Twins N’ Stuff

Recently I’ve been busy all over the space-time continuum saving lolis (and humanity as well I guess) from terroristsorcs, mutants, aliens, superpowered villains, and other menaces, in a beta testing frenzy. But now that I’ve gotten bored of them, I figured I may as well announce my return with a post that I have a feeling is going to end up much more of a rant than anything. Sorry Aero, aqua, and other people who may have been waiting for a post from me, this is only a few …months late. Though, better late than never!

Now I shall spend the rest of the post explaining why you should blame everything on Kurafuta.

I’ll also be saying a few words to make it look like I’m actually doing stuff around here =D. 

Repeat yourself much?

I didn’t know she can read my mind, until this image came along then it became clear she is a true psychic echoing and even translating my thoughts almost word for word. You see, all throughout the route she made it her mission to make sure you never forget the fact that you two are twins. “It’s only natural that twins sleep together.” “It’s only natural that twins live together.” “It’s only natural that twins spend every waking moment together.” “It’s only natural that twins _____.” Yes, I get it the second time around, or maybe the third since I can be a bit slow at times, no need to remind me every other sentence. I’m not suddenly going to mistake you for a stranger when you’ve the same hair color, same eye color, and is pretty much me with boobs attached.

You can see they’re really trying to sell particular archetypes here. Just in case you didn’t catch it on their character profile page, they made sure you know exactly who each character is catered to by shoving their moe points in you face so much it becomes suffocating. You like twins? See previous paragraph ↑. You like the energetic but dumb type? Count on Mikoto to show off her athletic prowess and fail every exam thrown at her. You like the shy, easily embarrassed housewife type? Guess who’s in the kitchen nearly 24/7 and has “hauu….” as her answer to life, the universe, and everything. And there’s also the perfect in school but absolutely hopeless everywhere else type too. Don’t think I need to mention the lolis doing things lolis do; I wouldn’t have played the game in the first place if there aren’t.

You can tell that they tried REALLY hard to make this game moe. Sure the heroines themselves had a lot of moe traits, but they failed to utilize this moe-ness due to how crappy setting and plot of the game. Yep, I did not get the moe fix that I was expecting when I played this game.  

Wall of Text breaker #1

Ok, back to twins for a bit here, since the entire game is based around that concept, I expect it to be fully fleshed out. I don’t know about you, but that to me means 3P. Lots of it. Too bad you only get that during the common route, 5 scenes each for the 2 pairs to be exact. The goodness suddenly stops coming once you’re locked into a route and they haven’t even gotten to the good part yet, if you know what I mean. This, to me, just ain’t right. Why don’t they understand the more the merrier, especially when it comes to twins?

Yes the lack of any REAL 3P kinda takes out the appeal of twins setting. 

Which is kind of related to the next point I’m making. I don’t think I quite got the genre of this game. Is this supposed to be standard moege fare? I may not have the extensive eroge knowledge some of the *cough* old farts *cough* around here have, but I don’t think they have onscreen sexy time every 5 minutes in those. But then again, this can’t possibly be a nukige to test your fap hand right? Because if so, they’ve certainly failed in this regard despite the storm of HCG’s sent in my face; my tissue box sat untouched all throughout the game’s playtime. Perhaps I’ve gone too far to the dark side, but that’s a topic for another day. I get a game like Pure Girl, it has a clear focus on what it’s trying to do and it does that fairly well. I don’t know what to think of this.

I hope you’re not referring to ME as the “old fart” >____>. 

Another thing that bothered me was the voices. I don’t want to say they’re bad; they’re merely trying too hard to act their part through no fault of their own. Ema’s lethargic and overly quiet voice is sleep inducing and made even a lolicon like me avoid her route based on that alone. Yae’s voice is similar, if she spoke any softer she may as well be whispering. I have a more personal gripe with Izumi’s voice, that I think Sobzob put it best – “She speaks like she has dicks up her nostrils.” Although I’m fine with the other two’s voice, that’s an uncomfortable 3 strikes out of 5. Is it too much for me to hope for the voices to finally break out of their pigeonholed parts and sound more like they belong in ordinary, everyday conversations?

Though I understand where Aedes is coming from here, I didn’t really have anything against the voices. 

