Three-way [Review] – Lovely x Cation 2

Be warned! For SOME reason we decided to do a three-way…for this review. So as you might expect, it’s gonna be pretty damn long. No one would blame you if you just look at the pictures.

Black – Me (Aero)

Red – My comments

Green – Fuzzyhobo’s comments

Blue – Aedes’s comments

I would also like to add that all the comments attached to the following images were written up by Fuzzy. So if the attached comment is weird >___>, direct it at HIM.

Company: hibiki works (foreign IP block)
Game site: LOVELY×CATION2 (foreign IP block)
Release date: April 26, 2013
Links: VNDB, Getchu, Walkthrough

The sequel to LOVELY×CATION. Spring has come again and the protagonist has moved into a new home by himself after his parents transferred elsewhere for their jobs. Everyone went smoothly until he received a prediction at a shrine which he had come upon: “Go find the one who will become your partner for life. Otherwise, you will live a cruel life”. However, a non-assertive man like him didn’t know anything about love. At such a critical juncture in his life, will he be able to summon up the courage to find himself a girl?

[From Micchi’s Blog]


First things first: I LOVE THE OPENING.


So the protagonist who has no experience in love is encouraged by some weird priest that he should pursue love. Strangely, he follows this advice and starts becoming more conscious of the girls around him. The heroines are BRIEFLY introduced and then you decide who you want to be closer to. The common route for this game is almost non-existent because you need to pursue one heroine if you want to capture them.

You start with a tabula rasa – no name (until you make one), no voice, and a fittingly flat personality. The guy never popped out beyond the text boxes for me, he seems so….dull and lifeless. I suppose he could be designed as such intentionally to make the average player easier to relate to since games like these that are closer to the traditional “dating sim” games are much more personal between you and the heroine, but frankly speaking, I found his personality, or lack thereof, a major bore.

To LxC2’s credit, this protagonist is much better than the original LxC’s protagonist. Though he might be a blank slate, he’s also not a hetare and takes the initiative several times in each route. Overall, your typical nice guy with hidden strength. Frankly, it could’ve been much worse. 

With the exception of Hinata, I found it weird how the protag didn’t know the other heroines. I mean they’re all apparently super hot, so he should have at least seen them around or something. 

The guy just transferred in. Give him a break will ya.

But he’s still going to the same school.

This is not worth defending, but he lived on the other side of the town and they were all in different classes. Protagonist also said he only hung out with guy friends till he moved. 


The whole game takes place over the course of about two months and you pretty much live the protagonist’s day-to-day life. Within this time, you meet the heroines, get to know them, and finally start a relationship. Heroines are mostly isolated to their own route. Some make minor appearances in other routes, but they don’t play any meaningful role. Development up to the confession scene is generally done well. However, the confession scenes vary in quality. What’s AFTER the confession is probably the gold material you’re looking for.

I thought all the routes had decent interaction with other heroines and secondary characters. Most of the routes in the first LxC, excluding Misa and Sera, felt like isolated bubbles. Having all the characters voiced, also helped the immersion and slice-of-life atmosphere.

“Scenario” essentially goes like this in a 100% slice-of-life fashion: buildup to the relationship, tons of ichaicha + sex, then maybe 5 minutes of drama with the accompanying makeup sex. 

5 minute drama…more like one minute drama in some routes. Seriously…it’s all icha icha, ero, and slice-of-life.


CV: 夏野こおり = Natsuno Kouri = Hiroko Taguchi

Hime is the protagonist’s classmate and he first sees her when she’s working part-time at the local restaurant “Jelly Fish.” As a child, she often played outside with boys. Consequently, Hime developed a competitive personality and everyone considers her a tomboy. Currently, she’s trying to act more ladylike. Hime is very friendly and gets along with just about anyone.

Take your typical super friendly classmate, make her ever so slightly tomboyish, and this is what you’d get. If you like that, great. If you don’t, you’ll like the next one for sure.

