Obsession Over Eroge Openings

To make up for the lack of posts, I decided to write this quick post concerning my obsession over various eroge openings. Aedes knows that I OCCASIONALLY get obsessed with a particular eroge opening, and I’ll end up watching it over and over for days. Things would get too long if I went over EVERY eroge opening that I’ve obsessed over, so I’ve narrowed it down to the top 10.

Now what makes one obsess over an eroge opening? I believe it comes down to two fundamental factors:

  1. The song used is good, and the combination of CGs shown is at least not bad
  2. The opening for a game that you’ve been obsessing over

Obsession over a particular opening often leads to wanting to play the game it relates to…which is probably not a good habit to get into; I’ve been burned more than once >___>.

Here’s the list, in the relative order of how much I obsessed over them.


THAT IS ONE AWESOME SONG, is what I first thought when I saw this opening. Also, the CGs are pretty damn nice. Pretty sure that decided to play the game BEFORE watching this. However, if that wasn’t the case, this opening would have lured me in XD.

2) Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

This is probably the extreme case of obsession. Seriously, at one point I think I was watching it like 100 times a day >___>. Well I was actually looped it while doing other stuff. Unfortunately the game didn’t live up to my expectations.

3) Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ 

This song is actually my latest obsession; only found it recently. I probably watch it around 5-10 times a day. I plan to play this game in the near future (after my exams). I hope I don’t regret it >___>. Expect a review for it.

4) W.L.O

I actually got obsessed with this opening quite a bit AFTER finishing the game. I was randomly searching for openings and I stumbled on it. Don’t really watch the opening much these days, but I still got the mp3 on ma ipod.

5) Ren’ai 0 Kilometer 

There was MEGA hype over this back in the day, and I got drunk off it. At least I THINK there was…if not, I got drunk off something else >___>. Not only is the song catchy, the CGs used make you feel like the game’s good. I didn’t actually end up playing this (for complicated reasons), but I hear that I didn’t miss out on much.

6) ××× na Kanojo ga Inaka Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru Himitsu no Houhou 

I actually happened to look at this opening while browsing the monthly releases on Micchi-sama’s blog. The song was great. However, the thing that really drew me in was the use of the song in combination with the cat-girl CG halfway through the thing. I was pretty damn close to playing this game, but Aedes somehow managed to get my sanity back. From what I hear, the actual game is pretty boring.

7) Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata

I’m somewhat of an AXL fan, and I obsessed about this opening around a couple of weeks before the release of the game. I’m not sure if this is true or not (too lazy to check), but it seems like basically all of AXL’s openings are sung by CHATA. Also the style of song is usually pretty similar for these openings, which leads to more obsession >_____>

8) Grisaia no Meikyuu

I quite enjoyed the original game, and this opening was very well made. In particular, I love the CGs that are used. Because I was anticipating the game, I didn’t really obsess over this as much as I might have otherwise. The game turned out great XD. So this was a successful case of obsession.

9) Koisuru Koto to Mitsuketari! 

I don’t care for FIZZ after playing the piece of crap known as Sakura Tale. However, this opening was pretty damn good. Some of the CGs are pretty interesting, and help me get into the mood of the song ^^. However, no way in hell am I gonna actually play this game.

10) Imouto no Katachi

This is a pretty recent game that was hyped over recently. After the success (?) of Yosuga no Sora, a lot of people (mainly siscons) were betting on this. The setting of the game seemed pretty funny, so I gave this opening a look. Final words: I got lured into playing this.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I promise that I’ll give you a more REAL post very soon; currently writing up something for Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road.

Also, if you’ve watched these openings and can suggest something that you think suits my tastes, please drop a comment below! I’m always looking for new openings to obsess over XD.

41 thoughts on “Obsession Over Eroge Openings

  1. “Occasionally” is quite the understatement.

    Also, I demand more Chata songs.

