Ryuusei no Arcadia Review

Welcome to my third review which features yet another chuuni game and this time it is a new release from Dandelion called Ryuusei no Arcadia (流星のアーカディア). Changing the topic a little here, with Christmas and New Year just few weeks away, this will probably be my last review for this year. I still however plan on doing some shorter non-review posts if time permits and hope that three of us (Aedes, Aero and I) can come up with a Christmas or New Year joint post. No promise though (´・ω・`)!

流星のアーカディア is a game from last month(October 2012) releases that catch my attention because of its unique opening. This game is the fourth product from a pretty new company call dandelion (だんでらいおん) which debuted three years ago. Although I have never heard about all of their previous games except for one, being able to produce games other than their first probably means they are holding up well enough. Taking in these two factors into account, I decided to give this game a try.

Let us get the review started then and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy their stay here, お手柔らかにお願いします。

Game Name: 流星のアーカディア
Website: http://d-lion.net/product/arcadia/main.html
Release date: 2012/10/26
Categories: Adventure, School Life, Duel, Japanese Mythologies

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