Wall of Text breaker #2

And finally, here’s my biggest gripe with the game out of them all that I believe this one comment from erogamescape hits the nail on the head. 背徳どこ? Where is heck is the immorality in this? Absolutely no one in the cast finds it even one bit unusual that they’re siblings dating? Oh right, they’re all too busy trying to get into this pants. And of the ones who aren’t, 2 are their carefree parents who decided it’s a good idea to abandon their kids for a month, 1 is the usual pervert best friend, and the last is the useless teacher. A bigger cast will definitely help with this, but even without, how about some sneering and finger pointing from their faceless fellow classmates? Don’t tell me none of them notice; a pair of lovebirds are painfully obvious to see. Just look to the room next to mine where the dude does I-don’t-wanna-know what with his girlfriend every night. I can almost see the pink aura and steam coming out of that room.

I can’t believe I’m saying this either, but maybe, just maybe, in this particular instance, some drama may do more good than harm. I thirst for that immoral feeling, that me-and-you giving the finger against the rest of the world feeling. The game failed completely in that respect. It’s the biggest reason why I’m a siscon in the first place, and also the reason you see Sora, who gave me exactly what I was looking for, everywhere associated with my weeaboo presence. Whether Yosuga no Sora is a good game is debatable (though I’m not listening), but isn’t immorality the point of playing an imouto route? Without it, it’s no different from best friends, kouhais, or whoever if they’re given the typical imouto traits.

The lack of immorality was also something that really bothered me. If no-one gives a damn that you’re getting into a relationship with your blood-related sister it’s no different from getting into a normal relationship, which is what it felt like here. Sure a normal relationship isn’t bad, but the selling point of the games is TWINS. Also the relationships themselves were pretty damn crappy. So yeah, this game was pretty much a waste of time for me.

In hindsight, I realized I’m probably as deranged as that pyro for wanting to see something terrible like that to happen in such a sweet game as this. But then I never claimed I was completely sane in the first place. Anyway, onto the next ordeal. Since I was away from this ero scene for so long, relatively speaking for someone who always play the latest releases, I’m sort of at a lost of what to play next. I’m currently planning something by Alcot/Alcot Honeycomb but suggestions, no holds barred, are welcome!

About Aedes

Seriously siscon eroge enthusiast and alliteration adorer.

48 thoughts on “Twins N’ Stuff

  1. Very interesting perspective about this “immorality ” thing.
    I guess it is a human nature to have this tendency or interest in breaking taboos…
    Just like how a button with “dont press” label is more likely to get pressed than the one without the label.

    • You know you want to press that big red button whenever you see it. Yeah it may blow everything around you to smithereens, but that’s a minor detail. Just look at every cartoon with such a button, they’re always pressed.

  2. looks like Cube and Sphere are making titles based on blood related relations……..played natsu no ame and imouto no katachi and I will be playing this too. I hope it would be a gud one.

    • Haha I suggest you don’t get your hopes up. The majority of people find this game to be quite bland. I found Imouto no Katachi to be quite boring, but this was even worse.

  3. I couldn’t finish the game, I thought it was moe/dere overload in a bad way. The mixture of the heroines excessively playing their archetypes, the saccharine characters/setting, and the not quite nukige imbalance overall made Kurafuta a mediocre game for me.

    “Whether Yosuga no Sora is a good game is debatable (though I’m not listening),”
    I laughed pretty hard at this. At this point I’m indifferent to the immorality factor because I’m tired of too many games/anime poorly executing it or treading cliche ground. The same goes for student-teacher or any other taboo relationships. There are only so many Natsu no Ame-like games/anime in the world that can do it right.

    • Exactly. Excessive, forced moe overload killed the game. You can probably write a far better post than I ever can since you just summed up the entire post in a mere few sentences.

      Personally, I’d pick the games that tried but failed at creating interesting taboo relationships over the ones that don’t even try, such as this one, unless somehow they manage to pull good one off without the immorality factor which I suppose is possible, but unlikely. The taboo doesn’t have to be the central theme, but at least touch upon it because my suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Or perhaps I’m just too deeply poisoned by the immoral themes that I can’t live without them.

      One’s gotta have faith y’know?

  4. Play LOVESICK PUPPIES! Its a good game and for some reason im the only one i know of that playing it in the eroge/VN community. Shame cus its good. the OP is also an earworm. When I finish it, I may do my first review on it, school workload pending.

    • Come on, it’s twins. How can it possibly be bad? …Yeah just look at this game for an example. Kudos to them for screwing up something that can’t possibly be screwed up until now.

      If only it got into the it’s-so-bad-it’s-good territory it would’ve redeemed itself. Maybe.

