Aero-ge Review: Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

I was meant to post this a lot earlier, but RL has been eating at me lately. Seriously, haven’t even been able to play ANY eroge lately. Makes me wonder how/why the hell I’m still alive >___>.

Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a HUGE Majikoi fan. Along with replaying routes, I often start randomly daydreaming about it.  Given that and because this game had a rather unique setting, it was a must play for me.

Company: みなとカーニバル (Minato Carnival)
Game site: 辻堂さんの純愛ロード
Release date: September 28, 2012
Links: HomepageVNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough

This is the first game by Minato Soft’s sister company, Minato Carnival. Hiroshi is a student at Inamura Gakuen in Kanagawa Shounan and became interested in his deliquent classmate Tsujidou-san after seeing her help a kitty in the rain. However, everyone around her are also deliquents, including her rivals Maki and Renna. The life of an ordinary guy like him just got a lot more troubled!

[Borrowed from Micchi-sama’s blog]



I would like to say, this game isn’t what I expected it to be. I expected a comical love triangle/square (etc), but that wasn’t the case. This is probably because Ai is the only main heroine that goes to Hiroshi’s school. Aside from in their respective routes, heroines aren’t given that much screen time. So when you’re in a route, basically ALL you’re getting is that character.

The common route does a pretty nice job of introducing the delinquent nature of the town. First thing to note is that though the town ‘Kanagawa Shounan’ is famous for delinquents, most of the residents are still what you can call ‘ordinary’. Among the delinquents, the 3 main heroines are known as the ‘3 Gods’ of Shounan.

The common route focuses on Ai, with the other two heroines having very brief introductions. Circumstances cause Hiroshi and Ai to become fake lovers. They’re fake lovers for about a week or so, but the two pretty much fall in love with each other. The common route ends with the two deciding to end this fake relationship after seeing how different their worlds are. This causes both of them to get pretty depressed.

Hase Hiroshi

Hiroshi is much like your typical protagonist, and he’s pretty much useless most of the time. However, he has one very distinguishing trait; he is VERY nice. This trait makes him very popular everyone, and he can even get along with delinquents quite easily. Occasionally he shows traits of being a good tactician, but it never is followed up on.

Tsujidou Ai

Ai is one of the 3 gods of Shounan and is known as the “Wolf of Battle”. Along with being extremely strong, her great charisma causes the “Tsujidou Corps” (her gang) to form unintentionally. Though she is a delinquent, she usually only fights those who provoke her. She is a rather awkward person is often misunderstood when she tries to act nice.

At the point where the two would normally break up, in Ai’s route they decide to put aside their differences and become a couple. Ai’s route probably has the least story of the 3 main routes, and mainly involves seeing her act more like a regular girl. This route  contains a HUGE amount of ichaicha. Ai is quite the amaenbou and has a tendency to do every little thing to appeal to Hiroshi, which is pretty amusing.

Now it sounds like Ai’s route is pretty damn good doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not. Near the start of their relationship, Hiroshi tells her that he doesn’t want her to fight anymore. This works out for a while, but slowly her desire to fight seeps out. This causes a lot of tension among the two, and they break up because of this. Seriously, I found the cause of the breakup to be pretty damn weak. If some major event had happened that clearly showed the different between delinquent and normal, I wouldn’t be complaining. But the cause was basically just a difference in how the two think. I thought that they would’ve made the resolve to look past this kinda thing when they decided to become a couple in the first place. What’s worse is that the reasoning behind they decide to get back together again is pretty much the why they got into the relationship in the first place.

So yeah, lots of love in the route, but the story wasn’t quite up to standard.

Oh yeah, during the middle of the route you’re given the option for Ai to dye her hair black. Unlike the appearance changes for the other two heroines, this decision determines which epilogue you get.

Katase Renna

Renna is the weakest of the 3 gods. She goes by the name of ‘Blood-stained Renna’, but it’s usually her own blood she is covered with. Renna’s gang, Edoshima, is the largest in Shounan and she usually uses sheer numbers to win fights. She is very smart and has incredible leadership skills. Despite using some undermining techniques to expand Enoshima, she has a sense of justice and doesn’t let her gang steal from others.