After falling in love with Hime at first sight, you approach her with the intention of “capturing” her.  Hime enjoys your company because she can act boyish around you without hesitation and the two of you soon become quite close. However, Hime’s attitude towards you remains that of “friends” up to the point of the confession. This causes her acceptance of your confession to feel very off. Not to mention the confession is HORRIBLE, one of the worst I’ve ever seen actually (that I can remember >___>). However I really like Hime’s personality and the events after her confession are excellent.

On the other hand, I was okay with the confession. Hime was ドンカン to romance, so the confession would naturally be awkward. There has to be MUCH worse confessions in the sea of eroge. The rest of her route is smooth sailing with sweet icha and ero. Babymaking comes up a lot in the route, lol. As for drama, you have your first fight near the end, but it’s very low key with a feel good resolution. While Hime is not my favorite, her route and character satisfies me plenty.

Traditional confessions are overrated. Sex is the new confession.

Please tell me how successful you are with this NEW type of confession ;D

Oh he’s VERY successful with it…in 2-D.


CV: 遠野そよぎ = Toono Soyogi = Tae Okajima

Hinata is the protagonist’s kouhai and next door neighbor in the same apartment building. As her looks suggest, she isn’t very good at studying. She is very energetic and friendly, but is shy around strangers. Hinata enjoys running and is an active member of the track team. Since her mother died when she was young, she learned how to do housework to lessen the burden on her father. She is very reserved and rarely acts selfishly.

Huh? What’s that about her family? Loli in such a lewd costume…ha..ha…

Not even to an H-scene and Aedes can’t control himself…

Your relationship with Hinata slowly develops into something that’s similar to siblings. Despite people teasing you about your relationship, you aren’t at first romantically attracted to her. Hinata getting sick is the turning point in your relationship. Afterwards, she starts showing MORE signs of romantic attraction towards you. It’s smooth sailing after the confession scene and no more drama appears in the route. Overall, I thought Hinata had the most solid route of the lot and I enjoyed it from start to end.

Normally, Hinata is not my type, but I couldn’t resist her. She has adorable reactions to everything and you can’t help desiring to support her. The progress in your relationship before and after confession is smooth, sensible, and heartwarming. HOWEVER, despite liking her character and route, I just can’t see Hinata in an ero way like Aedes. Consequently, for a game with a strong ero-focus, that handicaps my enjoyment.

Lolicon is part of Japanese culture, and becoming one is necessary in embracing it. Viva lolicon!


CV: 門葡蘭子 = Monbu Ranko = Mai Gotou

Seine is slow by nature and always carries an emotionless facial expression. Consequently, people struggle in interacting with her and end up avoiding her. She is interested in theatre, but doesn’t know where to start since she’s bad around people. As a result, she continues to practice alone on a regular basis. Seine also loves food, animals, and otaku subculture.

The quiet girl who speaks in a lethargic monotone. Not even the goddess Agumion can save her from bringing me to sleep whenever she comes on-screen. Oh wait, that might actually be a good thing now that I think about it…..if you know what I mean.

Well, she’s rarely on-screen if you’re not in her route…and it’s Agumi Oto.

Who the hell is Agumion?


Haha that brings back memories. However I seriously have no idea who Agumi Oto is.

After curiosity draws you to support Seine’s wish to act, the two of you slowly become acquainted after many sessions of small talk. Over time she starts showing signs of wanting to be with you for longer, but she doesn’t know how act on it. These moments are quite few in number, which was unfortunate. The confession makes excellent use of Seine’s awkward nature. Unfortunately, the relationship is somewhat bland as Seine being slow and basically emotionless hinders the icha icha. Seine’s route has an excellent ending, again making good use of her character. However the epilogue I found to be absolute crap.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Seine is the only one who gets a bad ending. Well it’s not really a bad ending; it’s just not a GOOD ending.

