Karumaruka*Circle Review

I’m alive again! I haven’t been active lately because all the games I played lately sucked in one way or the other, including this one, so I couldn’t bring myself to write about them. But this time, there’ll be two people telling you how much this game sucked!

Aero here. Though I won’t say that this game was a COMPLETE failure, I will say that it was a chore to play through. 

Karumaruka Title Screen

Game Site:  カルマルカ*サークル
Release Date: September 27, 2013
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Our guy Kaito was casually strolling down the street when suddenly a girl with a curious pet turtle jumped out of nowhere and said to him “YOU ARE JESUS!”(very loose translation) then dragged him to a room where a bunch of weirdos await him. Which, understandably, got him just as confused as we are, especially considering the incomprehensible presence of a girl who appears to like him against her own will. And in some (not really) twisted turn of events, he joined their star club, and so begins the train wreck story involving stars, sins, and whatnot that hardly makes sense until the very end and may leave you wondering why did you bother with this in the beginning.

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[NSFW] An Incoming Trend to Corruption

Just like fashion that keep on changing, so do エロゲ. Majority of you will probably disagree with me since I often heard people complaining about how エロゲ development has become stagnant and its market is dying. While it is true that there has not been any major change in gameplay and players’ expectation is ever increasing with each エロゲ masterpiece, in my opinion it is all a matter of perspective.

Look at it this way, western clothes(洋服) have remained pretty much the same for a very long time: one hole for inserting your head and two for inserting your arms.  Despite of this, new fashions never stop emerging and there are always people out there who thirst for the newest wrinkles. We can take this same logic and apply it here, where fashions to western clothes is fetishes to エロゲ. In other word, it does not matter if the gameplay stays the same or if the story is not as good, but as long as the fetishes that decorate a game are still up to date, there will be people who are willing to buy it.

Fetish may sounds like a big word which usually comes with these images of hardcore S&M, Mind Break and Corruption. However, it can also refer to more subtle sexual/non-sexual preferences such as ツンデレ, 獣耳, 絶対領域, JK, etc. In fact, I remember when I took my first step into エロゲ world, many games have a ツンデレheroine because apparently it was the booming fetish at the time. ツンデレ was then slowly replaced by other デレ such as ヤンデレ and ダンデレ for a short while and they later gave way to the re-emerging of 妹 and the incoming of 男の娘.

That bulges under their パンツ are very disturbing to me...

Those bulges under their パンツ are very disturbing to me…

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Aero-ge review: Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~

Hey all! Sorry for how dead the place has been lately. I for one have been super busy with lots of random crap like university and getting my second time application for the JET programme ready. Don’t really know what the others are up to…especially Aedes >_____>. Seriously, does that guy even play eroge anymore? Rest assured that I’m still a hardcore ero-gamer and have finished the following games over the last few months:

Majikoi A-2
Hatsuyuki Sakura
Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to.
Papa Doki! ~Papa ga Daisuki Dakedo, Kazoku Dakara Mondai Nai yo ne!~
Girls Be Ambitious!
To~mei Heaven!
Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road

I finished Fureraba quite a while back and had written like 50% of the review. But somewhere along the way I lost interest and it’s been half done in my drafts folder. Anyway, hope you don’t mind a review on something that’ s a little old ^^


Company: SMEE
Game site: フレラバ
Release date: June 28, 2013
It’s spring once again and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It’s the season of the beginning of a new life. The protagonist has lots of fun being with his guy friends, but he wishes for something more: a girlfriend! It’s not only him that has these kind of feelings; the girls around him also feel the same way. He aggressively pursues those close to him since love won’t come to those who wait.

[From Micchi’s blog]

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