Renna’s route is pretty solid. After the breakup, Renna thinks to recruit Hiroshi into Enoshima as protection against Ai. After visiting their base a number of times, Hiroshi ends up doing just this. He never really is used as an Ai shield though. The reasoning behind how the two become a couple is vague; they suddenly kiss during a rainy day and this leads to them becoming a couple. The relationship itself isn’t bad, with Renna’s sense of competition adding in some laughs every so often. You’re given the option for Renna to let her hair down, which in my opinion looks way better than her normal halfro.

As the route progresses, a powerful gang called the ‘Speed Kingdom’ appears. Along with this, Renna discovers that a number of members of her gang have been stealing from the public. The mastermind causes internal strife within the gang, and the gang slowly dissolves as members join the speed kingdom. The final battle between Edoshima and the Speed Kingdom is not only interesting, but also settles things nicely.

Koshigoe Maki

Maki is the lone wolf of the 3 gods and is known as the ‘annihilator’. Her fuse is short, even compared to other delinquents. She isn’t very smart, however her animal like instincts make her quite perceptive. Certain circumstances cause her to run away from home, and she is currently living outside. She is always hungry and gets closer to Hiroshi after he starts feeding her.

Honestly, it felt like Maki was just a stray dog that gets attracted to Hiroshi because of food. There isn’t too much that can be called romantic development, and mixed into romance moments are where Hiroshi gets reminded of Ai. After the two somehow get into a relationship, it’s nothing special and there is very little ichaicha. You are given the option to see Maki in a tan look, but it’s only temporary.

The main issue that arises in Maki’s route is the complications that arise from dating a delinquent. After people find out that Hiroshi is dating Maki, they start targeting him. This causes Ai to try to get the two to break up using a pretty extreme method. The climax of the route occurs near the very end where Ai and Maki duke it out. Though I say it’s the best part of the route, it’s pretty damn emotional and it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth. The scene makes you really ask why the f$#@ Hiroshi is with Maki instead of Ai.

Lastly, her boobs are WAY too big.

Hase Saeko

Saeko is Hirosho’s non-blood related older sister. She often tells others that Hiroshi is a siscon, where in fact she is a HUGE brocon. At school she shows very mature personality, but in reality she’s very lazy and loves to drink.

RIGHT after getting dumped by Ai, you get a something that is almost like a reverse rape scene. Hiroshi forgets about his depression, and instead worries about the morality of sleeping with his sister. Nothing is taken very seriously, and the route is pretty short. This is pretty much just a route that’s thrown in for LOLs, and it does the job pretty well.


Graphics are really up to personal preference, so there isn’t really much I can say in this section. Instead of talking about random graphics details that I’m sure you care about, I’ll show a few more samples. 

There was ONE particular CG that I absolutely hated. Here it is:


Unlike the traditional Giga system that both Majikoi games adopted, Tsujidou has its own original system. Unlike the Giga system, Tsujidou’s system is a lot easier to navigate around and basically had everything you would ever need. Being able to change aspect ratio and the feature to quick load from the message log is a huge plus for this game.

Quick loading from the message log is fast. THANK YOU GOD


I really like a couple of BGMs for this game; they really put you on edge when you’re listening to them. All voices for this game were fantastic. Yep…that’s it >___>

Final words

Story: 7/10
Character: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
System: 8/10

Moe: 6/10
Comedy: 7/10 
Setting: 8/10
Romance: 8/10

Overall: 80/100 (not a total)

Play time: About 45hours

ATLAS: Medium – lots of colloquial forms makes translations less accurate

I had pretty high expectation for this, which is why I probably why I found it a bit disappointing. The main area of disappointment was game’s balance. Ai’s route had a huge amount of ichaicha, however the other two routes utilized the delinquent setting more. Also, the limited interaction with other heroines in individual routes wasn’t something I approved of.

However, this game does have its positives. The romance for the game is done quite well if you look past Maki’s route. The comedy is good, though I would have liked to see a lot more. Not much in terms of moe though, but this game doesn’t really aim for that sorta thing.

Personally, I think I would have liked the game a lot more if it was based in a single school, instead off an entire town. However, I guess that way it would be a little too typical.

Basically, if you’re expecting this to be another Majikoi, you’re gonna  be disappointed.