Seine’s route has a good beginning and end, but the rest of it is boring. All the “icha icha” and slice-of-life fell flat because she always responds in monotone…except in bed. I like the concept of her character, but I’d have prefered if Seine was a super shy heroine or something instead of emotionless…it just kills the appeal. Overall, her route was wasted potential. 

The only parts that weren’t flat are those two oversized lumps of hers.



CV: さくらはづき = Sakura Hazuki = Hitomi Nabatame

A calm and intelligent beauty that is a 3rd year student at Suimei High School. Wakoto is a senpai that everyone admires and is often surrounded by people asking for her help or advice. Due to her popularity, she receives many confessions from boys…and rejects every one of them. As a result, students call Wakoto the school’s “impregnable fortress.” Wakoto’s family also runs the Sakinami shinto shrine and she helps out as a miko. Beneath her graceful exterior, Wakoto holds an insatiable curiosity and an unexpectedly cheeky side.

He really means the impregnatable fortress. Because needless to say, no one has succeeded before and the only one who will ever be able to impregnate her is the protagonist.

Can’t you say that for ALL heroines then?

Initially, you have difficulty approaching Wakoto due to her popularity. It’s a bumpy ride as your attempts cause a repeating cycle of joy and depression. Just when things begin to look good with Wakoto, your relationship becomes awkward since the whole school notices it and starts gossiping. This kinda thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it was a necessary obstacle for this route. After you’re a couple, you eliminate any disapproval by blatantly showing off your relationship. Overall the route was quite decent, but I’m not a big fan of the onee-san/senpai heroine.

AERO, YOU ARE CRAAAAAZY!!! THE WAKOTO ROUTE IS AWESOME~!!! (<– Not showing extreme bias <_<) I like playing the underdog, as you try to spend more time with Wakoto and increase her affection despite her popularity. Yes, initially there are ups and downs, but it’s all for the greater good! You’re the only one that cares for Wakoto as a person and not an idol, so you gradually open her heart, see hidden sides of her, and…damn, I’m too into this. Senpai heroines are my kool-aid, so I enjoyed every minute of Wakoto’s route. 

The rest of her route is blissful icha icha and ero, although plot-wise Wakoto must decide later if she wants to inherit her family’s shrine. You also see more of the shrine priest (i.e. Wakoto’s grandpa) who started you on this whole love quest. If you like a cool and intelligent beauty with a healthy mix of teasing and dere (e.g. Mayuri from Flyable Heart), then give Wakoto a try! One warning: there’s some sooooft “責められ” in this route. If you’re uncomfortable with the heroine taking the lead in the relationship a couple times, then Wakoto might not be for you. Overall, her route still has plenty of icha icha and ero. COMPLETE SATISFACTION.

This is it guys. Fuzzy is now officially a do-M.

I KNEW you’d say that. To clarify, I HATE SM. I can laundry list several games I avoided/abandoned due to SM. Onee-hunter I will admit to, but not do-M, lol.

Yep, there’s definitely no bias THERE (being sarcastic). The route itself was pretty good, but again, I’m just not a big fan of her character type. In particular, I don’t like being “dominated” during H-scenes. Give me an Onee-san/senpai heroine who’s a big time “amaenbou” and I’m all ears.

So…you’ll play Mottoane then? IIRC, that only happens in 2 scenes of 9…and she is such an “amaenbou” too! Look at those cgs!

Sorry, I’m too lazy. The thought of an amaenbou onee-san is somewhat tempting, but the other heroines aren’t really that appealing.

Route Rankings:

Hime = Hinata > Wakoto > Seine

Wakoto > Hime = Hinata >> Seine

Hinata >>> Hime > ???


On a typical day you’ll get the chance to visit 2 areas on the map and within those areas you can choose an item or activity. Whatever you choose will increase your stats. More importantly, the area you choose may initiate an event with one of the heroines. In order to get onto a particular heroines route, you need to constantly meet up with that heroine via these events. So basically, you need to become a stalker.

You’re not STALKING her…you’re meeting her by coincidence. 😉

That’s what they all say when caught in the act.

