Introduction to Corruption (Part 2)

I am glad to see that the Aedes has finally posted something in a whileヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ. His newly published pure love article, Twin N’ Stuff, is exactly what I need to put a break in between my two corruption articles for too much good things can be a bad thing( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.

Putting aside whether you agree with me or not (that corruption is a good thing), I would like to thank those who have commented on the Introduction to Corruption (Part 1). Many of your comments have inspired and helped me to decide on what to write for this article, the second part of the introduction.

WARNING: Since the topic of this post is on corruption, naturally there will be HARDCORE NSFW pictures, usage of vulgar words and opinions that some people are not comfortable with. If you think you that will be unable to stomach what to come, I suggest you stop reading this article.


Other PoV

Reason 4 to play a Corruption Game:
A Corruption Game allows you to see a story from a different PoV.
I especially like playing as a Demon Lord(魔王) or Prince of Darkness.


The main ideas for this article actually came from a comment made by Tyr(@Tyrosn) on my previous Introduction to Corruption. Although we do not have the same point of views in regard of Corruption Games, I am really grateful at him for posting his thoughts because different opinions are always good a source of inspirations.

“I never understood the fascination of “pure” corruption. For me it is a very predictable concept with little respect to the characters original personality. From the beginning you know that the characters will try to resist but eventually they will fall down to the evil path.” — Tyr(@Tyrosn)

Intro to Corruption2

Reason 5 to play a Corruption Game:
Corrupted Heroines are extremely loyal and devoted.
They will betray their friends and lovers for your sake.

Fascination toward Corruption

Corruption Games are Very Predictable

It is true that corruption games are usually very predictable because we know that the heroines will most likely succumb to sexual pleasure and fall into the dark side. However when you play a charage, don’t you also know or at least expect that the heroines will face hardship together with the main protagonist and later fall in love with him? What will be your reaction if the should-be pure love charage you are playing suddenly end with a NTR? You probably will not be happy at all. My point is that being predictable is not a necessary a bad thing because a predictable game guarantees an outcome/ending that you want.

What is it then you enjoy from playing a Corruption Game?

Let us go back to our charage analogy. When a player plays a charage, he is of course playing for the characters, that is why the game is categorized as a charage in the first place. The same line of reasoning can be applied for playing a corruption game as well, people who play a corruption game simply enjoy the idea of corrupting the opposite sex.

Intro to Corruption5

The challenge in making a good Corruption Game
is to come up with a new and refreshing method of Corruption.

In other word, there is no way a person can enjoy a corruption game if he does not like the concept of corruption in the first place. This is why on my previous article I wrote that: people who like it will like it, people who don’t will never get it.

Difference between Corruption Games

Corruption Games are not as linear and shallow as many of you guys may think. Simply because there are two individuals who like Corruption Games,  does not necessary mean that they will like the same games. Even if both of them like a particular game, they may like that game for very different reason. There are more to Corruption Games than just converting heroines into sex slaves.

So what is it that make a certain player prefers a particular Corruption Game more than the other?

1) Physical Method of Corruption
Different Physical Methods of Corruption usually entertain players through visual and audio means. Some people may like to see heroines full of bruises after being whipped while some other people may like the heroines moan like crazy after being fed with aphrodisiac. Some people may like to see heroines with blank eyes because they are under the influence of hypnotism, while some may like heroines in blank eyes because they are dead inside due excessive sexual trainings.

2) Psychological Method of Corruption 
Psychological Methods of Corruption on other hand, provide the thrills through situations. In one case where a corruptor wanted to corrupt another man’s wife, he might try to drown the wive in guilt by pleasuring her in front of her husband. There are also stories in which the heroines got consumed by hatred because she was abandoned by her comrades and decided to give in and work for the dark side instead. Some people may prefer one situation more than other.

3) Speed of Corruption
This one is pretty straightforward. Some players like the heroines to fall fast, while others like the heroines to get corrupted little by little.

4) Using the Corrupted Heroine

Intro to Corruption3

One Interesting Way to use a Corrupted Heroine:
Tell her to control and corrupt another man

Once heroines are corrupted, all the fun shift from corrupting the heroines to exploring in what ways the corrupted heroines can be used. Unfortunately, there are not many varieties in using the corrupted heroines.

Respect towards the Characters Original Personality

When one heard the term “Corruption Game” or “Corrupted Heroines”, the first thing that most people have in mind is probably something like this:

Intro to Corruption7

A condition where the heroine is broken completely to a sex slave.
None of their original character left intact.