    And just to remind everyone, this post is 100% subjective to Aero’s own personal fetishes. Not trying for a best OP list here. 😀

    • That’s a good point. This post is JUST about obsession; I’m not trying to make a best lists thing. Though in a way, you could probably call this MY best list XD.

      As for CHATA, I was actually gonna put up the OP for Kashimashi Communication, which is an OP I actually like more than Itoshii. However, I didn’t obsess over Kashimashi, so it didn’t make the cut T__T.

      Okay, maybe occasionally is a BIT of an understand, but at least I haven’t been lured too much.

  2. Thanks for the list! Chata songs are MADE for Axl games! (Though I’m surprised to not see more Duca, as I think most chara-ges have her singing the OP O_O) If you like Sakakibara Yui, maybe you’d want to check out Akatsuki no Goei’s OP xD.

    I understand *nods*, I understand too well about this obsession as I used to be pretty crazy over OPs as well. Though I’ve been far less dependent on choosing eroges based on OPs now (it’s a learning experience), whenever I come across one in game I still tend to get rather excited.

    If you are looking for a site to browse OPs at, ketsuage’s erogetrailers site has a comprehensive list of all eroge (and galge) op/eds.

    As for recommendations, don’t really have ones that are similar to the above, but if you don’t mind abit of grade eight syndrome Akabeesoft OPs are great (ex. 僕がサダメ 君には翼を), Dorchadas from Shikkoku no Sharnoth has still one of the catchiest beat in eroge OPs, きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも も捨て難いな...

    *Ahem* Sorry I’ll stop myself before going on a trip, I think OPs are a great way of relaying information in a neat packaged form (as long as it is not the only thing you base your judgement on), and it’s awesome that there are a variety of them out there to suit everyone’s taste. So obsess more! It’s always fun to fight over who looped more 😀

    • I do listen to some other openings that are sung by Duca (I think the opening for Natsu no Ame is one), but I didn’t watch them to the point of obsession. I know that I like the opening for one of the Akatsuki no Goei games, but I still need to check out the others.

      Currently I usually just youtube the opening I’m looking for, but I’ll make sure to check out ketsuage’s erogetrailers sometime ^^.

      Had a look at those songs. I prefer more fast paced music, but those aren’t not bad. Thanks for the recommendations ^^

      Haha my problem is that I sometimes tend to ONLY use the opening as a reason for me to play an eroge. It’s a habit that I’m trying to get out of. Regardless of what happens, I plan to keep looping XD

  3. OPs are pretty much what convinces me to play a game, even if the games are crappy. I’m pretty much obsessed with any Opening that is sung by Ave;New and Saori Sakura. Btw 5th and 6th OP are just HNNNGH!!! Anyhow, the 7th one reminds me the the OP for Dolphin Divers…

    • Haha I think opening obsession is why I ended up playing Sakura Tale (sung by Sakakibara Yui). I got burned from that one though >____>. Glad you like some of the openings up there, and I hope you found a new obsession or two from my list. I’m not really good with the names of singer; I tend to just listen to the song. However, after doing a quick search, this is a song that I quite like that’s sung by Saori Sakura XD.

  4. Yep, I also have this kind of obsession, in fact I download and keep all opening that I love which of course result in a need for more memory space >.>
    If you do not mind me copying, I feel like posting my own top 10 opening XD!

    • I also download openings, but I download pretty low qualities ones so that I can put it on my ipod as well XD.

      Feel free to make any kind of post you like (within reason of course =3). Also, I wouldn’t really call this my TOP 10 openings. But if I think about it, I guess obsession has a direct link with fave openings =p.

  5. It’s not my favorite opening ever (though it’s close), but for a time I was pretty obsessed with Edelweiss’ opening. I have also seen a fair share of times the first Da Capo opening.

    • I’ll say…that opening for Edelweiss is pretty damn awesome XD. I’ll give you a heads up if it becomes my new obsession =p. The one for Da Capo is good as well, but it’s more mood dependent.