39 thoughts on “Aero-ge Review: Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road

  1. How is the ensemble cast compared to Majikoi? Your review focuses on the main heroines and I’m worried the secondary characters aren’t well developed >_<.

    • Urg, I probably should’ve talked more about the other heroines >___>.

      Anyways, the heroines I talk about in the review are the only ones that actually get routes. In terms of secondary heroines, there aren’t too many that I would consider as potential secondary heroines. Maybe around 5? You learn a bit about a couple of them, enough to get you interested, but nothing goes into detail. I’m assuming that they’re planning on making a FD to cover some of those extra routes.

  2. I’ll read this later, but I seriously hope this game isn’t all about the heroines’ necessity to be more “feminine”. Because fuck that. I know, values dissonance and all, but seriously…

    But otherwise, it does seem like an interesting game for adopting a heroine arche-type not usually seen in eroge. I probably shouldn’t expect a big story or anything, but it does sound amusing.

      • Haha Ai’s route basically has the characteristics of the route that you’re not hoping for. I actually didn’t really mind the feminine side of the route, the main issue was the difference in values thing. That really pissed me off.

        The story wasn’t great, seriously. I would have loved this game a lot more if they had made it hardcore comedy, like the beelzebub manga =p

  3. When did “very nice” became a distinguishing trait for protagonists? That’s always how the harems form without them needing to actively do anything at all.

    • There should have a choice where she asks if you like girls with black hair, or something to the like. I recommend using a walkthrough to avoid any needless hassle.

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  5. Hey, when I start this game, it doesn’t play the opening movie. I’m pretty sure that I installed this game correctly. When I right-clicked and went to the file directory, the opening movie file was there, its just that it isn’t playing it when I start the game and skips straight to the start menu. Is there any way to fix this? thanks (Or do is this one of those games where I have to reach a certain point for it to play the opening movie?)

    • Sorry I haven’t seen that error before. It could be something that only appears for the 1.02 version maybe? I played the original version without any updates.

  6. Man Hiroshi in Ai’s route is just totally unlikable for the most part. Which is odd because he was pretty good all throughout Rinna’s route.

    I think the main point is Ai’s route is just…boring as hell quite honestly. The side characters aren’t as fun as Rinna’s and the relationship isn’t as fun either. Plus like said, the issues they have with each other is a joke really as like said…it just went in one big circle (what was even the point of the rest of the route).

    I’m really not a big fan of being able to constantly break up with a heroine either. It loses impact after the first time if you ask me (white album 2 is also guilty of it).

    But yeah fun common route and Rinna’s route was good, the other 2 left a lot to be desired.

    • One more bitch complaint about Hiroshi. I love how he keeps wanting Ai to match his needs, but Ai is ok with him not changing. Talk about fair right? This is after he said he wanted to be the ideal boyfriend for Ai, when he really didn’t even do anything to change himself.

      Though really, he was cool to some degree in Rinna’s route. Even though I feel like the last part was not his place to say.

    • Hiroshi’s TOO much of a goody two shoes for my liking; at least, in the first title anyway. I agree that he does a bit better in Renna’s route, but he’s a lot more interesting in the FD ^^.

      The problem with Ai’s route was that the reason they break up the second time is EXACTLY the same as the reason why they were gonna break up the first time. They dance around the whole issue, and in the end, Hiroshi’s acceptance of Ai’s character isn’t really any different from his determination when he decided to not break up the first time round. Forgive me for repeating what I already listed in the post above =p

      I’ll probably never play White Album 2; can’t say I’m a big fan of the drama that I suspect is in the game. I would sooner play Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. tbh.

      So with all things being said, you think you’ll play the FD?

      • Not at the moment. This game was pretty long so I need a bit of a break from it.

        Also yeah I wouldn’t recommend White Album 2 because…it’s too damn long lawl. The drama is also very hit and miss as well (there isn’t quite as much as people exaggerate it to be though).

        For now, it’s high time I tackle Hatsuyuki Sakura.

      • Can you post a review about the FD…?

        I’m downloading the FD at the moment, but I am the type who likes knowing what to expect from the game I will play and your blog is actually one of my favourite one~

        • I actually half wrote something for it a while back, but got too lazy to finish it. I don’t mind finishing it, but it could take a while. So it might be best if you just start it ^^

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