However, people need to know that there are also Corruption Games that do not break the heroines to this extent. For example, in VenusBlood ~Frontier~ there are eight events for each Goddess, four before they are corrupted and four after they are corrupted. Through these events, you can see how the character of these Goddess change over time. Each Goddess has her unique initial personality and unique corrupted personality.

Regretto from VenusBlood ~Frontier~
She turn from a shy and timid girl
into an aggressive and spoiled girl after being corrupted.

Concerning ‘character development’ in Corruption Games, there are two common versions:

  1. Corruption Games which force Heroines to submit, strip them of all human rights and treat them as sex dolls or sex slave. In this version,  the heroines most often lost their original personalities
  2. Corruption Games which force Heroines to submit, grant them the power of darkness and take them in as allies. In this second version, the heroines usually still have some of their original personalities plus their new personalities.

For those who understand Dungeons&Dragons terms, the first version is an example of Chaotic Evil while the second version is an example of Lawful Evil.


Although I still have enough materials to go on for another 1000 words, I think this is a good point to stop for today and save those materials for the next time. For this reason, I can safely say that there will probably be a third part of this Introduction in some time not so soon( ̄~ ̄;).

Before I completely end this article however, I want to remind everyone to keep an open-mind and forgiving heart. Please refrain from leaving any hate messages or comments. Thank you.

Intro to Corruption8

Reason 6 to play a Corruption Game:
Corruption is a fetish that can easily merge with other fetishes if needed to,
especially the costume fetish.

Cao~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

30 thoughts on “Introduction to Corruption (Part 2)

  1. These look so tame, but I’ll let that slide since it’s supposed to be an intro. And since this is just the intro, can we expect to see intermediate courses on the subject, oh great corrupter? 😀

    Personally, I like seeing blood. And also, 監禁+調教 make a great combo. Such as this image, hit my moe spot right on.

    Btw…did I just see an animated GIF? Somebody make that into a meme.

    • Yeah, I purposely choose all the tame one coz I dont want to scare the beginner away you know. Also, I am not into all that bloody 監禁+調教 thingy…so the worst that can come from me is probably: body modification, giving birth to monster, tentacle and beastility/moster sex.

      Intermediate? lol…I still have no idea what to talk about yet =.=

      yes, that is an animated gif. Took me some time to figure it out.
      1) Take screenshots for the wanted CGs
      2) Go to
      That site so far is the only gif maker that can make gif with 800×600 resolution
      3) Follow the instruction and make gif out of the CGs
      4) Dont upload to WordPress because it doesnt work last time I try. I use photobucket instead.
      5) Link from the place of your upload to WP.

      • I spend too much of my time lurking in MMO and Android forums as well as Technology/Android blogs and sites which is also where I picked up my writing style from.

        Nowadays the only weeaboo site I visit with any regularity is this one as I don’t identify myself as a weeaboo, but much more as a gamer since that’s the only thing that I do. I don’t watch anime, read manga, or any of that sort. I play games.

  2. Nice ^^.
    A great introduction to corruption part 2~~
    And I gotta say that you really hit all the spots more or less right on, as I pretty much agree with everything that you have written.

    Keep it up 😀

  3. Regarding the “change on personality”, the heroine developing a new one is not necessarily a forced transition because of the corruption.
    Like, you see good and bad people everyday, and not all the bad people had traumatic childhoods, and the good people loving and caring families.

    What I’m trying to say is that the corruption element brings up a part of the character that could had perfectly always been there, hence why I think the concerns of the kind “I don’t like corruption because the original character is lost forever” are mistaken.
    By the same way that love, harships, will, etc change the characters during an eroge (of any genre), corruption should be considered one of those elements, instead of “smth that transforms the heroine into smth she would had never been”.

    At least that’s how I feel :p

    • Yes I agree.
      Unfortunately not all corruption game is that way. Like the example I have given, there are also a lot of eroge that simple reduce the heroines down to sex slave which is not something will happen in your usual game.

  4. I can’t completely agree with your opinion. While corruption is an interesting concept, playing a whole game ONLY concentrating on that part gets boring pretty fast. It’s always the same formula: Rape her till she gives in.

