Joint Review – Walkure Romanze

I recently switched from using machine translators to using Mecab and Jparser to play eroge. As you can imagine, this method of playing is more difficult. However I feel that I get more out of playing eroge this way and I intend to keep using this method. I intend to add a small section to my ATLAS guide to cover this play method after I have used it a bit more. The reason I mention this is because Walkure Romanze is the second game I played using this ‘no machine translators’ method. As a side note, the first game I played was Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou and the third game was Majikoi A-1.

Anyway fuzzy hobo was pretty passionate about writing something for Walkure Romanze, so I decided to write this joint post with him. To prevent confusion:

Black text – me (Aero)
Red text – me (Aero)
Green text – Fuzzy

Fuzzy provided all the images that are in this post, along with the accompanying comments that appear when you hover your mouse over them. Along with this, Fuzzy has kindly written up a summary of the jousting rules which I’m sure that potential players of the game will find useful. It can be found at the end of this post.

Greetings all! I’m a long time reader of this blog and other English eroge blogs. When Aero expressed an interest in Walkure Romanze, I “gently” encouraged him to try the game. I still use ATLAS, but Japanese proficiency-wise, I suppose my level is at what Aero’s was before he made the non-ATLAS jump. Anyways, whether I contribute more reviews to this blog in the future is up to Aedes and Aero. So let’s get the show on the road!

1 - ReviewTitleImage

Company: Ricotta(リコッタ
Game site: ワルキューレロマンツェ[少女騎士物語
Release date: October 28, 2011
Links: VNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough

The protagonist of the story, Takahiro, studies at a prestigious academy where jousting is the main sport. Takahiro was once a promising knight, but he retired from jousting due to a past incident.  Now he is a begleiter, something like a knight’s assistant/advisor, although he idles the days away with his friends and horseback riding. The new school year begins and he is soon approached by two female knights requesting him to be their begleiter for the upcoming annual tournament. One is Noel, a knight with a mysterious background; the other is Celia, the student council chairman and the current school champion who has won 2 years in a row. As he ponders these requests, Takahiro’s childhood friend, Mio, somehow ends up being forced into a jousting duel. Wanting to help out his friend, Takahiro decides to become Mio’s temporary begleiter.

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Shiden ~ Enkan no Kizuna ~ Review

It may be a little late but…Welcome to a brand new lamia, uh…I mean snake year 2013!

Speaking of a new year, it is often associated with new aspirations, new resolutions and…new エロゲ〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜. Nonetheless, I feel that re-challenging some of the older games that I have not managed to finish is as important and for this reason, I decided to open my 2013 erogaming with an old game that I have dropped in the past.

Shiden ~Enkan no Kizuna~ is the title of this game which I have attempted once before, but was unable to bring myself to complete it. It is not because this game has a poor storylines or boring heroines; it is a more basic and fundamental problem that I was having: I had no idea what the stories is about!

This game was released on the 26th of November 2009, which was approximately four months after I started my career as an erogamer. Naturally, my Japanese was not very good at the time and ATLAS was not of much a help either. After several gameplay hours, I found that I barely understood what was going on and eventually chose to drop the game.

About three and a half years have passed since then and my Japanese has improved considerably too….maybe( ̄~ ̄;). Therefore, I see this as a good opportunity to gauge my current Japanese language proficiency while enjoying some actions and chuunis. Hopefully this time around, I will be able to have a better grasp of what is happening in this game.

Let us get the review started then and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy their stay here, お手柔らかにお願いします。
Game Name: 紫電~円環の絆~
Release date: 2009/11/26
Categories: Adventure, School Life, Duel, Japanese Mythologies
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Thoughts on Majikoi A-1

To you loyal readers out there (if any), I’m sorry about the lack of activity around here recently. I have basically NO idea what the other two are doing, but the holiday season made me very lazy. Also among the other things that happened in RL, I recently received notification that I’ve passed the first stage of the JET Programme application process. So yeah, they told me my interview will be on the 7th of February.

Excitement level from JET interview notification: 7/10

More importantly, last Friday I was basically checking Anime-Sharing every hour to check if Majikoi A-1 was out.

Excitement level when Majikoi A-1 download links up: 10/10, and rising

Yes that’s right; an eroge release was more important to me than prospects of working in Japan. Honestly I was a little surprised myself =p. Anyway it’s time to talk about Majikoi A-1.

Links: Walkthrough, VNDB

A-1 is the first of the 5 Majikoi A fan-discs and it features routes for Benkei, Azumi and Sayaka. For those of you who don’t already know, I am a HUGE fan of the Majikoi series and I often find myself daydreaming about it. Among the Majikoi heroines, Benkei is one of my favorites. So as one might suspect I was SUPER looking forward to A-1.

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