“MY” intentions were to stalk the heroine. Whether those were the intentions of the protagonist are another question.

As you play, you raise your stats daily in order to increase the affection of your target heroine. Some dialogues and scenes are only available if you gain the necessary stats (e.g. Hinata likes sports and Wakoto likes books). You’ll also get a small bonus with H-scenes if your stats meet certain requirements. Certain items you acquire also affect the content of a heroine’s route. Sometimes an item is a prerequisite for a heroine’s affection or simply a topic of conversation. Other times, an item might be required to unlock additional cgs and H-scenes.

When your relationship with the heroine becomes more intimate, the games gives you more opportunities to interact with her in a slice-of-life fashion. These choices include taking pictures (Lovely Shot), walking talks, mail by phone, and present giving. With regards to presents, heroines wear different costumes and have different dates depending on if you give them a present at one point in the route.

Lovely Shot huh…are you thinking what I’m thinking? Anyway, the stats are mostly only good for making the sex harder, better, faster, stronger, but with how much of a pain in the behind it is to raise those stats, I’m unsure whether it’s worth the effort for minor variations in the CGs or the dialog. 

Oh I know you want those ero bonuses for Hinata.

Who doesn’t?


Like its predecessor, LxC2 uses the “Lovely Call” system. This system allows you to choose what heroines call you once the two of you start dating. There’s a large selection of “calls” to choose from and each call is voiced by the heroines. With Hinata you get the additional option of getting her calling you “onii-chan”.

You also have the option of picking the heroine’s name once in a relationship. For example, you can call Wakoto by her first name without the -senpai honorific to get a different reaction from her. 

Sadly the game lacked the option of making all the heroines call you onii-chan.

Would you really want someone like Wakoto calling you “Onii-chan”? That’s some fetish you’ve got there >___>

The first game’s Lovely Call system had only two tones which the heroines would use: one for general purposes and one for H-scenes. In LxC2, the heroines use at least four tones that are also timed better and thus sound more natural. Sure there are inconsistencies, but I found that they were minor to the point that I could just shrug it off.


Going into detail about the graphics isn’t my thing. I’ll pass the torch to Fuzzy for this. Though I all you really need to do is look at the images we included in this review to see if you like the graphics or not.

There are 92 unique CGs; Tasuku Iizuki’s art is once again drop dead gorgeous. Besides the エ ロメロ character designs, the game takes full advantage of the seaside town setting to show players some breathtaking and vivid backgrounds. I could care less about the first game’s non-character art, but this time, the designers and in-game characters emphasize the rich scenery along with noticeable lighting effects and changes in time of day. So maybe you’ll stare at more than the heroine’s rack…or Hinata’s lack of one…

Now this is some scenery porn you can fap to.

You never cease to amaze me.

None of the sub characters have sprites. While it does focus the game more on the heroines since they’re literally the only things you’ll see on the screen, I’d prefer seeing something on the screen when there’s somebody talking.


One of the few SFW ero cgs

LxC2 has 40+ H-scenes with 9-11 scenes per heroine.Something I found interesting is that one of the heroines will insist on using “protection”, while the others don’t seem to care. A different heroine

Except for Wakoto, all the heroines have the cliche first H RIGHT after the confession. Afterwards, you and the heroine go at it like jackrabbits. Vanilla ero doesn’t get much better than this. Although, there were some strange H-sound effects…

Like the first game, LxC2 will have append patches. Each patch will consist of a short scenario and an H-scene. Sometimes, the scenario will relate to its month of release. For example, the December append patch might be about Christmas and could feature a Santa cosplay H-scene.

Currently, the May append is out and the heroines’ birthday appends have been announced, but more are in the works…some with fan input on scenarios and costumes!

All praise those nymphos for giving us so many H scenes.

I recall Seine being the most nympho; they did it for basically the whole golden week IIRC. Hime probably comes in second.