    An more varied way to go about it is to have a game where one (or more) heroine starts good, but then gets in a situation, where she MIGHT get corrupted. Not knowing if she finally will give in or not (or maybe give in at first and return to the good side later for some reason) creates much more tension in the reader/player. That’s different from an out-and-out corruption game, where not managing to corrupt the heroine usually only results in a bad end.
    A (non-sexual) example for this isTsubaki’s route in G-senjou no Maou, where the main character tries to corrupt the girl, and you don’t know, if she will give in or reverse the situation and influence the main character instead, or if something entire else will happen.
    Don’t worry, I won’t spoil how it ends here 😉

    Of course such concepts won’t work in games where the heroine is captured in the first five minutes, and from then on it’s just a rapefest till you see the outcome right before the ending screen.

    • hmmm….although you think the concept of corruption is interesting, I don’t think you are into corruption at all. From the way you describe it, I feel that you are more into thriller or suspend type of story.

      The reason is that, I have played so many corruption games and as long as the corruption game is my type, there is no way I feel bored about it. In fact, a lot of these game is made by the same company that follow pretty much the same pattern and yet not even once I feel bored. Therefore I think it goes back to what do you really enjoy.

      A very simple example: food. I really like corn and I have no problem eating corn everyday…seriously XD. Though I doubt my mother will be able to do that. On other hand, my mother really like to eat bitter gourd, but I can’t even eat that stuff. So if I say bitter gourd doesn’t taste good, is it correct or is it incorrect?

      My point is, there is no correct and incorrect in this kind of concept. While it is true that you find it boring, it is also true that I don’t find it boring at all. Again, it goes back to what is it that you enjoy, no?

      The reason for my article is not to argue that Corruption Game is the best or anything like that. I simply want to offer readers a look at Corruption Game from my point of view. that’s all really.

  5. Could you please tell me where the third (the one with the snails), fourth(the one with a footjob) and last pic is from?

    • 1) Snail – [MAIKA]宇宙刑事ステラバン
      2) Footjob – [MAIKA]略奪牝ブリーダー ~奪われた恋人 狂わされた人妻~
      3) Last one – [アストロノーツ・シリウス]デモニオン ~魔王の地下要塞~

      • Could you please give me ALL the product that you use their screenshot in these 2 “intro to Corruption” post? Even the manga picture.
        I. Love. Them. All!!!

      • For the pictures in the previous post:

        “[HEAT-SOFT] Totsuzen Kaijin ken Jimuin no ore ga Mahou Shoujo-tachi wo Otosu Hanashi ~ Mahou Tenshi Angel Saber VS Aku no Soshiki desu Brand ~” :1st picture
        “Choukou Sentai Justice Blade 3 ~Altered Apocalypse~”:3rd, 6th,
        “Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi”: 5th
        “Venus Blood -Frontier-“:8th
        “Divine Heart Karen ~Kantsui Sennou no Wana~”: 2nd picture, 9th (last picture).

        Still looking for 7th and we already know where is 2nd picture from.
        Am i getting it right, aquaspirit39?

        BTW, i used google image search engine.

  6. Up and down – Back and forward
    Rattle the cage – To wake my mother
    From black and white dreams and colorful spells
    Into a different set of rooms – Where we don’t belong
    A Serpent arrives – From out of the depths
    Heading for the sun – Looking into my eyes
    Illuminate me so I may see the light
    Eliminate me so I cease to long for anything
    Illuminate me so I can tell what’s right
    Eliminate me so I come to know myself

    I better run – Before you touch me
    Tripping over my own feet I – Break open my head
    Black and white flowers and colorful insects
    Emerge from the wound – Too many to contain them
    Footsteps in the sand – Lead out through a gate
    Onto a winding path – in between two towers
    Illuminate me so I may see the light
    Eliminate me so I won’t remember anything
    Illuminate me so I can sense what’s right
    Eliminate me so I come to forget myself

    High and Low – In laughter and in tears
    Among ruins on a hill – Overlooking a dark sea
    Of black and white words and colorful songs
    Closing in around me – Stealing my breath
    Answers appear – and convictions dissolve
    We get ready for the flames – to embrace our souls

    Illuminate me – Eliminate me – Illuminate me – Eliminate me

    A dose of confusion – To bridge the gap
    Building a ship – Within a bottle
    Filled with black and white fears and colorful hopes
    Afloat on an ocean – In search of meaning
    Right here Right now – Death defeats life
    Questioning my love – for everything around me

    Illuminate me so I may see the light
    Eliminate me so I lose everything
    Illuminate me so I can feel what’s right
    Eliminate me so I find what’s left of myself

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