN’s in general. Then after countless e-mails that has cut deeply into both of our eroge playing times, I finally coerced him into blogging with me on this blog so that I can be even lazier and post less while giving the blog the illusion of it being more active than it actually is (don’t tell him that though). And with the publication of his ATLAS guide, the blog now has much more traffic than it deserves. Ahh, the power of the only useful post on this blog!

Haha those were the days ^^. I can’t remember how I stumbled on this blog back in the day, I just remember that I wasn’t really that open as an ero-gamer back then. Since joining the blog I’ve been SOMEWHAT more active, but not really.  Also Aedes, when you ‘coerced’ me into writing for the blog, you overlooked the fact that I’m pretty lazy as well…so not much difference in the productivity.

I’m pretty surprised how much traffic my ATLAS guide has brought to the blog. What started off as a small project to help some random guy I met on a manga site span out of control into some insanely huge thing. 

Currently, I’ve no grand plans for the blog other than using it as a base to capture the lolimoutos of the world; the blog will still be a personal outlet for ramblings about them porn games otherwise known as eroge/nukige/VN. I know I’ve been slipping from my stated weekly schedule since I’ve been lazy and there hasn’t been much to write about. Hence, I’m updating the schedule to “Whenever I feel like it”. But I’ll still try for weekly updates if I can.

I feel that I’m mostly here to give viewers a break from the Imouto and NSFW stuff that Aedes usually posts =3. Aside from that, I plan to keep updating my ATLAS guide into the unforeseeable future. I just hope that my efforts can help some of the noobs out there XD.  

Okay, I’ve rant on in these walls of text for far too long. Needless to say, you are always more than welcome to leave any feedback regarding what we should do better, different, more, less, etc. Finally, thank you all for putting up with this embarrassingly amateurish writing for this past year. We can’t guarantee grammatical perfection nor can we guarantee you’ll always like what you see here, but here is to another year of lolimouto loving!

Many thanks reading our random nonsense ^^. Hope you guys will continue to support us in the future!

Also, what the hell is a rant?

Speaking of which, what better way to celebrate the anniversary than true happiness made of love, imouto flavored.

About Aedes

Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

40 thoughts on “First Blog Anniversary!

  1. Grats on the anniversary, guys! It’s natural that the style and content of your blog will change a lot over the first year. In the end, it’s all about writing what you like, in the way you want. Looking forward to more in the next year!

  2. “True happiness made from love.” – can’t wait for imouto no katachi!
    Gratz guys. Always looking forward to your next posts~

    (btw twincest is supposed to be popular but the only game I know that has it is yosuga no sora???? Impossible!)

  3. Congratulations Aedes, and Aero too of course. It’s been reading some reviews of yours and seeing your “to play list” that I’ve chosen a good number of VN I played. Go on this way and keep on suggesting me VNs to play … even if I must again play Bishoujo Mangekyou 2.

  4. Congrats guys! At the end, it’s better to write the way you both are comfortable with. I believe your writing will be more interesting and enjoyable at the same time. Keep up the good work!

  5. Grats! I actually like bloggers who write in fun, interesting and humorous ways, something I can’t really do for some reason (guess I’m too serious? D:) VN blogs are indeed a rarity, so it’s nice that blog like yours are still so active. Keep on keeping on!

    • I doubt that either of us could write something serious even if we tried =p. But the way we’re currently doing things is the most fun I find, which is a huge motivating factor to keep writing. Especially when we do joint posts =3

      Hope to continue to see your support XD

    • Thanks! On this blog is one of the only times where I enjoyed writing, something that I normally hate doing. Here’s to another year of taking up the mantle for those other slackers.

      And it’s so nice of you to call us active. 😀

  6. Happy blog anniversary you two, I enjoy reading your posts since it covers a diverse genre of eroges (one’s that are usually different than what I usually play!) and still be able to convey the fun in each of them. Aedes seems to be the brave soul of venturing into uncharted territories while bringing back NSFW loots while Aero provides the balance of sanity, great team.

    Thanks for the great work and hope to see you guys still 🙂

    • For someone who does nothing but play eroge, I’m wondering how much ‘sanity’ I actually have =p.

      I play my share of nukige, though it fails in comparison to Aedes, I just don’t feel conformable writing about nukige >__>.

      Thanks for your support ^^

    • Thanks warum! Yeah, we’re not exactly the story type like you are. To us (perhaps me), moe is JUSTICE and story is bonus. And you speak as though I’m an insane manic, which is exactly what I’m aiming for! Finally someone out there who understands.

      We’ll try our best to not disappear off the face of the Earth any time soon. 😀

  7. Congratulations for this blog, guys. Really nice work you’ve been doing. I’ve only known your blog for few months and I already enjoy it quite a bit. Your posts are fun to read. Keep them imoutos comin, sire!

    • It’s probably a good idea for you to not have read the earlier posts. Even I can’t bear to read them now; damn they’re boring to read. Hopefully they’re better now, and based on your reaction, I believe I’m on the right track.

      Don’t worry, the imoutos won’t stop coming. Not while I still draw breath.

  8. Congratulations on a year~~~
    Btw how did you get your hands on imuoto no katachi already did it not just come out like 2 days ago lol

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