DV101: Intro to Doujin Voices

Inspired by Aero’s recent article on ‘top 10 openings’, my initial intention was to follow his footsteps and come up with my own version of ‘top 10’. However, as I was going through my エロゲ openings collections, I caught sight of a long forgotten folder which for camouflaging purpose I had labeled as ‘DV’. ‘DV’ is a simple abbreviation for doujin voices, objects of obsession that I once had for a short period of time.

The unfortunate thing about doujin voices is there are not many english-speaking enthusiasts. This translates directly into the absence of english-speaking communities and supports which usually come with these communities. Considering that it still fits nicely into the theme of ‘obsession’, I decided to take this chance to introduce doujin voices which hopefully will promote their popularities.

Warning: This articles contains NSFW pictures and sound clips, therefore I advise all readers/listeners to pay a very careful attention to your surrounding when reading this.

Note: Audio clips that I posted here make use binaural recording technique. For that reason, in order to enjoy these audio clips to the fullest, I recommend listeners to use headphones instead of speakers.

What is a Doujin Voice?

I find it difficult to actually come up with an accurate definition for a doujin voice since there are many varieties of these and they differ greatly from one another. “A voice work made for the purpose of sexually arousing it’s listener” is probably the best that I can do which covers most types of doujin voices. Of course there are still exceptions to this definition, such as those that help listeners fall asleep by imitating らぶらぶ pillow-talk.

Let us put the non-sexual doujin voices aside since the main focus of this article will be those made for sexual purpose (surprising huh?). However, instead of tackling them in a broad and general manner, I decide to first classify them into four major groups as follows :

  1. Narrated Doujin Voice
  2. Roleplay Doujin Voice
  3. Trance Masturbation Doujin Voice
  4. Trance Dry Orgasm Doujin Voice

Narrated Doujin Voice

A narrated doujin voice is a product that you will get if you prepare a nukige script and have it read out by a voice actress. Unless made by a successful circle with a strong financial standing, it usually only employs one seiyuu who need to both narrate the scenario and act out character dialogs. Furthermore, due to the nature of this kind of doujin voices, listeners are often given the role of third person observers and in my opinion this make narrated doujin voices feel very boring. In all, they are really not so different from your usual audiobooks except that they come with erotic stories.

Roleplay Doujin Voice

Roleplay doujin voices or they can also be referred to as masturbation helper doujin voices are as their name suggested doujin creations where the voice actresses act out particular situations and roles. These situations mostly involve an aggressive heroine who try to seduce the main character(listeners) into doing indecent deeds with her. Therefore, it is not surprising that these doujin voices usually contain many 言葉責め and have at least soft-S attribute in them. The main selling point of this kind of works is they allow listeners to experience the ‘story’ from a first person point of view. Before listening to these, I seriously have no idea that having someone by your side and whispering ‘I love you’ into your ear can actually feel that good, but of course it is accompanied by an empty feeling that come with the end of the track( ̄へ ̄).

Trance Masturbation Doujin Voice

Trance masturbation are in fact pretty similar to those of  roleplay doujin voices except that they try to put listeners into a trance mind state before proceeding into the エロ scenario. Listeners are first exposed to a series hypnotic instructions which hopefully can drive their mind into a trance state both in the scenario and in the reality. The purpose of  this hypnotic set up is to help people with poor imagination to immerse more easily into the stories and enhance the experience gained from the roleplaying. Once in trance, the voice actresses will then with her 言葉責め techniques and instructions guide the listeners through their masturbation.

There is however one big problem with this kind of product, it usually requires a lot of time to put someone into trance and also to dissolve the hypnosis afterwards. Together with the scenario section, a trance masturbation doujin voice can on average take up to around one or two hours of play time. For those who are already highly aroused before listening to one of these, they will probably be too impatient to enjoy them properly.

Trance Dry Orgasm Doujin Voice

Seeing how this version of doujin voices applies the same roleplay and hypnotism techniques as it’s previous, it is not surprising that these two types of doujin voices are very similar in almost everything. However, the main difference that make this type superior(obviously biased( ̄~ ̄;)) is it’s capability in bringing listeners to sexual climaxes without the need for masturbation and ejaculation, this is usually known as ‘dry orgasm’.

Many people are oblivious to the fact that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two different phenomena because they usually come in succession within a short time frame. The truth is however, it possible for a man to have an orgasm without ejaculating and vice versa. Unless if you are gifted with a special constitution, a normal man is limited to one ejaculation within a period of time, but most men can have multiple orgasms under the condition that these orgasms are not followed by an ejaculation.

With the help of these doujin voices, it theoretically possible for a man to enjoy a multiple orgasm, the luxury granted only to women. However, I want to remind everyone that the effectiveness of these doujin voices depend largely on individual resistance toward hypnosis. It is also possible that your mind will build this resistance as you listen to more of them,  just like what has happen to me.


I will close this article with short sample sound clips from two doujin voices that I enjoyed a lot. Please use headphones, close your eyes and lay down/sit in a comfortable position while listening to these and enjoy!

Cao~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

25 thoughts on “DV101: Intro to Doujin Voices

  1. Where can I find more DVs? I googled “Doujin Voice” and nothing of note came up. What is it called in Japanese? I’m sure looking that up would yield better results. I’m particularly interested in the “Trance Dry Orgasm Doujin Voice” so if you hook me up with one or a link to get one I’d be super happy, LOL. Not sure if one of the samples is of that type as I’m at work and without headphones -_-.

    • http: / / share-films.net/category/hentai/doujin-voice/
      is the main source of my doujin voice.

      Now, picking out the trance dry orgasm version is the hard part since they are extremely rare and most title that I have are pretty old titles. For these older titles, the direct link download are probably no longer available due to the megaupload incident.

      So basically there are 2 simple ways if you want to find exactly trance dry orgasm DV:
      1) Check one by one either by listening to it or reading other user comments from dlsite,com
      2) another method is to follow circles that have made these kind of DV before, since each circle tends to do thing the same way.
      This is one example of an active circle that often made trance orgasm DV:

      • The 2nd method seems more complex, so I’ll try the first one for now and see if I find anything lol.

        How can I differentiate it by listening to it though? Am I looking out for something in particular?

      • Oh and do you also know of other circles, active or not, that made trance orgasm DV? I found 4 out of 11 DVS made by エロトランス, looking for more of trance orgasm DV made by specific groups(whose name I do not know unless you tell me lol) before I go blind and try out all the DVs on share-file to check if it is indeed of the trance orgasm type.

      • I just realized that if the topic of the DV gets too complex, I won’t understand and thus it won’t work, downloaded a bunch, going to have to test the waters and be selective from now on lol.

    • uh, unfortunately I dont think there is any. However I have heard that in U.S if you stay/live in U.S there is sex phone services where you call the services and talk to real girl/woman who will made lewd voice while you can fap to it. Other than that I cant really think there is anything close to English doujin voice…lol, each country got their own fetish I guess ^_~

  2. This is a few years late, but thank you for writing this article. I am a fan of doujin voice and prefer hentai voice over other forms of hentai. I also listen to them when I go to sleep every night. :3

    One of my favorite doujin voice is Chokotto Vampire na Kanojo voiced by Kazunari Ruse-san. It’s non-hentai, but the first time I listened to it, I was so immersed, I felt like I was loved for the first time in my life~

    I also recommend MagiCos Halloween: Majime Kanojo wa Werewolf!? voiced by Aizawa Nachu-san, which first got me into doujin voice and has one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever heard~

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