Thoughts on Majikoi A-1

To you loyal readers out there (if any), I’m sorry about the lack of activity around here recently. I have basically NO idea what the other two are doing, but the holiday season made me very lazy. Also among the other things that happened in RL, I recently received notification that I’ve passed the first stage of the JET Programme application process. So yeah, they told me my interview will be on the 7th of February.

Excitement level from JET interview notification: 7/10

More importantly, last Friday I was basically checking Anime-Sharing every hour to check if Majikoi A-1 was out.

Excitement level when Majikoi A-1 download links up: 10/10, and rising

Yes that’s right; an eroge release was more important to me than prospects of working in Japan. Honestly I was a little surprised myself =p. Anyway it’s time to talk about Majikoi A-1.

Links: Walkthrough, VNDB

A-1 is the first of the 5 Majikoi A fan-discs and it features routes for Benkei, Azumi and Sayaka. For those of you who don’t already know, I am a HUGE fan of the Majikoi series and I often find myself daydreaming about it. Among the Majikoi heroines, Benkei is one of my favorites. So as one might suspect I was SUPER looking forward to A-1.

Azumi’s route (5/10)

This route follows on from Monshiro’s route from Majikoi S in the sense that Yamato is working as a butler for the Kuki household. The major interaction among Yamato and Azumi is initiated when Yamato offers to help Azumi’s one-sided love towards Kuki Hideo. Given how Hideo like Kazuko, you might see how this is a problem.  As Yamato, Stacy and Lee think of ways for Azumi to appeal to Hideo, Yamato finds himself falling for Azumi.

After Azumi is rejected by Hideo Yamato swoops in and confesses his feelings to Azumi. Despite being rejected, he comes back and confesses over and over. Seriously, his similarity to Miyako is even mentioned in the game. At this point where Yamato starts confessing (over and over), you don’t really see anymore romantic development occurring and things stay like this until the end of the route.

There are a number of time skips in this route…three I think. Through them you see Yamato’s progress as he climbs the ranks among the other serving staff in the Kuki household. The other purpose of the time skips seems to be to show how bloody long it takes Yamato to ‘capture’ Azumi; at the end Yamato’s 26. But I have to hand it to the guy for holding out with an unrequited love for that long.

I found this route to be extremely average and half of me feels that it was a waste of space. To me, constant confessing doesn’t account to good romantic development. Also, since the two actually don’t actually get together until the very end, there’s NO room for icha icha; it’s basically just SEX. Another thing that didn’t sit well with me was the fact that most of Azumi’s dere isn’t caused by Yamato. However I did like how the final time skip let you see some of the cast when they’re older.

Sayaka’s Route (7.5/10)

This route was quite solid and I have to say that Sayaka’s personality is pretty funny. Not too much of a lolicon myself, but I’m thinking that Sayaka will satisfy some of the lolicons out there. 

Things start off with Sayaka visiting Kawakami city during the start of summer vacation. You soon find out the reason behind Sayaka’s sudden visit is because she had a fight with her father. Turns out her father set up a marriage meeting for her and she left home saying that she already had a boyfriend. Obviously this leads onto the fake lover setting. I’ve seen a lot of fails when it comes to using this setting—mainly in manga.  However Sayaka’s route pulls it off quite nicely because the setting isn’t in effect for too long. Before long the two realise that they’re pretty much in love with each other.  However lying is never good, especially when you do it to a girl’s father, and the two are required to ‘prove’ their love.

Sayaka’s bright and friendly is very interesting, given Yukie’s awkward and shy nature. However she’s similar to Yukie in the sense that they’re both a quite perverted deep down.  Whenever she misunderstands what someone says she silently rambles off, which was hilarious. It was too bad that this route was pretty short.

Benkei’s route (9.5/10)

Benkei is an amaenbou; Nuff said.

LOL, that above line REALLY doesn’t suit my personality, but it basically expresses how I feel about the route. I went into the route with high expectations and came out very satisfied.

As in Majikoi S, Benkei and Yamato often meet up with Hige-sensei for what they like to call the ‘Lazy Club’. After the two get closer, by Benkei’s request, Yamato gets into a routine of patting her on the head. YES, IT’S MOE. What’s even better is that this leads to more amaenbou behaviour, which equals more moe XD. Benkei shows a few moments of jealously throughout this route, which only added to the awesomeness of the route.

Plenty of icha icha and the romantic development progresses at a nice pace. It’s a little unfortunate that the confession scene is an indirect one. However looking back on it, it was done pretty well. Not much drama in this route, nothing major anyway, for which I’m grateful for. The inclusion of any drama would have probably ruined this route. Benkei’s fighting ability is never really observed that much in Majikoi S. Fortunately there are several battle scenes in this route which give a pretty good indication of her true strength. The ending was solid and shows Benkei’s mental growth.