  6. No love for OP’s that are fully animated like Dracu-riot (which song was also sung by Sakakibara Yui) ?

    Overall I think games made by Minori tend to have great looking OP’s.

    • Haha I was actually a bit obsessed with the Dracu-riot back in the day. . HOWEVER, I didn’t really obsess with it as much as the ones I’ve listened above. Still a nice opening though, and I LOVE the how it’s animated XD.

      Minori…is that the company that made EF? Either way, I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation ^^

  7. Finally got my pc back,so now i can comment again,weyyyyyyy!

    I sure have been lured by openings too much in my life,both in anime and games,soooo i stopped seeing ops for a while…………………………………and them got lured by the graphics and cgs -_-…

    So now i see both because if i’m going to be lured anyways,what’s the difference? XD

    Recently i was obsessed with the ops of Ore no Kanojo no Uraomote and Scramble Heart…well,not the actual ops but damn those songs are good…

    Scramble Heart have good songs for op and ed…but the game is terrible…

      • Haha it just kinda sucks when you’re REALLY tempted to play a game because you love the opening, but you KNOW the game is pretty bad. Lots of mixed feelings there. I would like to think that I take the story into account SOMEWHERE along the line =3.

        I loved the song for Ore no Kanojo no Uraomote as well. The graphics used weren’t great, but were still above average.

  8. Yeah,sometimes i know it’s bad but play anyway…and no i’m not M,hehe.

    Oh and thanks for the review of Imouto no Katachi,that’s one less game i’ll be lured into playing.

    • I’m sure that’s happened to every ero-gamer at least a couple of times during their gaming career ^^. I think I’ve been getting out of the habit of doing that by finding new obsessions before the old ones convince me to pick up a game. Of course, Walkure Romanze still managed to convince me XD.

      Glad to hear that we managed to sway you away from playing Imouto no Katachi; the game is REALLY not worth it.

  9. I hope you’ll enjoy playing Walkure Romanze, Aero, as it’s waaay better than Ricotta Soft’s previous work, Princess Lover. If you can get over the jousting terminology (ベグライター = begleiter, will save you a lot of confusion), then I believe you’ll find it’s a well-balanced eroge. Great cg/art, decent story, likeable protagonist and heroines, great romance/icha icha, good music, h-scenes, etc. The Celia route was my favorite.

    • Glad to hear that Walkure Romanze is a pretty good game XD. Also thanks heaps for telling me what ベグライター means; I’m sure it’ll save me from lots of raging =p. Urg, but the whole game feels like it’s FULL of katakana terms >____>.

      I was looking forward to Celia and Noel after looking at the opening over and over, so I’m glad that you say that you liked Celia’s route. What did you think of Noel’s route?

      Also another note: I hate the homepage for Walkure >____>. I’m sure you know what I mean.

      • The rest of the katakana terms aren’t that bad, typical Western names/places and some jousting stuff that is pretty straightforward (feather, joust, etc.). ベグライター (begleiter which is meant as a ‘knight assistant’ in this game) is definitely the worst offender as its said all the time since part of the plot is
        Takahiro (protagonist) deciding to be a begleiter for which girl, the bond between knight + begleiter, etc.

        Noel’s route was okay. Her imouto Mireille is a godsend. Basically, the main story elements in all the routes (in no specific order) are a mixture of jousting training/tournament, romance, and heroine specific problem. Whereas the Celia route succeeds in all these element with flying colors, Noel/Mio/Lisa’s routes stumble in one or more of these elements. In the Noel’s case, the resolution of the tournament and her problem was awkward imho although I still like her, just not as much as Celia!

        And yes, Ricotta-soft webpages suck–load times everywhere!

        Also, fyi, Ricotta-soft announced they’re making a fandisk. Walkure Romanze has a couple non-heroine characters (Akane!/Ayako) that are getting well-deserved routes.

