Aero-ge Review (?) : Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai

Based on the opening, I assumed that this game would be a slice of life comedy filled with lots of hilarious, random otaku moments. When I decided to play this game, I happened to be reading bits of the Haganai LN and all of the Fujimura-Kun Mates manga, so that kinda style of game was exactly what I was looking for. Was this game what I was looking for? Read this rant and see. Otherwise skip to the very last bit.


Company: 戯画 (GIGA)
Game site: 彼女(あのコ)はオレからはなれない
Release date: September 28, 2012
Links: Walkthrough, VNDB, Getchu

On his first day since transferring to Shihouin Gakuen, Hiroto happened to watch a girl confess to her senior in the courtyard. He wondered if this was what a riajuu was like. “Do you envy them so much?” Next to him was a blushing girl who then offered to make him into a riajuu, which he said yes to in surprise. But how does one become a riajuu? Make friends and go out together? Or be all lovey-dovey with a girl? Is it possible for them to be like that?

[Borrowed from Micchi-sama’s blog]

There’s absolutely NO build up leading to the scene where Yuzuki offers to make Hiroto a ‘Riajuu’. Hiroto’s homeroom teacher, who’s also his aunt, finds out about the the whole riajuu thing and proposes they make a club towards this goal. Thus, the neighbors club… reform club is born. I was a bit taken back by how abruptly and randomly these events were blasted out at me. However, given that the game isn’t the type that focuses on story, I can give it credit for getting straight to the point.

Like a typical harem anime, the start of the game focuses on Hiroto miraculously befriending one of the main heroines. Though this part of the common route was pretty typical and plain, I found it funny how ALL the heroines have a different personality which they show in public. Here’s a quick overview of them:

  • Haruka gives off the image of the student council president who can do anything and everything, but in reality is super lazy
  • Aoi is your ojou-sama heroine, who is secretly an otaku
  • Manami is misunderstood to be a delinquent because of her blonde hair and scary facial expression, but is actually a normal girl (typical >___>)
  • Momoji basically has the same personality as Kobato from Haganai, showing a goth vampire personality to those outside the club.
  • Yuzuki has a normal personality, but isn’t really interested in talking to others and shows a cold attitude to those outside the club

Anyways, Hiroto’s discovery and acceptance of the heroines’ true selves is basically the factor which induces each of them to enter his harem/club. I found Aoi’s to be the funniest because it’s VERY similar to that of Rika’s from Haganai. A scene that’s particularly memorable is the scene where Hiroto wakes up to see her frantically drawing a sketch of his sleeping face. Momoji’s super brocon imouto personality is a close second.

Anyway, all the heroines are pretty much head over heels for Hiroto from the start. The game utilizes this to score a lot of points through romance battle scenes where the heroines compete over an oblivious Hiroto. These scenes are done nicely and all the heroines had pretty unique reactions. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many of these scenes as I would have like and the game quickly branches out into one of the individual routes.

Each confession scene happens during the summer festival event. Thankfully there’s lots of variation in the heroines’ reactions to the confession, so things don’t feel too similar. The individual routes each give off a similar feel to the common route. The only difference really is that the wacky moments focus on a single heroine instead of all of them. The amount of ichaicha varies quite a bit depending on the route, with Manami easily being on top. As you may have guessed, there is basically zero story in the game; all you really see is slice of life comedy.

Most of the individual routes have some form of drama, but it’s pretty poorly done. In particular, the drama in Manami’s route felt very odd and forced. I felt that the writers only added this in so that there would have some difference between Manami’s and Yuzuki’s route, because the issue in both of their routes were pretty much the same. Personally I would have preferred if they had just left routes being similar. I fail to understand why writers insist on forcibly adding drama to games like these even though there is absolutely no demand/need for it.

This game uses the typical and overly complicated giga system; it’s detailed, but pretty hard to look at. No complaints about BGMs and nothing odd about the voices either. Graphics were a bit iffy though. I really like the character sprites and most of the graphics at the beginning of the game are quite appealing. However it seemed like the quality of the later CGs were really as up to par, especially the HCGs. Hard to say, but it made the characters feel more kiddy than what the character sprites portray them as. The following two CGs are an example of what I mean.

Overall: 60/100

I once told a friend that Giga is the GOD of making average games, if you look past Bladr Sky that is. That opinion hasn’t changed. Given that the game had basically zero story, I was hoping for more extreme situations where the heroines battle for Hiroto’s affection. As I said above, I would have liked to see more love comedy scenes involving all the heroines. Replace random crap drama that occurs in each route with love battle scenes in the common route and my view on this game would’ve been more positive.

Now to answer the question I laid out at the very start concerning Haganai LN and Fujimura-kun Mates. Though there are similarities, this game isn’t really THAT similar to either of the two. Haganai utilizes the club setting a lot more and the romance build up is a lot more serious. The romance bits involving Sena in Haganai I find are a lot better than the large majority of the stuff in this game. While with Fujimura, the romance comedy is completely different from this because the protagonist has a pretty good idea that his harem is aiming after him. Btw, I love the Fujimura-kun mates manga. Read it and pop a comment below to tell me what you think of it ^^.

To end things off, I was particularly disappointed that there was no route for Ayaka.

5 thoughts on “Aero-ge Review (?) : Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai

  1. I was wondering why Haruka looked like Yurika from Cheerful (Giga 2007) and then it was like oh duh, same studio, and probably the same artist for all I know.

    So wait, Yuzuki the girl who isn’t really interested in talking to others, is the one that talks to the protagonist? Isn’t that counter intuitive?

    • Well this was a pretty low tier game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if all the characters were basically copies of heroines from their other games.

      There’s some stupid back story about her talking to Hiroto. In short, childhood friends. She remembers him, but not vice versa. It wasn’t really covered in detail.

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