        • people do agree that Yae seemed better but overall this game’s plot well didnt exist in fact immorality was entirely ok with the parents as well heck they were openly shipping who ever Kazuya chooses heck most of his siblings are actively trying to get into his pants even… but other than that this was a quick-fix type of game since a its a nuki-ge b. it was produced a month before the world’s fate comes to an end… Japan’s eroge developers may have though died fapping maybe the best option than to die a ronery death

          • Never was big on those perfect housewife types myself. Yep, I like how I didn’t once mentioned plot in the post, since there isn’t one to be mentioned. This can’t even be considered a quick fix game in my book since how the heck are you supposed to fap to this. The best you can get is a boner and that’s it.

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  6. After I had fininished the horror of minori’s Natsusora no Perseus’ imouto route, I think I’ll remain quite happy with light-hearted “taboo” routes, although I’ve no qualms to admit that Natsu no Ame’s incest route was definitely good as was the one from Tasogare no Sinsemilla (which did it great and simply skipped over the drama after the secret was out).
    Though, Imouto no Katachi was for me still far worse. I mean they could hardly have made the protagonist *more* useless *lol*.

    As for Lovesick Puppies: I have loved it so much, that my *hnnghhh*-o-meter can’t keep up with. IMHO even the protagonist was properly done within his character traits.

    • How was minori’s imouto route bad? Haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but by the sounds of it I may never will. Definitely agree with you on Natsu no Ame’s and Tasogare no Sinsemilla’s imouto routes. Just the right amount of drama to make it interesting, without overloading it with melodrama. Imouto no Katachi and this were both pretty bad, though there isn’t much of a point in comparing two stinking piles of poop. Their protagonists was basically the same spineless creature but with different names.

      What you mean you actually read through the comments here? :O Those two are playing it so maybe you’ll see something about that.

      • @Natsuzora: Ren (the imouto) was in her own route uhm … creepy even when considering the taboo factor into it. Maybe it simply strew away too much from my preferances in general. Anyway, her route didn’t leave the image of an overall good (- or in this case – happy) end. My general suggestion for Natsuzora is: (Sui ->)Savegame -> Touka’s route and be done with.

        I check from time to time on comments to get a few more impressions. Not that it would stop me playing a VN, but people with a much better jp. comprehension do notice details/remark on details to be aware of at times ^^.

        • I don’t have much of a problem with creepiness, rather, I tend to like the creepy characters and themes, and I can stomach a less than happy end as well. So maybe after all I’ll check this out when I have the time to do so.

          Yeah that may be a good idea. lol I skim over text and miss details all the time.

    • to me some good taboo routes are found in 2 games one being clover point I’ll make you take a guess who, and second in akane-iro somaru saka goes to show how real writing is to be done.

      • Umm…what guessing is there when there’s only one? 😉 I’m far too shallow to appreciate good writing; I only know whether the writing clicked with me or not. But yes, those two are pretty good, though maybe a tad overdone for Clover Point.

  7. Yeah played this game and guiltily enjoyed it somewhat but I’ll agree it definitely wasted it’s potential. It’s funny that they put the drama issues over kind of silly things, but ignore the more tabooish issues going on in this game.

    It’s like the whole game was just designed to be “feel good” the whole way around (well after the disaster of imouto no katachi I can see why they would do that). Still everything was so face value and so simple that it was hard to care. Also the sex and perverted stuff came too quickly and too easily. And oddly enough the only route where the main character debates on going out with his sister is with his actual twin (because going out with his loli little sister is far more logical). Though if I had anything to say..the sex scenes had nice music at the very least…

    But yeah I just turned my brain off and let my perverted self enjoy. Though it would have been better if I was actually attached to the heroine for the character they are (the only effective way to do eroge), but I still got some mild enjoyment out of it.

    • Now that I’m much more over it, I can understand why they did what they did. They probably want the game to have a light atmosphere so even the little amount of drama is used for comical effect. It was my fault for expecting something serious out of this.

      Yep, this is definitely a feel-good game. It’s unfortunate that they seemed to have equate that to extremely shallow characters, which doesn’t have to be the case. But then that’s the trend nowadays so they’re not the only ones to blame. And by the time I (mostly) finished the game, it has devolved to bad nukige status. At least I can fap to good nukiges, not this one. I’ll have to disagree with you on that one, going out with a loli is far more logical than going out with yourself. Either way, I think we’re doing this wrong if we’re trying to find any semblance of logic in games like this. I think the OP and ED by Duca are one of the few parts of the game I liked.

      Despite how hard it may seem I bashed the game, it does have its nice moments that I enjoyed as well. It’s getting harder and harder to get attached to heroines nowadays with all the paper-thin characters. Ah, the good ol’ days when characters are actually characters instead of animated, talking sex dolls. 😉

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