Overall this was a very awesome route and I’ll probably play it again very soon. Actually, I think I’ll play it right now =p.

That’s enough about the routes themselves.

The game basically had the same Majikoi system that I’ve gotten used to over the years. However one thing that REALLY bothered me was that sometimes when there were close ups of character sprites, the images would be pixelated. There was a similar issue that affected the title screen of the game and made the game feel cheap.

In the config menu there are various screen settings, but the game forced me to use 800×600; I’m assuming the pixilation is due to my computers specs. However I’ve never seen these issues in the older Majikoi games. Anyway here are a few more CGs to keep you going.

Everyone enjoying the summer festival

I’ll end things off with my thoughts of the other Majikoi A discs that are to come. Here’s the list of them:

Aー1: Benkei  Azumi  Sayaka 
A-2: Seiso  Monshiro after+  Cookie 4 is
A-3: Lee   Stacy       Tsubame after+
A-4: Homura  Rin  ——-
A-5: Yoshitsune  Takae  Margit after+

Of the Majikoi A FDs I would say that this one (A-1) was the one that I was looking forward to the most (Benkei XD). I’m HOPING that the blank space in A-4 will be used for a Benkei after route, but I have my doubts. Seiso looks like she already has a love interest in the Majikoi universe, so I’m interested in seeing how they’ll squeeze Yamato into there. If I recall correctly, Rin’s strength is similar to that of Momoyo. Since she wasn’t really talked about at all I am very curious as to what her personality is like and the fights you’ll see her in. I really don’t see the point in routes for Lee and Stacey; both of them aren’t particularly interesting or attractive. Well Lee I can sorta understand, but a route for Stacy looks like it’ll be a waste of time.

Anyways that’s it for now. I’m currently working on a joint post which should be up some time soon.

154 thoughts on “Thoughts on Majikoi A-1

  1. I finished all route. (Only Sayaka has eng patch) I can say now that I like Benkei route the most despite my limited knowledge of Japanese. She just so cute and can play along with Yamato at almost everything. Yoshitsune is very cute too. Heck I really like the Genji trio, they’re very funny. (I mean, Genji style, Brain Buster! Really… that’s awesome) Sadly I have to wait for A-5 for Yoshitsune route.
    PS: I have question about Genji trio.
    I read somewhere that Yoshitsune had a crush on Yoichi but he wasn’t aware since he
    busy being Chuunibyou. Is it true? Is there any hint in Majikoi S/A?

    • so far i have only played through benkei route and some of azumi route, buuuuut god i shoulda started with 1 of the other routes. BENKEI IS TOO AWESOME!

      • I have to say that Benkei’s route was probably everything I wished for it to be ^^. Sucks that there’s no afterstory for her >____>.

        As for Yoshitsune and Yoichi, from memory I can’t remember anything that would hint that she has a crush on him. If anything happened, it probably was pretty small and people just assumed a crush from speculation.

        Haha that’s why I always save the best route for last ^^.

    • Lol looks like you read that on “Majikoi Wikia.” I’m thinking it was just some people who only watched the opening for Majikoi S and assumed Yoshitsune had crush on Yoichi. Judging from what information they put, it was more than likely started by people who only played first Majikoi and watched the anime. This is why I hate wikis.

      • Well it’s not like I believe it that much anyway. So I want to confirm this by discussing with people in the forum.
        BTW, it’s not from Wikia. It’s from in character page.

  2. I’m having troble with the game after i install it. when i play it the characters are all distorted and i already downloaded it twice to see if it was the file i got the first time but it happened again and i dont know wat to do can someone help me like send me step by step instructions on how to install the game or should i just re-download it again?

    • Haha I had the EXACT same problem, but it was lucky that I managed to fix it through some fluke =p.

      After installing the game I opened the “launcher” application and then opened up the start-up settings [起動設定] (top row middle).

      In here on the top left there will be the option to use DirectX and it is on by default. After I turned it off the character sprites worked ^^.

      So change it from:




      Hope that helps ^^

      • Since you were able to fix that problem I was wondering if you could fix mine. Replay mode crashes the game. Don’t know if it’s some problems being caused from the new Sayaka patch or not, but do you have any thoughts on how to fix it?

        • It seems like the patch cause the problem because I have it as well. And I don’t know how to fix but you can bypass the problem by using event mode or save near the scene you want to re-watch again later. (For example, Yamato vs Tetsuko scene -_-)

          • When I played the raw version I didn’t have that error, so it seems to be related to the Sayaka patch. Most likely you’ll have to wait for a fix from the creator of the patch.

