Thoughts on Majikoi A-2

This post contains spoilers for this game, so proceed at your own risk.

Before moving onto the main part of this post I wanna point out that this post is NOT a review. Given that, what I write may or may not be bias. Once again, this is not a review; just my thoughts.

Anyway for those who don’t know, Majikoi A-2 is the second disc of Majikoi A series and it features routes for Seiso and Cookie IS. Along with this, there’s an after story route plus for Monshiro following the events from Majikoi S.

Links: Walkthrough

The voice actor for Mayuzuki Yukie is currently sick and was unable to play the part for this game. I was expecting them reduce Yukie’s role in all routes to a bare minimum, but she actually appeared quite a bit. This other voice actor did a decent job, but I still miss the original =(

Seiso (8/10)

The Kazama family helps Seiso discover who she’s a clone of. However upon learning of this fact, Seiso’s other personality awakens. She starts rampaging and defeats many prominent fighters. Her goal is something along the lines of world domination and she assigns Yamato to be her strategist. He manages to convince her that she should focus small and start with Kawakami Academy. The upcoming mock battles provide the perfect opportunity for her to start “conquering”.

Seiso is the clone of “Kouu” who was a powerful Chinese Military leader. To be honest, I have NO IDEA who that is. If you’re actually interested, you can read more about him here.

Seiso’s other personality calls herself “Haou’, which translates to something along the lines of “supreme ruler”.  Haou has a very arrogant personality and thinks of herself as the strongest. Yamato often brings up errors that her original made to keep her in line. However there’s a limit to this and her personality causes consecutive losses in the mock battles.

Don’t’ worry guys; Seiso is still in the mix. The two personalities, Seiso and Haou, share one body and will switch over every so often. It’s pretty interesting to see Seiso/Haou talking to herself =p.

Seeing Haou slowly become a real leader after experiencing multiple defeats was quite refreshing. What bothered me is this plus the mock battles take up basically ALL the route. Very little time is spent on the relationship between Yamato and Haou/Seiso. Also the relationship with Seiso feels quite weak because she of how little screen time she gets compared to Haou.

Though I will admit that the few romance scenes that were in there are quite nice. Haou’s awkwardness was expected, but AWESOME none the less. Seiso was unexpectedly calm in the relationship; I was expecting more panicking.  Something that wasn’t shown that I really wanted to see is the two personalities fighting to spend time with Yamato.

For better or for worse, Hikoichi relationship with Seiso is something close to siblings instead of being your love rival.

Monshiro (8/10)

Though I did find Monshiro to be quite cute when I first saw her in Majikoi S, I wasn’t a huge fan. It’s probably mainly because I’m not really much of a lolicon. That aside, the one thing that I didn’t like was that there’s a clear hierarchy in their relationship. I know that Yamato is Moshiro’s butler as well as being her lover, but seeing him call her “Mon-sama” just felt weird.

However her after-story+ went above my expectations. The route starts off with the two getting married. Because Yamato becomes an official member of the Kuki household, the hierarchy in their relationship disappears. Though I was a little disappointed that he continues to call her “Mon-sama” when they’re around others. Their life as husband and wife is VERY enjoyable to watch. I enjoyed how the time progressed at a monthly rate so that you their relationship over a larger timeframe. They also didn’t add in any useless drama, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy =3.

One of Monshiro’s endings shows what she looks like in a few years. Sorry to disappoint you lolicons out there, but she grows deliciously XD. Unfortunately the ONLY CG that shows her adult form is a NSFW one, so I will not be showing it here. So for everyone here who’s interested, which is most likely everyone here, be sure to download the CGs and check her out =3. But what I will show you THIS transformation:

Cookie IS (Aka IS) (6.5/10)

Due to some tampering to their emotion circuits,the new IS (Ideal support) range of Cookie robots escape and start trying to eliminate each other. There are 108 robots in total and each of them has a different appearance. The robot we’re interested is Cookie IS 4, who’s later dubbed as just “IS”. Yamato ends up getting kidnapped by IS after she tries to eliminate the Cookie. However before long the Kuki household start bringing in the IS series. Fortunately an agreement is reached and IS end stays in Yamato’s dorm to look for a master to serve. However a few robots are still out there and one of them grows stronger as it absorbs robots of the IS series.

