Shiden ~ Enkan no Kizuna ~ Review

It may be a little late but…Welcome to a brand new lamia, uh…I mean snake year 2013!

Speaking of a new year, it is often associated with new aspirations, new resolutions and…new エロゲ〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜. Nonetheless, I feel that re-challenging some of the older games that I have not managed to finish is as important and for this reason, I decided to open my 2013 erogaming with an old game that I have dropped in the past.

Shiden ~Enkan no Kizuna~ is the title of this game which I have attempted once before, but was unable to bring myself to complete it. It is not because this game has a poor storylines or boring heroines; it is a more basic and fundamental problem that I was having: I had no idea what the stories is about!

This game was released on the 26th of November 2009, which was approximately four months after I started my career as an erogamer. Naturally, my Japanese was not very good at the time and ATLAS was not of much a help either. After several gameplay hours, I found that I barely understood what was going on and eventually chose to drop the game.

About three and a half years have passed since then and my Japanese has improved considerably too….maybe( ̄~ ̄;). Therefore, I see this as a good opportunity to gauge my current Japanese language proficiency while enjoying some actions and chuunis. Hopefully this time around, I will be able to have a better grasp of what is happening in this game.

Let us get the review started then and I hope everyone will be able to enjoy their stay here, お手柔らかにお願いします。
Game Name: 紫電~円環の絆~
Release date: 2009/11/26
Categories: Adventure, School Life, Duel, Japanese Mythologies


This game opening is my all time favorite which I have looped for who knows how many times. I have watched this opening before the game was released and re-watched it many times even after I dropped the game. For those who are wondering, the song in this opening was titled ‘Tengoku to Jigoku no Tanshikyoku’ and it was sung by Faylan.


In this modern world where people live peacefully, confrontations between demon(妖怪) and human with supernatural abilities(異能力者) are constantly happening behind the scene. Not only are human fighting against demons, demons are also fighting against themselves and human are struggling against each other for control over powers and authorities. Standing on the top of this power hierarchy are two gigantic organizations: the Onmyou Bureau(陰陽寮) and the Rokuhara(六波羅).

One day, an immortal warrior named Kongousai(金剛斎) appeared out of nowhere and together with his three undying underlings, he started a war against the world.

The Antagonist

Although Kongousai’s real aim remained unclear, his actions made it evident that he needed the power of a certain priestess(巫女) in order to accomplish his goal. Who exactly is Kongousai and what is his objective? and why do he need the priestess?


Kamitsu Misoka
Kamitsu Misoka
The main protagonist in this story is a high-school student called Kamitsu Misoka who belongs to Rokuhara Information Department. As an informant, Misoka’s jobs consist of mainly information gathering on the fields by the mean of infiltrating enemies’s headquarters. Since Misoka works for Rokuhara, he comes to know about both demons and ESPers despite of not being one himself. Due to a certain incident, Misoka has become overly sensitive toward the action of trusting and betraying.

Hieda Saku
Hieda Saku
Hieda Saku is a priestess affiliated with the Onmyou Bureau and the priestess wanted by Kongousai. Even without Kongousai around, Saku’s existence is controversial enough to force her into living in secrecy. Saku lives a sheltered life so as not to attract any unwanted attention and moves constantly from one place to another. As a result, she does not have many people who she can call friends and is a little lacking in the common knowledge department.

Kaguyama Azami
Kaguyama Azami
In order to fulfill her promise to protect Saku, Azami ran away from Rokuhara so that she can work for the Onmyou Bureau and become Saku’s personal bodyguard. Beside protecting her master from outside threats, Azami also takes care of Saku’s everyday needs such as cooking and washing. Trained as a ninja since she was small, Azami has never lived a normal life, and thus she can sometimes be a little ignorant about the modern world.

