Another Rather Pointless Anniversary

Aedes did an anniversary post a little while back promoting the 1st year anniversary of this blog. This post is very similar as it signifies MY 1 year anniversary of writing for this blog. To celebrate, I’ve decided to write this post which has absolutely no structure what so ever.

Anyways, here are a couple of eroge openings that I’ve been obsessed with recently.

Natsuiro Asagao Residence

  • Very tempted to play this game after watching the opening, especially for that student council pres. However the semi 3D graphics put me off and the ratings for it are incredibly average.

Areas ~Sora ni Utsusu Kimi to no Sekai~

  • More conventional, but the scores for this game are even worse than that of game above >___>.

I’ve written about 15 posts this year, so that’s a little over one post per month. Looking at it in terms of eroge, I’ve finished about 30 eroge this year, so that’s a rate of 1 post per 2 eroge. Though I would like to write more, various factors stop me. These include:

  • Random messages from god which compel me to find and watch more atheism videos, like this one.
  • The  eroge I completed was a nukige and I don’t want to share its goodness with anyone else
  • The eroge was so complicated that it takes all I have just to convince myself that I understand what I just played
  • I find a new eroge opening that I get obsessed with and I end up spending around 2-3hours a day looping it
  • Reading ‘The Breaker’ manhwa for something like the 10th time
  • General laziness and variously planning with Aedes to take over the world

Of the stuff I have written, by far the most useful is my ATLAS guide. The whole thing started when I offered to email a short guide on using ATLAS to this guy I was talking to at Crazy’s manga site. Some other guy (we’ll call him guy B…unfortunately his role ends about here) saw this comment and suggested I write a blog post instead. That resulted in the extremely long guide that’s on the blog today.

Here's a random CG so you don't get bored

I’m not sure how many people know about this, but my collection of eroge is pretty big. At the moment it consists of something around 430 games and is about 1.5tb in size. Of my collection, I’ve actually only played around ¼ of it. So what’s the point of having all of that random eroge lying around? I believe that the second round of SOPA is not too far off and eroge will be one of the first things to be targeted, along with porn and straight to Disney DVD movies. LOL but honestly, I just like being able to play the eroge I want straight away without having to worry about downloading because sometimes the download links are quite hard to come by. I’m also the type that keeps an eroge after completing just in case I ever want to re install it to play a single scene or two. This means that I’ll need even MORE hard drives in the future.

The time I’m active online is questionable. If I had to use a metaphor I would say it’s similar to that of the life of a phoenix. I’m active for a couple of weeks andI write posts, use twitter, comment on forums, etc. Then I become super inactive to the point where it seems like I’m dead, but then after a few weeks I get reborn and start doing stuff again. Then the cycle repeats itself as in the crappy picture below that drew using paint.

My life on the internet

Because of that, I’m quite grateful that Aedes ‘coerced’ (his words, not mine =3) me into writing for this blog. First, I probably wouldn’t remain active enough to keep a blog alive myself. Second, I’m not too familiar with the eroge community, but Aedes is (well more than me anyway). So by blogging here I reach out to more people than I would if I had started a blog on my own.

Anyways, I don’t plan to stop writing any time soon and I look forward to seeing you guys around here in the future ^^. Planning to do a joint point with Aedes reviewing Futago Jijou next.

Futago Jijou

8 thoughts on “Another Rather Pointless Anniversary

  1. Gratz Aero, let see if I can keep this up for at least one year like you XD
    and one of these days we should do a joint review too…that is if I ever manage to finish a charage properly >.>

      • well…I can always force myself through one of the charage of your pick.
        However, I prob wont be able to write as much as usual, so you will need to be the main writer and I am a side commenter XD
        Anyway, just tell me(through tweeter) once you have decide on your next game to review….and then we will see.

        • Well it’s not like we NEED to make a joint post. It’s just something that comes to consideration if two of us has happen to play the same game.

  2. 430 … that’s a lot.

    I just use Getchu to take a first look with trial versions. Then again, you can read Japanese so you actually know what is happening.

    Ironically some plots on some eroge are so simple, the actions literally speak all the words.

    It’s too bad the games lately have been rather subpar. As soon as I saw Lapis Lazuli I’m like yeah I remember that … there wasn’t anything to say about it.

    • I know that I’ll never finish all of them, but just having them around is soothing in a way.

      Haha you should know me by now, all my games are played using ATLAS. Though I’m currently playing Futago Jijou using only Mecab and Jparser because I intend to add something new to my ATLAS guide.

      Yeah, the scores for that game are pretty low, but the opening is good don’t you think?

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