Each time I see a robot heroine I question why their creator decided to give them a vagina. I guess they wanted IS to be an IDEAL SUPPORT in any situation ;D. Anyway moving on, I quite enjoyed IS’s personality. She has a huge amount of pride and often boasts about her ability as a support robot. She’ll get pissed off like a child when Yamato teases her and constantly tries to get back at him. It’s really funny watching as her attempts to get back at Yamato always ending in failure.

That being said, I found the route itself was quite average. I was hoping that IS’s route would show me something new and interesting regarding robot heroines. Hell, I would have been fine just watching lots of romance and icha icha scenes. Unfortunately this route goes down a very dramatic road; the type that feels a little out of place in Majikoi. This did give rise to some nice team work, action and Yamato showing his cool side, but things were generally too cliché for me. Honestly, I still wonder why they chose to make a robot heroine instead of making a route for some other heroine. What’s worse is that you don’t see any 3P action T___T.

Here are some more random CGs to enjoy =3.

Thoughts on the upcoming A fan discs

So three left:

Aー1: Benkei  Azumi  Sayaka 
A-2: Seiso  Monshiro after+  Cookie 4 is
A-3: Lee   Stacy       Tsubame after+
A-4: Homura  Rin  ——-
A-5: Yoshitsune  Takae  Margit after+

Monshiro’s after story + was very short, so I’m wondering what they’ll do for Tsubame. Most likely there will a route split again where you choose if she’s a S or M. Personally I don’t really give a crap about her S personality. I honestly don’t know why they chose to make routes for Lee and Stacy. Both of them don’t really appeal much to me, but I would go for Lee any day. Still it seems like room wasted that could be used for after stories for say Benkei or Koyuki. The next route I’m looking forward to is Rin’s route in A-4.

157 thoughts on “Thoughts on Majikoi A-2

  1. just finished lee’s route. looks like minatosoft is foreshadowing an antagonist in the series.
    Looks like this antagonist with the codename ‘M” also show up in cookie IS route.

    i hope minatosoft create a proper sequel of S after A-5

    • I would be VERY surprised if Minato-soft made another full-fledged Majikoi after all of the A’s are done. Could be setup for the A-5 heroine routes or a bonus “final route” (like Koyuki in S and Agave in the original) included whenever they release the inevitable Majikoi A compilation.

      Majikoi lives and breathes under Takahiro; I doubt Minato-soft would promote the Takahiro IV Project just to announce more Majikoi games…Personally, I hope the 2 unannounced projects are new IPs (one’s probably an eroge and the other’s a secret). Regardless, Takahiro will be too busy working on other projects to do more beyond Majikoi A for the foreseeable future. He already hinted that Minato Carnival’s working on a new IP, Takahiro directed their past games, but they might be unrelated to T4P.

      • That “M” guy is just some random masochist like Gakuto or that bearded teacher (LOL).

        But like fuzzy, I doubt Minatosoft will make a full fledged sequel. I suspect that this mysterious M character will be introduced in one of the bigger routes in the next two games.

  2. My god, is anybody else also think that with all of the Benkei’s cameo in every single route that’s so adorable and heartwarming make you wanna play her route again?

    Truly Benkei is the best girl in Majikoi.

        • Momoyo is certainly a candidate, but her lack of noteworthy cameo lessen her chance really.

          Man, i only replayed Monshiro’s and Benkei’s. Too busy playing amairo, though that too got on hold because of A-3

  3. I’m guessing it will be in Yoshitsune’s route in A5 because she’s the last Kuki related heroine and she’s the main focal point of the Bushido plan. What better way to hurt the Kuki corporation than to ruin their famous plan which took the world by storm?

      • yeah and i hope this “M” is a new character instead of Maple because its too obvious..

        for the routes i was disappointed in the lack of appearance of the kazama famliy especially in lee’s route because i thought that route will have the same pattern as sayaka and IS route when kazama famliy save the day ending.

        for tsubame its literally an after story, i was expecting some action, now i’m worried how will minatosoft handle margit route..

  4. If this is not a review, just your thoughts, why are there fking ratings :!::E:!@JEJ!@POJEPO!J@PJER!@L:JE?!?????????????????????????????????????PFOEJHFPOHEOPWFHPOWEUFP

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