        • Well it’s good to hear that Noel’s route isn’t bad at least. Can’t say that I’m looking forward to Mio’s route though. Not a big fan of short cuts >____>.

          I saw the announcement of the FD, and I’m looking forward to it; especially Akane XD. Though this is just speculation from the opening, she seems a little too good to just be a FD heroine.

          • I agree with Mio. It might sound petty, but I would have enjoyed her route much more if she kept her hair long ;_;. Also, her route is a little hard to believe *avoiding spoilers*.

            The deal with Akane is vaguely similar to Benkei in Majikoi S. Although their characters are different like night and day, you’ll still be wondering the entire time “why the hell doesn’t she have her own route?!” So the fandisk is the answer to that plea.

            Man, I hope I’m not setting your expectations too high >_<. I don’t think it’ll be a disappointment like Hatsukoi, but it’s not perfect…it’s definitely in the 75-90/100 range by review standards. Anyway, if you ever get around to reviewing Walkure Romanze and want to include a 2nd opinion in it I’d be glad to contribute as I’m pretty passionate about the game.

    • Yeah, Mio looks WAY better with long hair. Maybe the FD will show her with long hair again….hopefully….

      I’m hoping that Akane gets A LOT of screen time in the FD. Also, glad to see that you like Benkei as well. I’m looking forward to her route in Majikoi A XD.

      Haha don’t worry, I guessed the game wasn’t going to be great from the get go. Yep ^^, I’ll give you a heads up if I feel like doing a joint review thing after I played the game.

    • I never really obsessed over the opening for Aiyoku; also the ending made me rage a bit >___>.

      That reminds me, I really should look for a high quality full version of the opening. The current one on my ipod is just ripped from a random video somewhere.

  10. I love the openings of Sakura sakimashita, even though the second one is imho more catchy <3. And Eternal Melody the OP of whirlpool's Ryuukyoku no Melodia sounds simply beautiful. Other well-sounding OPs for me: Clannad, Ef, Hatsuyuki Sakura, StrawberryFeels
    Yet, while I like listening to Eroge Openings (especially if there's a full version available), I skipped most OPs lately just to get my first "in-game" impression.

    • Thanks for the suggestions ^^. Unfortuantely,I had a listen to most of those openings, and most of them weren’t really my type of music. The CGs used were quite nice though.

      Haha yeah, playing a game based on the opening probably isn’t a good habit. I’m getting out of that habit these days, but I feel openings still influence my decision to play a game by giving me an idea of the graphics and feel of the game.

  11. There’s probably a few but the one that comes to the top of my head that I was addicted to before was the 3tsu no Houhou by La’Cryma. Then again this was post AX ’10 after hearing the opening song a lot.

    Or possibly 2009 when I encountered Aozora no Mieruoka in February. Was big on the opening since I kept chanting “Akane iro ni Somaru Saka prototype!”

    Yeah that’s about it. I don’t really listen to music, so I’m sure quite a number of OPs are sung well.

    Too bad the games don’t usually hold up to the strong opening. Heck even Saishuu Shiken Kujira’s OP was pretty darn good.

    • I agree, the OP for 3tsu no Houhou is quite nice ^^. I actually tried the game back in the day, but I couldn’t get into it. But dont’ wont stop me from looping the opening a few times XD.

      Aozora no Mieruoka isn’t bad, but the graphics are a bit old. Also, looping OPs with some 18+ material in the living room PROBABLY isn’t a good idea >___>.

      Saishuu Shiken Kujira was good ^^. However, it;s not really looping material for me; it’s more mood depedent

      Lol these days ALL my music is just from eroge, which makes sharing music with my friends in RL basically impossible. No one knows that I’m an ero-gamer >___>

  12. Guess I’m not the only one who’s obsessed. XD

    I like the openings so much, I made an entire blog about it. I’ve been working on a Top 10 for 2012, and it’s not as easy as I expected.

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