Mononobe Tomoe
Mononobe Tomoe
馬鹿な子ほど可愛い is a Japanese proverb that describes exactly what I feel toward this character called Mononobe Tomoe. She is always cheerful, earnest in her spear training and is a little…I mean very stupid. Her stupidity often made her into a juicy teasing target for Misoka and I find myself enjoying their manzai exchanges more than I have expected. Tomoe is Misoka’s classmate, neighbour and fellow Rokuhara workmate.

Laila Ria Soreille
Laila Ria
This ボインボイン gaijin in revealing rider suit is an exorcist dispatched by the Church to Japan in order to hunt a wanted criminal called Warlock. Laila herself seems to have a personal grudge with this man since she was blinded with rage in many occasions when fighting him. When she is not busy hunting for Warlock, Laila is actually an easy-going girl who are fun to be with. Laila uses scythe as her weapon and is capable of cast high level destructive spells.

Mibu Tsuzuki
Mibu Tsuzuki
Mibu Tsuzuki is the second and a supporting main character in this game. For those who dislike multiple main characters in your game, do not worry, because the shifts in point-of-view between the two protagonists are pretty short and kept on minimum side. Together with his loyal assistant Kaguyama Rindou, Tsuzuki serves as a member of Rokuhara Public Safety Department.

Kaguyama Rindou
Kaguyama Rindou
Readers with good observation skills may have already realized that Rindou has a same family name as Azami. Kaguyama family is a ninja family that works under Rokuhara and Rindou is in fact Azami’s cousin. Rindou who does not have any sibling, has always treat Azami as her own younger sister and because of that, she can not forgive Azami who betrayed Rokuhara and become a nukenin(抜忍 – runaway ninja).


Battle effects in the CGs of this game is probably one of the the best that I have ever encountered. Orbs of light, petal of flowers, lightnings from weapons striking at each other and many other effects were illustrated in such an amazingly detailed manner.

Saku Effect Azuma Effect Tomoe Effect Laila Effect Rindou Effect
That last CGs made me wished that I was playing a corruption game ( ̄- ̄メ).

My Thought

The stories for all routes are average at best since they all suffer from the usual chuuni sudden powering-up  when in crisis setup. This kind of setup inevitably made developments during the climax scenes very predictable. Our main character simply got stronger and stronger every time he was driven into the corner until he finally managed to overpower and eliminate the bad guys.

My another complaint is in regard to the uneven pacing of the events throughout all routes. In the beginning, the stories developments were accompanied with a great deal of details and carried out by a lot characters interactions. However, as the stories came closer to their conclusions, things started happening one after another without any intermediate scene in between. As a result, readers may feel that the transitions between events are too abrupt and unnatural. Although it seems like the writer was rushing through the stories at the very end, the ending for all the heroines are pretty satisfying.

All in all, 紫電~円環の絆~ is a pretty average chuunige with some pretty awesome heroines. There are surprisingly many funny and memorable scenes mainly involving Misoka and Tomoe interactions.

Story: 6/10
Character: 8/10
Moe: 5/10
Comedy: 7/10 
Setting: 7/10
Romance: 6/10

Judgement Time!

In this game, there are actually several rape scenes and many deliciously tempting situations(for the antagonists). Nonetheless, since this is not a hardcore エロゲ, naturally these kind of events are not the focus of the stories. Consequently, I am now craving for some corruption actions and thirsting for a corruption game, which may as well be a good material for my next review article(^_-).


As usual, I am going to close this article with my favorite screenshot from the game. However, it turns out that my favorite scene actually involves several CGs and none of them are good enough by themselves. For that reason, I decided make a GIF out of these CGs instead. Enjoy!

Best Scene in Shiden photo 2695574_zps421293eb.gif

Cao~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

12 thoughts on “Shiden ~ Enkan no Kizuna ~ Review

  1. Wow is it just me or does Mibu’s pants in the last picture, where they both attack each other,
    make him look like a girl LoL…
    Well battle eroges are not my thing unless there is a lot of icha icha.
    Also rape scenes or near rape scenes make me really mad and want to punch my screen >.>

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