Not like they had anything else to work with for Seine’s route. Just like a nukige, they substituted ero for substance. A winning formula~!

Ero IS substance.

Final Words

Characters: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
System: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Romance: 9/10
Moe: 8/10
H-scenes: 8/10
Overall: 85/100 (not total)

LxC2 improves in all aspects compared to the original LxC. The characters are lovable, there lots of ichaicha and the romance is good. The extent to which the Lovely Call system was improved I found to be very surprising. Stat building is somewhat “blind” and I would suggest using a walkthrough so that you don’t miss out on anything. This game has some minor flaws, but I would still go so far as this say that this game is a must play for chara-ge fans.

HOWEVER! Though I loved this game, none of the heroine love struck me as much as Yuuki from the original LxC.

Characters: 9/10
Sound: 8.5/10
System: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Romance: 9.5/10
Moe: 8/10
H-scenes: 9/10
Overall: 88/100 (not total)

In my book, LxC2 surpasses the original on all accounts. Great icha icha, superb ero, 3 likable heroines, and high quality production values. I will definitely revisit this game as the appends come out.

Characters: 7/10
Sound: 7/10
System: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Romance: 9/10
Moe: 7/10
H-scenes: 7/10
Overall: 70/100 (not total and extremely biased)

This is a chara-ge in it’s purest form where whether the characters appeal to you will either make or break the game for you. In my case, the game was broken in half since I only liked 2 out of 4 of the characters. However, I did the enjoy the routes of the characters who I liked.

Finally, sorry if this post was hard on the eyes >____>. It’s hard to squeeze in room for three, especially since we mucked around a lot when we were using google docs =p.

47 thoughts on “Three-way [Review] – Lovely x Cation 2

  1. for me someone who played through Wakoto’s route I guess everything just felt “normal” but perhaps its because I think its your back to basics dating sims… again I did play LxC1 so could’nt pass out on this to check the changes… but meh… art is still good, but what I’m frustrated about are the QR codes (did anyone from the EN community bothered to get them and use them?) and the probability of expanded append disks… PER MONTH for 1 year… the game in itself has no notable features asides from what we already have from LxC1 but meh… I did enjoy the slow ride while reading a capture guide but these are just my few words not even sure should I bother making a review but Madan Koukaku and Oyako Rankan might be up in my review list

    • The QR codes block foreign IP…links to a URL so that you can use the cg as a wallpaper. Can do the same thing with a cg rip…

      The original LxC took a year on a monthly basis to release its appends too. If anything, we’re getting MORE stuff because of the birthday appends and each month’s append will appear to include all the heroines now (mix of ero/non-ero scenes). So I’m happy to wait if it means more content. ^^

      I still think LxC2 has an edge over the original with better production values, several small changes (e.g. walking talk, better slice-of-life pacing), and imo better characters. I’m also glad they ditched the garbage stories of the original to focus on slice-of-life/charage stuff. Overall, the changes were enough to make a strong impression on me.

      Hahaha, I was considering reviewing Oyako Rankan one day. It’s a very interesting game that I have mixed feelings about. For one, I hate NTR, but it’s 50/50 NTR and straight love. I played all the routes anyway, but I loved the heroine routes (obviously, not the NTR routes). Did you play the NTR routes too? Or did you use the NTR scene skip option?

      Oddly enough, the story and characters also engrossed me, even though it’s all absurd. Plus, the game’s ero is superb, high-tier stuff. If it didn’t have NTR and changed some small things, it’d be my favorite nukige all time. Well, if you ever get around to a review, I’d be happy to contribute. ^_^

      • NTR skip function with a capture guide… it takes a lot of planning just to get it right it seems judging from what I have felt using the harem guide… though my gripe with the main character is that he’s… tooo hetare and donkan for Oyako Rankan just like any other protagonist in an NTR setting

        • Actually, I didn’t need to use the skip function because I found a guide on 2chan that’s 100%NTR free, makes doing all the good routes super easy, and NO cheating. In that guide, you can get all the heroines to 7-8 hearts by day 25. Save, then it’s smooth sailing getting all the good routes. Note, you have to do EXACTLY what it says though since it perfectly navigates all the pitfalls.

