Short Impressions on Several Recent Games

It is my philosophy to finish all routes of a game before writing a review on it and exactly because of this I have not been able to post any review this past few months. This month is not especially different, although I manage to secure enough time to go through several games, capturing heroines that I was not particularly fond of sounds like a big waste to me. On other hand, I feel that not writing anything about these game is also not fair because they are actually good games. So instead of writing a full reviews or not writing any reviews at all, I settled with on a middle ground: a post with short impressions for all the games.

Short Impression

Name: GunKnight Girl (ガンナイトガール)
Company: CandySoft
Release: 2012/12/21

Route Taken:

Nanami Renka

Nanami Renka
A yandere who will stab herself to get your attention.

If you are looking for a good story and thriller, GunKnight Girl is a perfect choice. The writer(s)  is very good at building up the suspense which made the readers unable to stop reading. The heroines in this games are also very interesting…in a twisted way. For a weird person like me who love twisted girls more than  pure girls, this is a big appeal point.

Name: Prism Recollection (プリズム◇リコレクション!)
Company: クロシェット
Release: 2013/02/22

Route Taken:

Uisaki Hinano

Uisaki Hinano
slightly tsundere, ドM, 後輩 and 巨乳…can’t ask for more XD

Unlike Aedes, I love big breast(巨乳) and I hate flat-chest(貧乳) so I have no complaints whatsoever about the heroines’ bust sizes in Prism Recollection. Actually, other than the overly large breast size, this game is a pretty normal charage. It comes with various types of heroines and if there is a heroine that you like then go for it, otherwise I don’t see you should be bother playing this game.

Name: Hapy Maher (ハピメア)
Company: パープルソフトウェア
Release: 2013/02/28

Route Taken: 

Hirasaka Keiko

Hirasaka Keiko
I am not really a fan of Ringo’s voice and also not into kuudere…so I really have no idea why I played her routes =.=”

At beginning, the motivation that made me played this game is the sexy costumes that the heroines wear when they are in dream world. However this game proved itself to be more than just that, since the story that the game spinned were surprisingly good. The mysterious air build by an excellent set of soundtracks reminded me a lot of はつゆきさくら. Another selling point of this game is that all the heroines are voiced by very famous seiyuu: 五行なずな, 青山ゆかり, 風音, 青葉りんご and 遠野そよぎ.

Name: LOVESICK PUPPIES -僕らは恋するために生まれてきた-
Company: Cosmic Cute
Release: 2013/03/22

Route Taken:

Karakouji Orie

Karakouji Orie
when a strong girl like Orie go dere and wear a choker and willing become your puppies…hnggg!

Hoshina Yuki

Hoshina Yuki
A very well done childhood friend character and probably the best heroine in the game

Lovesick Puppies is very well known among erogamers for its catchy opening song and in fact that is the main reason that made me played the game. Although the common route of this game pretty long and interesting, it is very unfortunate that the individual routes are short and very lacking. The best thing that I find in this game is how the Main Character is not whimpy and useless, but is instead very capable and respected by all the heroines.


If you feel that this post is very sloppy then you are very right because I find writing short impressions is surprisingly harder than writing a full review and on top of that, I dont have much time to spend correcting and rewriting like usual. I hope that I will have enough time to write something better than this next time and sorry for such a rushed  article.

Cao~~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

12 thoughts on “Short Impressions on Several Recent Games

  1. Are you going to review White Album 2 before the first season of its anime airs in Fall 2013? It was the highest-rated game in Famitsu during its release, and it surprisingly beat out a title from the Super Mario Brothers series.

      • Really? I thought the drama is what made it beat out Super Mario Bros. that year. And sometimes good drama makes a good ending all the more rewarding.

        • There’s your usual everyday drama, then there’s drama in White Album. They’re in a totally different league. But it’s also true that White Album wouldn’t be White Album without its drama.

          If you can handle the major love triangle drama, by all means go ahead. It’s supposedly an excellent game that brings absolutely tear-jerking 感動+鬱 for those who can stomach it.

          The songs are awesome too as I have them all even though I didn’t play it. Maybe I will one day.

          • I think it was Aero and I who expressed interest in WA2 on the blog. I MIGHT play it in the summer if nothing catches my eye from the new releases.

            But reviewing the game is tricky because of its size and depth. Either the review would be skimpy on details and end with a “I won’t spoil anything/just play it!” (of which several of those kind of reviews/impressions are already on the net in English). Or the review would be absurdly loooong as you spill the guts of the story AND spill your own guts in a fervor of depression and tears. Regardless, it’s a monumental task.

      • Fuzzyhobo,

        You don’t have to do a whole-hog review of WA2 in just one blog entry. Just break it into chunks with a blog entry each for Introductory Chapter, and then a route-by-route review for the CC and the Coda (with a blog entry for each route).

        I have a sneaking suspicion that due to the length and breadth of the source material, we WON’T be seeing an omnibus adaptation of WA2 like we did for Aedes’ favourite game, Yosuga no Sora. An indepth review of each of the major parts of WA2 on this blog would be greatly appreciated for those of us who will never be able to legally purchase the game, especially since it’s extremely likely that ingame story material will be cut or otherwise skipped over for its animated adaptation (and that’s assuming that IC, CC, and Coda will all be animated, which is not likely given how cash-strapped the anime industry is right now).

        You must understand we are severely short on alternatives for an indepth review of this game. The last update for the WA2 English translation project was White Day 2012, and there is evidence the translation project was largely machine-based, which you can read about here:

        I trust you guys to cover all the juicy bits of this landmark game. It would really be a highlight for this blog since no other eroge blog to my knowledge has done an indepth review for WA2.

  2. Sorry, but I can’t take girls and guns, or big oppai, seriously. I also dislike weak chara routes, so there seems to be only one candidate left, although I already played 2.5 routes of that oppai game just for the heck of it and not surprisingly dropped it halfway.

    Also, just noticed, how are you embedding the images in your posts? None of them are clickable. 😦 And it’d be nice if you can crop out the black strips too. 😀

    • mmm…no idea why they cant be clicked…maybe a side-effect from me playing around with the codes while trying to arrange their orientation…

      Yeah, I notice about the black ribbon but too lazy to remove em XD…maybe next time 😛

      • I know that feeling, who wouldn’t want to play with HTML code right!? Did you, accidentally perhaps, take out the <a href=”link”> </a> link tag that wraps around the <img> tag? That’s the reason none of your pics are clickable, though I don’t know how that happened as the links are automatically inserted unless you manually removed the links. 😉

  3. hapy maher is surprising good but i don like saki route is because the voice actor is kinda turn me off, i do play prism uisaki route she cute, i juz dont get it why does everytime chu chap there a tu- sound lol

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