  3. Well, i thought that there are just 2 routes in A-4 because they’re two new heroines without a back story, so their probably are bigger than the others who appeared in S!

    Also looking forward to see if Monshiro gonna awaken her powers like she showed in Koyuki route

    • That’s a very good point. I’m hoping that they put in A LOT more effort into Rin’s route compared to that other girl, who’s name I don’t remember.

    • i dont remember monshiro using any kind of powers im koyuki route?.

      kuki mikado looks like a gangster instead of a father of 3 children..

      ur right aero rin route is more interesting than homura because for sure we have threesome…

      • “ur right aero rin route is more interesting…because for sure we have threesome…”

        Ugh, I hope not. Rin was the only likeable one of the 3 Chinese characters. In fact, Rin placed 9th in the character poll while the other two were outside the top 25. I’d rather they focus on fleshing out Rin.

        “kuki mikado looks like a gangster instead of a father of 3 children..”

        From what we know of Mikado, he is very scatterbrained, unpredictable, and whimsical…so his character design with messy clothes and hair is quite fitting I think. He’s even blessed with more luck than Kazama. So think of him like a super Kazama that’s also smart and the head of the largest corporation.

        • rin is the focus in A-4 ..what i’m saying is there will be atleast 1 4some scene..

          if minato soft gave kuki mikado character sprite i hope in the future installment we see momoyo’s parents and chris mother..

          the 3 new character

          the black butler guy- i think his number will be number 4 but another kuki servant..

          the creater of Cookie 4 IS-another typical guy who create gyroid

          plus the new heroine cookie 4 IS-cant say till i play it..

          but damn all the new characters are all kuki related..i hope A-3 will be different

    • Haha unfortunately I’ve pretty much forgotten everything about her route. I mean I have a very rough image of it, but routes of various eroge become very blurred due to the sheer amount I play >___>.

  4. hey umm am kinda egerd to play some routes but am kinda tired from just waiting for toute to be translated is there any way to play with out the patches

    • Agreed.
      I do think that the icha icha scene is lacking. I want to see more of Maou awkward romance scene damnit!!

      • yeah her route lacks icha icha scene but her H-scene, for me is the best because i like her character..i’m really glad her route was in A-2

        • That i can agree. The Character development for her really is both amazing and fun to watch…..errrr,read.

          • the problems that i see in her route is the lack of reaction from the kazama family and schoolmates when they start dating and i think its more interesting to do a kawakami taisen than a repetive mock battles though i enjoy it.and specially minato soft trolled us and didn’t show a full seiso vs momoyo..

            currently in moshiro route.. fucking maple full of suprises.

  5. Yeah, though maybe it’s because they just don’t know that they already dating or haven’t got the time because of the battle. For me the complain i have is when doing battle sometime the lack of appearance for certain member kinda annoying. Like, Capt not appearing at all when Tsubame army is fighting,etc.
    About Seisou and Momo i do have to laugh because the battle end and begin with one of them basically one-shot their opponent into the star.

    Already finished Mon-‘sama’ route.
    Mephistoles FTW! Maple the former Miss London!

    • yeah, i also noticed the lack of appearance its kinda annoying..

      fucking maple the joke that she said in the ending skit may come true that she will be the heroine of majikoi B when i saw that form and hume is lovestruck to her..

      looks like if were lucky they will release majikoi A-3 before the end of 2013 if not 2014.

  6. benkei 9.5??
    i dont think it was that good though i adore benkei, the route seems too ‘nothing’. as you said, no drama whatsoever
    but, it just make it kinda boring -_-

    • Well my score is a LITTLE bias because of how much I like Benkei (lol)

      But in all fairness, the reason I enjoyed her route so much is because they didn’t add in any pointless drama. Sure there were small moments of it, but most of the time you just enjoyed the ride ^^. Given that the A series is something of a fandisc, I personally think Benkei’s route was well made. Say for example, Seiso’s route in A-2 was poor because of how much they focused on that drama.

    • It’s rather boring so no harm in spoiling it I guess. Basically all that happens is that they win that school battle (look at my A-2 post) and then you get a small ending scene with Seiso and Maou. The separate endings don’t actually add much value and the whole ending is quite bland. You’re not missing much

  7. Hey guys can any of you tell me how to translate majikoi a-1 with computer? I don’t know any Japanese so i’m in a pinch. Please help me!

    • Hey!
      First you wanna get winrar if you dont have that. Then look up a guide they got here for how to play untranslated visual novels. I can discæose to you, that you will need atlas ø, atlas crack, agth and ith. As i said there is a guide for what to get and how to use.
      hope it helped 🙂

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