          The other harem guides “cheat” by using a trick in the Ririko route to get Saya without getting her hearts up much. But this guide I found progresses through all the good routes equally (Kotone, Saya, Ririko, maid, Harem) with no NTR. Here it is, I haven’t found it elsewhere online.

          Mamoru’s donkan regardless of good/NTR routes, but I don’t think he’s that hetare in the good routes and when he prevents NTR routes. You can’t really call him hetare in the NTR routes because you’re CHOOSING for him to neglect heroines for the NTR. You control the NTR…which is weird.

          • ohh yeah very donkan… still that doesnt help anyway the harem route I found it online I also converted it into a text file for convenience

        • I wouldn’t recommend using that guide as it’s not very good. Yes, it gets you the harem route, but it focuses mainly on Ririko and Kotone and neglects Saya…I don’t think you even get half way through Saya’s route cause it uses the Ririko trick like I mentioned. You also probably came across several NTR scenes that were easily avoidable and it’s not efficient with your choices.

          The guide I pasted avoids ALL NTR without needing to use the skip feature and it goes through all the routes equally and easily. I redid my play through with the new guide and never regretted it as it made capturing easy.

  2. I need to agree with Fuzzy this time round, Wakoto is amazing XD and no that doesnt make me or him a do-M 😛

    Just like how a one sided soccer game is not fun to watch at all, a relation with constantly one same side 責め and one same side 受け is pretty boring in my opinion. In this case, Wakoto really hit my strike zone, though how I still wish she was a kouhai or at least a classmate instead of senpai =(

    Now, let us all wait for the monthly patch XD

  3. oh yeah theres also 1 bad end in the first LxC if I remember my stuff correctly well its not bad bad but somewhat “normal”, plus what I felt that the writing improvement for the game was its “feel-good” atmosphere, I played through Misasa and Aya’s routes back in LxC1

  4. Thanks for reviewing this game. Tasuku Iizuki (the game’s CG artist) really should be more popular. Think you could provide us with the voices used for LxC1?

    It’s also nice to see Hiroko Taguchi voicing characters who aren’t of the imouto archetype. Any chance this blog will get a review of TenInai which also features her acting as a character outside of that archetype?

    • Original Lovely x Cation cast:

      Yuni: Yui Sakakibara
      Yuuki: 海乃奏多 = Umino Kanata = Rita
      Aya: 愛原ちづる = Aihara Chizuru = Rie Kanda
      Misasa: Natsumi Yanase
      Sera: Harumi Sakurai

      • Thanks. Makes me wonder if any other successful Japanese singers provide eroge voices. Someone like Nana Mizuki wouldn’t be caught dead doing such a thing, though.

    • Oh please, every one of her characters sounds the same, if not exactly identical. 😀 I know I won’t be doing a game that old because I’m a sucker for the latest eye candy, don’t know about the others though.

      • No, from what I remember Shinobu Sakaki (the character that Hiroko Taguchi plays in TenInai) doesn’t sound like your favourite, Sora Kasugano. And the eye candy from that game by Leaf isn’t very far behind their more modern entries, as it was illustrated by Takeshi Nakamura and Misato Mitsumi. It still stands up pretty well to the test of time.

  5. I like a good 3-way if you know what I mean.

    But yeah, this game doesn’t seem particularly interesting to me. Never been a fan of pure dating seems, though the ero in this looks pretty nice.

    • No homo please.

      The ero is pretty good, for vanilla. They just kept going at it day and night after they get into the relationship.

  6. I enjoye this one and OMG! Hinata is totally cute, i liked Seine because her smiles are gorgeous 🙂

    Great review by the way.

  7. I looked back at this review and I just had to say that the map screenshot reminds me a lot of Sonic Adventure 2 for some reason… That’s probably a good thing.

  8. Here you go:

    (基本 – foundation)

    体力 – physical strength
    知力 – wisdom
    器用 – skill
    魅力 – charm
    感性 – sense

    (技能 – technical skills)

    ゲーム – games
    書籍 – books
    食べ物 – food
    スポーツ – sports
    動物 – animals
    おしゃれ – fashion

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  10. Looking back on this review, I wonder if you’ll ever do reviews for Flyable Heart and its fandiscs. I think Mayuri (since you mentioned her) is the best-designed character in that game and would like to know how her story goes through Flyable Heart, then Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete, and then Flyable Candy Heart.

    • Don’t know if I’ll review them since, by its age and popularity, it seems like whoever wants to play it probably played it already. But maybe others will review it, no idea.
      Mayuri is probably my favorite character in the game. Although it has been a while, but if I remember correctly Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete is a much more heavy, drama-laden continuation of her story from where it left off in Flyable Heart focusing exclusively on her while Flyable Candy Heart, in regards to her story, is just the usual fan disk fluff that adds nothing.
      Personally I liked her personal FD which was a nice change of pace from Flyable Heart and allowed her character to develop much more. And the OP and the ED, by KIYO I think, were simply amazing.
      Thought you played them?

      • Pardon me, but I’ve never maintained an eroge blog (I’m sadly Japanese-illiterate) and don’t know how to use text-hooking programs either. Still, I’m interested in how eroge manage to work in the 18+ elements and the CG art (of course), which is why you find me reading eroge blogs like this one since it’s pretty much the only way I can learn about the stories in English for the vast majority of untranslated titles.

        Anyway, if you have the time I’d like to hear you summarize Mayuri’s story over e-mail. Would you have preferred that the other Flyable Heart heroines have gotten more serious fan discs of their own?

        • If you’re interested, I have written a pretty detailed guide on how to use machine translators to play eroge. I was previously used machine translators to play eroge, and fuzzyhobo STILL uses them to play. So yeah…just letting you know that the option is available ^^

          I don’t think a serious FD would have worked out for the other heroines. Their stories were generally wrapped up quite well in the original game. Whereas Mayuri’s ending left things hanging, and was like, “…that’s it???”.

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  12. Hi. I’m new here. I just want to say that you three writing a review together is like reading a review with 3 different personalities that work so well together.

    Aero, the straight forward leader like type person with all that seriousness. Aedes, the lolicon (lolicon bros :D) with his idk somewhat amusing character that just stands out as the dude who just goes with everything and enjoys it. FuzzyHobo, the one guy who keeps things somewhat lively with all the extra input passionately I guess (?). You guys should do a foursome (no homo) with AquaSpirit39.

    This was a great review that makes me want to try out the game for the art, music and the characters. This review also made me laugh a bit from all the comments written by you guys in the review. Hope you guys do more joint reviews like this one in the future 😀

    • Sadly it’s a lot harder to write joint reviews these days. We all have jobs now, so we have limited time. On top of that, we need to have played the same game first in order for something like a joint review to be possible. Of course, you could say that we could decide on a game in advance and all play it, but that’s just not our style.

      LOL, I don’t know how I feel about being called the serious guy of the lot. If anything, I feel Fuzzyhobo is most serious writer of the lot. However I’ll admit that I have been gotten a lot more critical with my judgement of eroge as the years have passed. This is a point I find quite funny because I pretty much play slice of life games 90% of the time =D.

      As for LxC2, it’s definitely a game recommend if you enjoy slice of life romance stuff. The game still holds a special place in my heart even after all these years.

  13. Hi, I’m researching Miko/priestess characters for a fanfiction series I’m writing and I’m interested in learning more about Wakoto. Is it possible you could tell me what happens exactly in her route, or point me to an English translation of this game?

  14. im not end with seine route yet… but stil if i would like to say her route like a hope from protagonist.. can i ask recomm eroge like seine route with a bit dark but good end oc

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